No Joke: New “Dog Shits Optics”!


Dog Schidt Optiks Sample Showreel – Lenses now For Sale!! from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

That is probably one of the most funny new lens announcements ever. We have new lenses from “Dog Shits Optics” :)

On their website they say the lenses based on the Vintage 58mm f/2.0 classic 1960’s Zeiss optical design (here on eBay). You can buy them in almost any mount you want, also four Micro Four Thirds and for Four Thirds. The mount will be modified after your purchase. Check out for more info at


Some Panasonic GX1 kits discontinued at BH and Amazon.


Some GX1 kits are now officially discontinued. An example is the GX1 with normal 14-42mm lens that is not even sold by Amazon anymore (Click here to see) and marked as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here)

The GX1 with X kit lens sells for $489 at Amazon (Click here) which means that if you count away the price for the lens you pay $180 only for the GX1 body.

More Panasonic deals:
GF3 with 14-42mm lens for $349 at Amazon (Click here).
GF5 with 14-42mm lens for $399 at Amazon (Click here).
And the discounted G5 is the most sold mirrorless camera at Amazon (ranking here).


New Gh3 tests by M43blog and review by Ming Thein.

Share made this video to compare the GH3 ETC vs non-ETC video quality and his conclusion is: “The ETC mode is a very useful feature, but it is best used at low ISO. At higher ISO, the video quality will suffer.

Ming Thein posted the full GH3 review and ends his tests by saying: “I think the problem with GH3 is that it feels far too much like a piece of consumer electronics, and not enough like a camera. It really doesn’t feel like there was any photographer input during the development process, or the photographers who were involved were of the hipstagram generation and don’t remember that plenty of very responsive cameras were produced without an on-screen menu. This permeates throughout all aspects of the camera

Ming criticizes the GH3 from a pure photographic point of view while the GH3 has been clearly made with video in mind.

GH3 price and in Stock status check at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.


First $35 price drop on the GH3. Amazing 458 Euro price for the 75mm 1.8 in Spain.


Here are two new Deals and one of them is a bit surprising:

1) In Spain there is an amazing deal on the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens which sells for 448 Euro only at CamerasRefelex and DigitalFactory. That’s half the price what we pay at Amazon Germany! I ask my Spanish readers if these are stores we can trust and I am also curious to know if that special price can be found in other EU countries too. Thanks!

2) You can save 35 Dollar by purchasing the GH3 or the GH3 kit at Personal View. Price already includes shipping to US/CA/AU/NZ/Western Europe.


Amarcord: Olympus PEN-W


It’s quite amazing how many compact camera Olympus did in the past. We are discovering some of their nicest products in our Amarcord column. Til now we saw the (Click on the name to read the article) Olympus 35 RDOlympus Trip 35, Olympus PEN EED, Olympus 35 SP and the PEN F.

Recently Olympus launched the new body cap lens that has a constant f/8.0 aperture. Many of you argued that f/8.0 is a huge limit and a faster body cap lens should be done by Oly. And actually….Olympus already did such a compact and fast lens in the past! The Olympus PEN-W (ebay auctions here) used an extremely compact and fixed 25mm f/2.8 lens (see picture on top). This Pen Series camera was designed specifically for wide-angle photography (Source Olympus). To see how compact this lens is you can also watch that youtube video. Ok, so it’s possible…but how good is a lens like that? Lars-Göran Hedström posted a full review of the PEN-W on his blog Sculptingwithlight (Click here). Greta pics!

Now let’s see if Olympus can do a lens like that for the MFT system too!

Olympus PEN-W auctions on eBay (Click here).
There is a commerative Gold finished PEN-W on eBay US (Click here).