USA: The OMD deals roundup….


As I told you before a new OMD camera will be announced in mid September. I still dont’ have FT5 rumors to share but in the meantime so nice price drops on the current E-M5 can be found in US stores:
Black body for $869.95 at Sunset Electronics (Click here) and $894 at Amazon (Click here).
Black body with 14-42mm lens for $986 at Big Value (Click here).
Black body with 12-50mm lens for $980 at KeepHerHappy (Click here). Don’t know if you can trust a new seller with that name :)


Readers stories: From DSLR to Micro Four Thirds (Tom Nguyen)


43rumors is now accepting reviews, stories and news written by our readers. If you want to write an article on this website contact me at I will not post everything I get. It has to be an interesting article. I don’t care about pixel peeping reviews about cameras that we know well. I am more interested in real field work reports, travel stories, and curious or funny news. Thanks!

Today, professional comic book artist/photographer Tom Nguyen details his full switch from Canon DSLRs to micro 4/3rds on his blog, with many examples of his work with the Olympus OMD-EM5.

Coming from the Canon DSLR system professionally, I found it more cumbersome to carry around my equipment for my on-location photoshoots and for traveling.  I feel that the micro four thirds system is the best mirrorless system for my increasing mobility needs now as it is the best compromise in size/image quality.  The Olympus OMD-EM5’s  autofocus speed/reliability, weather sealing, IBIS, ability to add a battery grip, and vast array of lenses for the m43 system is what made me choose it over over systems such as Fuji and Sony.
My blog entries show the OMD in use, for my model jobs and as a travel camera.  For example, I relied on the OMD (and my E-PL5) for my Vietnam trip this year, whereas last year I had all my Canon equpiment.
Moreover, I wanted to show that in the end, it is the artistic eye, lighting, composition, and storytelling that will always be the main factors to determine a pleasing photo, no matter what system one may choose.  I hope readers will follow me on my website as I put this system through its paces in the upcoming many gigs that I will document.

In 2 parts, professional comic book artist/photographer Tom Nguyen details his full switch from Canon DSLRs to micro 4/3rds on his blog, with many examples of his work with the Olympus OMD-EM5.
From DSLR to Micro Four Thirds Part 1:
From DSLR to Micro Four Thirds Part 2:

Earlier this year, he used only the OMD and E-PL5 for a trip to Vietnam.  Many of those photos can be seen in this gallery:
And most recently, Tom put up some street photos he took on his trip to New Orleans, Louisiana:


Amarcord: Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1


Some camera almost do not need an introduction. The Panasonic DMC-L1 is one of the few cameras that managed to create that “WOW” reaction the day it has been announced (Feb 26, 2006). It was a unique Four Thirds DSLR camera. Panasonic had the courage to make a DSLR look like a Rangefinder

It shared many components with the Olympus E-330 (lens mount, mirror box, auto focus and auto exposure sensors).the DMC-L1 does not have an additional small live view CCD on the top of the viewfinder chamber (you can just make out where it should be below), so only has one live view mode. Disappointingly this means that in normal viewfinder mode you’re actually looking through a half-mirror with a dimmer view for no actual gain.

Image courtesy: Dpreview.

The L1 has an optical porro finder which uses a four mirrors (one sideways swinging) to bend light from the lens to the viewfinder eyepiece. This unusual design was first seen in the E-330, and as this is the same optical system it provides the L1 with the same compact layout. Unfortunately just like the E-330 the L1’s viewfinder view is very small compared to other digital SLR’s, it’s also darker than you would expect.

Too bad Panasonic quietly quit from the Four Thirds system. Would have been nice to see a follow up of the L1!

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