June 17, 2013
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Rumors from others: Samsung goes Android, Sony makes new RX and Fuji X100s gets water damaged.


There will be no new MFT announcement this month. But the compettiton isn’t standing still and we will see many new cameras in the two coming weeks:

Samsung will launch the Galaxy NX camera with Android OS on June 20. (more info at MirrorlessRumors).

Sony will launch two new RX cameras, the RX1R and RX100MII. (more info at MirrorlessRumors).

Fuji will announce a new entry level X camera. But they better be sure to take care of their shipments because the latest Fuji X100s US shipment got water damaged :) (more info at MirrorlessRumors).


Reminder: The big Olympus and Panasonic camera and lens release are expected by late August and early September.

June 16, 2013
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Panasonic 45-175mm X lens for $209. 45-200mm for $174.


If you need a cheap tele zoom than you may grab these just discounted Panasonic zooms:
The 45-175mm X zoom sells for $209 at Amazon (Click here). Yes, that’s a $90 price drop compared to the already good previous price. It still sells for close $400 in other big US stores ($362 at BH).
The 45-200mm which now sells for $174 at Amazon (Click here). You can also get the zoom lens for less if you buy it along the G5 kit (Click here).

All today new deals can be found at DealsRunner.com.

June 16, 2013
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Patents: Panasonic designs a cameraball. And Olympus the 40-200mm MFT lens.


As you know the future of photography is changing. Smartphones and soon Google Glass, Watches and other uncommon devices will be the main tool for our daily photography. And what’s Panasonic vision of future cameras? A camera-ball :)
I don’t know why Panasonic is doing this, the patent is written in Japanese (Click here to download the PDF). Below you can the the section of the camera-ball. Would you walk around with a ball on your chest?


Olympus patented a new MFT lens. It’s a 40-200mm lens with constant f/4.0 aperture (Source: Egami).


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