(FT5) E-M1 uses an “improved” VF-4 viewfinder.


One of the great things from Olympus is that they really work on details. The new E-M1 will use an “improved” viewfinder that ahs the same specs of the VF-4. The sources didn’t tell me what exactly has been improved but it sounds good anyway :)

Reminder: Same thing happens for the sensor. Based on the E-m5, but without AA filter and PDAF on it.

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Deal of the week: Finnish people get the PEN Mini for 99 Euro :)


You always ask me to post more European Deals….so here we are! Take a course of finnish language and you can grab the E-Pm1 for 99 Euro at Verkkokauppa (Click here). That’s 110 Euro less than you pay in the rest of Europe! But really, try to get through he finnish order steps :(

You may have more luck with the dutch language. Fotobooms (Click here) sells the GF3 body for 109 Euro only!

Easy to grab are the daily new refurbished stuff at Olympusmarket (Click here). They keep list new stuff but that time I am not going to link you to every single product. I am too busy at work today :)


E-5 vs E-M1 size comparison. POLL: Do you think there will be any new FT camera?


E-5 vs E-M1 size comparison image by Paniko (Thanks!).

So, now we know it for sure. There is no new “Pure” Four Thirds camera. The E-M1 is going to replace the Olympus E-5 too. This opens a couple of questions:

1) Was the E-5 the last Four Thirds camera?

2) Is Olympus going to officially announce the end of the pure Four Thirds camera system or will they follow Panasonic route and simply silently abandon the FT camera development?

I hope Olympus can answer these questions in September when they will announce the E-M1.

Meantime this is the question of the day:

Do you think there will be more new Four Thirds mount cameras in future?

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P.S.: An E-M1 vs OMD vs E-P5 size comaprison can be seen at Dicahub.



Seven new Olympus E-P5 reviews. PEN range it is not selling well (says Olympus).


There are five new Olympus E-P5 reviews to read: At Petapixel and Pixelmania (dutch) and Der Spiegel (German) and CameraLabs and TheOnlinePhotographer and Admiringlight and JJsemple. More or less they all say the same. It is a very good camera but the price and the competition are the main problems Olympus has to face. As you read on the New York Times (Click here) Olympus said that its sales of its signature mirrorless model, the PEN, had fallen 12 percent in the first quarter (below its expectations).

I hope Olympus learns the lesson and will be more courageous next time. Too many different and very similar PEN’s out there. And most of the time to pricey when they come out (and very cheap after 1-2 years). I hope the new E-M1 will not share the same fate of the E-P5 :(