March 14, 2011
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A little good news. No injuries in Olympus facilities


On picture: Olympus facility in Japan

I just got good news from Japan. All Olympus employees are safe, nobody was injured and all facilities are secure. There will be of course some problems with the current activities and production but that’s just a temporary and not so important issue in those days.
Meanwhile Panasonic made a 300 million yen monetary contribution and in-kind donations of 10,000 units each of radios and flashlights and 500,000 dry batteries to aid victims and support the recovery of areas affected by the strong earthquake that struck Tohoku area on March 11.
P.S.: Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

March 14, 2011
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New SLRmagic lens to be annonced soon (testers required)

An image sample I have taken with the 26mm f/1.4 ToyLens.

Panasonic in April and Olympus in May/June should announce new Micro Four Thirds lenses. In the meanwhile we can have some fun with another cheap SLRmagic lens. On Twitter (Click here) they announced the testing of a new Toy lens: “Looking for 3 volunteers to test our new Fast Wide Angle Toy Lens. Pls send us a link to your wide angle work. Top three keeps the lens!” This is not the pre announced 12mm lens, it’s a new Toy lens. SLRmagic is currently offering one Toy lens only, the 26mm f/1.4. You can get it on eBay only (Click here). A few image samples can be seen here at 43rumors.

SLRmagic currently offers to manual, cheap not high quality lenses. They have the (only) advantage that you can sue them without the use of any adapter:
35mm f/1.7 (Click here to see that lens on eBay).
26mm f/1.4 (Click here to see that lens on eBay).

March 14, 2011
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Does the GH2 Extended Tele Converter affect the video quality?

M43photo made a very interesting Tele Converter test on the GH2 and 14-42mm lens. The ETC mode gives a tele conversion of 2.6x when recording 1080 lines in and 3.9x in 720 lines (Video mode).

As you can see from the image samples on the website: “It appears that the video stream recorded using ETC has worse image quality than the normal stream, at all ISO values. There is some lack of sharpness and contrast, and more noise in the ETC video streams.

M43photo explains the (little) quality loss with the fact that ETC recording doesn’t have the option of scaling down from a larger number of pixels (in normal recording mode the whole sensor area is used and scaled down).

I suggest you to make your own tests. Let us know if you can confirm the conclusions from m43photo! Thanks!

P:S.: GH2 direct links to Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

UPDATE: A good friend of us (and very good tester) said:
The extender 2,6 function depends on the optic that is used. The Leica 45mm Macro[/shoplink] gives the same frame quality in extender mode as a HI Q optics. The same for 7- 14 mm. Both tested result! The 14- 42 is the weakest lenses in the Panasonic lens set. So the result can be right but the result is not easy to apply on other optics

March 14, 2011
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Panasonic: Energy supply limitations will affect production (and probably delay the new product release)

Image on top: The Panasonic Fukushima plant

In an official press release Panasonic announced that Fukushima factory activity have been stopped. There is a lack of electricity, gas and water that forces them to shut down the production (Source: DC-watch).
Panasonic said that: “A few employees working at the Fukushima factory, the Sendai factory of AVC Networks Company and at the Koriyama factory of Panasonic Electronic Works received minor injury. Some part of the ceiling and wall were damaged, but there has been no fire or collapse. As regards the impact on our business operations we are in the process of investigation.” (Source: AP).

I guess this will cause supply problems with current cameras (they are made in Fukushima). Also the future new product release could suffer from some changes and delays. Reminder: The Panasonic G3 should have been announced between late March and late April.

P.S.: I didn’t hear anything about Olympus (don’t recall them to have their factories in the affected regions).


March 14, 2011
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Last week rumors summary

Before to start the new rumors and news week let’s make a short summary of all last weeks rumors:

1) Panasonic 16mm f/1.4 and more prime lens specs (Click here to read the article). The latest Panasonic patent shows a list of possible compact wide and prime lenses.
2) Panasonic UK confirms the 25mm f/1.4 is coming this summer (Click here to read the article).
3) Olympus PEN pro camera in 2-3 years (Click here to read the article).
4) Samyang announces the development of a new compact Fisheye lens for Micro Four Thirds (Click here to read the article).

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