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The Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 prototype lens on the Olympus E-PM1.

It is a great honour for me to write this post! As you know a couple of days ago I told you that the great and very innovative lens designer Mr. Miyazaki realized a new lens prototype for the m43 system. Yesterday his staff contacted me to ask me and in particular YOU a great favour. They are a very small team and the lenses they make like the Leica Triplet lenses (Click here to see them on eBay) are actually handmade! So they want to know if you would REALLY would buy the lens if they would take the huge effort to produce them on larger scale. They sent me a couple of images I posted here and some images samples can bee seen at KTF-turbo (Click here) and KTFdesign (Click here). This is a prototype lens so there can still be some improvements until the final production version. The lens will cost around $650 like the Pentax Q version. Please try to be honest…you really have to buy the lens if you answer yes 😉

Would you buy the Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 lens?

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My personal two cent: What I like most about the lens is the incredibly tiny size for such a fast aperture. But image quality wide open is not 100% convincing. The picture below also show the lens on the Olympus E-M5. Click on them to enlarge!


New 43rumors readers work roundup….


I wanna thank all reader for sending me your best work examples made with m43 cameras and lenses! I think it’s a good chance to see what our 43rumors reader do in their real life 🙂

Marc:Not a rumor, but here’s the first sunrise of the year (In Japan), timelapsed with an EP3. Marocchio and Youtube

Michael:Hi! I saw that you sometimes display reader’s work, and I figured I’d share this particular project I just did. All images in this series were done in Venice, CA with a E-PM1 and 45mm f/1.8, with natural lighting and no light manipulators: http://michaeln.fluidgalleries.co/the-last-shoot

Gabriel: Just wanted to share this promo video that was shot exclusively with a GH2 and Panasonic Leica DG 25mm f1.4. Check it out!  This was my first paid production and I really am looking for unbiased feedback.  So please comment. http://vimeo.com/34345610

Henrik: “Hi there, you’re having a great website, it’s quite addictive. It inspired me to start my photography blog! This is it: www.m43view.tumblr.com So far only a few photographs I have taken with my Oly EPL2 and some old manual lenses (who needs power zoom lenses on a system camera ? 😉 ). Enjoy!

Nam:I’m currently in Fukui, Japan doing the whole teaching english thing and have put together a video that i’d like to share. http://vimeo.com/33962100. It was shot using Pana GF1 and GF2 20mm 1.7, 12mm 2.0, OM 50 1.8 w/43 adapter, iPhone 4 and a couple from a friends D90 w/10.5mm 2.8. Cheers.”

Nik:I am an avid reader/visiter of 43rumors.  I typically post under the alias “blastingmills”.  I am a huge fan of Olympus 4/3 and micro 4/3.  I own an E-5 and a GH2, with a bunch of lenses. I noticed your recent reader roundup.  Here is a video I recently shot with the GH2, Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 and the 4/3 Zuiko 9-18mm.  Here is a link to the video: http://vimeo.com/34224892

Farrukh:Shot this with the EP3 and 25mm f1.4 http://implausibleblog.com/2011/12/23/world-dreams-uk-final-amika/

Alex:Not really a rumor, but wanted to share a funny Christmas music video. Shot with Panasonic GF1 and Sony EX3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlMQ7ZeWew0

Nikolai:Just wanted to share GH2 clip with 1974 vintage Russian lens Helios 44-2 58mm/F2 with M42-M4/3 adapter, no color correction or post processing, fabuluos bokeh!!! http://vimeo.com/34382701

Uwe: “Monarchs 2012 at vimeo.”

Jurek:I know you occasionally run a user’s-video post and if you think this qualifies, feel free to add it. The only pertinent fact is that is was shot with a bare un-hacked GH2 with the cheapest of kit lenses (14-42mm). http://vimeo.com/34686923

Leo: Hey I wanted to share a video I made of my new 14-42mm Panny X lens. I couldn’t find any videos on the net showing how the new power zoom options work in the menu of the GH2, so I made one myself. I thought it might help others when they’re thinking about getting the lens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVxo9DlfS14

Alex: Maybe, you would like to post next video “How to make an infrared camera”. Here is 43 minutes (m43:)) video of whole process, how to make IR camera from Panasonic G1 m43 camera.

A.: Wanted to share an amazing video i’ve shot on Panasonic Lumix GH2 (hacked 150mbps). I’m STILLLLLL blown away about how great it looks. This camera is one mean sucka. Wanted to ask if you can share it on http://www.43rumors.com  🙂 Let me know what you think after watching it! Feel free to contact me via cell or email…link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aReu01CYC4

Caen: And as a way to participate, here is a mini web serie entirely filmed with a Gh2. It’s kinka weird, but hey, we’re french guys  🙂 First episode here and the blog which contains everything, here. No many important dialogues, so i think it’s kinda universal. Sometimes we say “what are you doing ?” that’s it, as a gimmick sentence.

Martin:Hi, not a rumor – just wanted to share some of my work. I’m working with the E-P2, since I don’t want to carry heavy equipment. Some results in my Google+ “Gnarly Trees” folder: https://plus.google.com/photos/115200235755880484786/albums/5658145180585466961

Bob:Check out this Panasonic Article on me: http://thecriticalview.com/2012/02/bob-gundu-shoots-feature-film-sidharth-in-india-with-the-ag-af100/ I actually used the GH2 for about 20 percent of the film, and the rest Af100

Ed:I have a small set on flickr showing sample shots taken with the SLR Magic 12mm 1.6.  I’m adding more tonight as well as images taken with Olympus M43 lenses.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/51051652@N05/

Aaron:I’ve mentioned my website, once previously, but thought I’d plug it again just for fun.  It’s aaroninasia.com which is my travel / photo website from my travel year through Asia. All photos are taken with my trusty, now travel-worn, GF1.  I use the 20mm and 14mm primes, and recently added the 45-200 zoom out of necessity.  Once I start getting paycheck again, I’ll replace my GF1 with it’s true successor, the GX1.”

Benoit:Here’s my contribution to your list of reader’s work (it’s in French): http://vimeo.com/35531680

Dave:Here’s a video I shot on the GH2 with a Proskar anamorphic lens. Thought it might interest you. https://vimeo.com/37579329

James:Been shooting lots of Lens tests over the last 2 years- Here is my GH2 stuff.  Here is a nice one that I just finished, people seem to like it a lot.https://vimeo.com/37587145

Steven:I posted this mixed media video on Vimeo about two weeks ago. Although the background footage is 3D rendered, all of the live foreground footage is shot with the GH2 and the 14-140mm lens. There’s also some stop motion animation which is all shot with the GH2 as well. http://vimeo.com/36563194

Len:For the past two years I have exclusively used micro four thirds with a Voitlander 25 mm f 0.95 lens – specifically an Olympus EP-1. You can see my work here http://leonardmetcalf.com and at http://christineandlen.com The last four exhibitions have been shot with this camera and lens set up…. I am personally very pleased with my A2 prints, and as an ex large format photographer I am very critical of my print quality.

Aike:so a year ago i decided to put a demekin lens lens on my e-p1. Because the 110 film format has nearly the same size..not so easy to mod…but it works great. A funny story is that my demekin traveled over 18k kilometers..the post in germany is sometimes strange:)…the lens is very small n light. makes fun to shoot without any adjustmens..i like it. I also asked the dekemkin seller if there is a plan for the demekin lens (mod) in the future…maybe a m4/3 version…price range 30dollar…but the guy said no its not possible for the maufactor……..what a pitty 🙂 okay here you can se some pics..: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59787432@N07/5466677530/in/photostream/ and here is a testvideo….shot 100% with demekin an e-p1 http://vimeo.com/36570415

Philippe:Here’s a link to a video made with the GH2 in Paris, starring the charming & beautiful model : Ida. http://vimeo.com/35639048

Ilya: “Hi, there my very best fotos from last few years http://500px.com/yeapornope and there many more fotos http://yeapnope.tumblr.com/ all shots are done with gh1 and gf1 with a several of lenses. From Russia with Love

Marc: I show my work, not because It’s spectacular or good, otherwise I take lot of pictures every week of outdoor activities. M43 system is perfect for activities like climbing, trekking, mountain biking,… where the weight matters. Me and my girlfriend use EP-2 and EPL-1, with different lenses. I only use prime lenses, and I’m in love with Oly 12mm. It’s written in Catalan, but can easily be translated. www.engarrista.com



New Canon 5D and Old Panasonic LX5 are the hotsellers :)


I am working on some LX5 successor rumors and checked the US price to see if there are current Price drops on the LX5. So it came to a big suprrise when I saw the current Amazon US ranking (Click here to see it). Only the just announced 5DmarkIII beats the LX5 🙂

Anyway, all I can say now is that the LX5 and Olympus XZ-1 successor are due for early summer. Should get more details soon…

P.S.: On Monday I will introduce you to my first real write-partner named “Frank” (not his real name). He owns and writes on canonwatch.com which uses the same theme as 43rumors but is completely owned by him alone.


Full Frame battle reloaded. A no way to go for Panasonic/Olympus?


Make no mistake! We can be pretty sure Olympus and Panasonic will not launch any new system with larger sensor in the near future. There is still a lot to do in the m43 world to defend the primacy also against the future Canon mirrorless system. But the Full Frame battle just restarted after a long time of silence. Today Canon announced the Canon 5dmarkIII ($3500 at Amazon) and Nikon announced the Nikon D800 and D800E a couple of weeks ago.

So just for fun I made a short list of advantages and disadvantages of a hypothetical “Macro Four Thirds” system with FF sensor 🙂

– Currently only Leica are offering a Full Frame digital mirrorless system. But the Leica M9 is incredibly expensive (Click here) and there is plenty of room below that price range.
– You could make Full Frame lenses backwards compatible to the m43 system. One lens to rule them all 🙂 -> Disadvantage the lens would be bigger
– Marketing: It gives a kind of magical and professional aura if you can offer a Full Frame system. Sounds stupid but it is not. I know of many people that buy new and more expensive cameras just to feel like a “hero”.

– It’s expensive to build up a new system. And Panasonic/Olympus have limited resources.
– Also the service has to be improved to satisfy the professional needs.
– The profit margin is larger on small sensor systems than on Full Frame camera systems.
– Lenses would be bigger and one of the main advantages (size!) over the FF DSRL market would be less visible.

Now it’s up to you to let us know what you would do:

And here is the question: Would you buy into a mirrorless Full Frame system?

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My two cent: 99% of us don’t need Full Frame. If you need absolute image quality for special work like studio photography or big prints than it may be better for you to go medium format. Or if you want that nice 3D depth of field feeling than buy a camera like my Mamiya 7.



New SLRmagic 50mm anamorphic video by Seb Farges.


I like Seb Farges creative way of testing m43 stuff. The video on top shows the SLR magic 50mm f/0.95 lens used with the Berthiot Tiny Cinemascope 2X lens. Great work!
I take the chance to ask you to send me your best work from time to time. Tomorrow I am going to post an article with a list of links to readers work. If you have something special to show to our 43rumors readers drop me a message at 43rumors@gmail.com! Thanks!

The Berthiot 2x lens can be found on eBay (Click here) Same thing for the SLR magic lens on eBay (Click here)