Panasonic 7-14mm tested by CameraLabs. And issues on the 12-35mm X stabilization system?


Strange Panasonic 12-35mm Shakiness (w/14-140mm comparison), GH3 on tripod, image stabilization is off, manual mode, shown @200% from John Bklyn.NYC on Vimeo.

CameraLabs (Click here) just posted the full Panasonic 7-14mm lens review. The lens got a “Highly Recommended” mark by Gordon (the reviewer). So far s good but…there is also a not so good news for Panasonic. A DVXuser forum member sent me the link to his post where he explains an issue encountered on the 12-35mm X lens. Apparently the IS remains active even if you set it as “off”. And that’s a real issue for long exposure pics and causes a “shimmer” on the image. There is an example you can see here at (video is also embedded on top).
The tester came to the conclusion that “this lens is not very suitable for tripod work or still photography with long exposures“.

UDPATE: A very detailed report of the issue is also available at Personal View Forum. There are more videos to watch like this one:

Panasonic 12-35mm Shakiness (Test #2 w/new lens) — unacceptable image jitter on tripod even when IOS is turned off from John Bklyn.NYC on Vimeo.

I hope Panasonic acknowledges it!

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