December 20, 2010
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US Panasonic GH2 in Stock status. Adorama taking preorders of the Voigtländer lens


Last week Amazon US, Adorama and BHphoto had a few Silver Panasonic GH2 cameras in Stock. Now I have been told by a few of our readers that Adorama shipped the first black GH2 cameras (but you can’t find them in Stock right now). One more thing: I just saw some GH2 cameras in auction on eBay (sold by US dealers!). As usual comment this post to help others to find the GH2 in Stock…Thanks!

Finally Adorama is accepting preorders of the new Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds lens (Click here): “New item not available yet, Delivery scheduled to start mid December . You can place this on order and it will be shipped on a first come first served basis. We do not charge your card until we actually ship the item to you“.

December 20, 2010
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First Olympus E-PL1s test at BCNranking (+ E-PL1 double lens kit deal)

As you know the E-PL1s will be available in Japan only and it is a slightly tweaked version of the current E-PL1. It uses the new BLS-5 battery instead of the BLS-1 and shoots up to 6.400 ISO. The japanese website BCNranking tested the new Olympus E-PL1s and the new MSC (Movie and Stills Compatible) M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm II 1:3.5-5.6. You can download and analyze a few image samples (but none of them have been taken at 6.400 ISO). P.S.: There is no plan to release the E-PL1s in Europe or America.

Olympus US is offering a new Christmas deal. You can get the E-PL1 + 14-42mm + 40-140mm lens for $549 at Amazon (Click here)!

December 20, 2010
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Who is Fuji working with to make the Hybrid Viewfinder?

Image courtesy: Quesabesde

Iker Morán from Quesabesde made an Interview with Hiroshi Kawahara, Operations Manager at Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Products Division and one of the designers of the FinePix X100.

Why an APS-C sized sensor instead of one with smaller dimensions, like in the case of the Micro Four Thirds cameras, which would have enabled you to reduce the size of the camera?
Although the size of the camera is not a fundamental aspect in this type of model, we designed the FinePix X100 under the concept “co-existence of compact size and high-quality”. From the viewpoint of image quality, the APS-C system has a clear advantage over Micro Four Thirds (in particular, high sensitivity and low noise). Also, for obtaining a beautiful soft focus background “bokeh” effect, APS achieves beautiful result. For these reasons, we chose an APS-C sized sensor.

But that is the most interesting part:

At Photokina we tried a pre-production unit of the X100 and one of the things we liked most was the “hybrid viewfinder”. Is this your own technology or will we see it in future cameras of other companies?
Fujifilm is the first company to use a hybrid system viewfinder and we did this because we thought it was the best option for this type of product. We cannot say whether other companies are going to follow in our footsteps, but in view of the speed with which other manufacturers’ technology is currently adopted, it’s possible this might happen.

So the question know is Fuji working with on the Hybrid Viewfinder technology development?, Maybe with Panasonic or Olympus?

Via Quesabesde

December 20, 2010
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New Panasonic GH2 tests

There are tons of new Panasonic GH2 user reviews and I made a quick summary of the most interesting tests:

GH2 vs GF1 ISO Test at same Shutter Speed and Aperture (bmupix).
GH2 Video Features Demonstration (DVXuser forum).
GH2 Extra-Tele Slo-Mo Surfing (Vimeo).
The Path to Micro Four Thirds (Pitofknowledge).
GH1/2 Skew Comparison Test (Vimeo).
Very long user review at Amazon.

Panasonic GH2 in Stock at: Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Pixmania IT, Pixmania ES.

December 19, 2010
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POLL: Choose the (Micro-) Four Thirds product of the year 2010!

The year 2010 is almost over and I want you to tell me what is the best (Micro-) Four Thirds product Olympus/Panasonic or others have announced. Panasonic unveiled 5 new cameras (I included the not yet available GF2) and 4 lenses. Olympus released 2 cameras (I don not include the all black E-P2 kit and the E-PL1s) and 4 lenses. We also had the Nokton 25mm from Voigtländer, the 50mm lens from Noktor (although it looks like you can’t buy the lens anymore) and the 35mm SLRmagic lens (available on eBay only) . Please let me know if I forgot something :)

Now it’s your turn…vote! Feel free to add a comment to explain why you like the camera/lens.

The product of the year is the...

  • Panasonic GH2 (32%, 1,150 Votes)
  • Voigtländer 25mm lens (17%, 598 Votes)
  • Olympus E-5 (15%, 530 Votes)
  • Olympus E-PL1 (12%, 450 Votes)
  • Panasonic GF2 (5%, 183 Votes)
  • Panasonic AG-AF100 (4%, 160 Votes)
  • Olympus 9-18mm lens (4%, 150 Votes)
  • Panasonic 14mm lens (2%, 81 Votes)
  • Panasonic G2 (2%, 70 Votes)
  • Panasonic 100-300mm lens (2%, 70 Votes)
  • Olympus 14-150mm lens (1%, 38 Votes)
  • Noktor 50mm lens (1%, 38 Votes)
  • Lensbaby for Micro Four Thirds (1%, 23 Votes)
  • Panasonic 8mm fisheye (0%, 17 Votes)
  • SLRmagic 35mm (0%, 13 Votes)
  • Olympus 75-300mm lens (0%, 10 Votes)
  • Panasonic 12.5mm 3D lens (0%, 10 Votes)
  • Olympus 40-150mm lens (0%, 6 Votes)
  • Panasonic G10 (2%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,601

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P.S.: In the meanwhile I am travelling back to my home (5 hours driving). After that I will have plenty of time to check my mailbox and answer your questions and post new rumors ;)

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