Panasonic and Sony playing cat and mouse.


Panasonic and Sony are already BIG players in the video digital camera market. The problem for Sony is that the  Panasonic GH1 had an incredible success and Sony has nothing to compete against. As reported by SonyAlphaRumors Sony is waiting for the GH2 release before to unveil their direct competitor.

We made a comparison of the two future competirors based on the unconfirmed and unreliable rumors we recieved until today:

Panasonic GH2 Sony NEX7
14-15 Megapixel sensor 14 Megapixel sensor
1080 60/50p recording 1080 60/50i (or progressive?) recording
AVCHD at 28Mbit/s XDCAM at 35Mbit/s
Autofocus: contrast autofocus Autofocus: Sensor based phase detection?

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