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August 15, 2010
Posted in reviews

Serious compacts: Mirrorless Camera ISO Signal/Noise Shootout: NEX5, NX10, E-P2, E-PL1, GF1, G2, GH1


Amin Sabet from Serious Compacts posted the second part of the mirrorless camera comparison. He tested the noise characteristics f all current cameras. Let me know if you agree with his final conclusions…

August 15, 2010
Posted in Rumors

A fake Panasonic GF2

Click on picture to enlarge!

We are still looking for some REAL GF2 and GH2 (or GF3 and GH3) leaks. In the meanwhile people starts to imaginate how the new GF could look like :)

Source: Dpreview

August 13, 2010
Posted in deals

Nissin Speedlite now in Stock. Panasonic 45mm price drop

The new Nissin Speedlite Di 466 FT-W White Four Thirds Digital Flash for Olympus and Panasonic Cameras is now in Stock on (Click here).

The Panasonic 45mm f/2.8 price dropped to $808 ($91 less than the normal price)

August 13, 2010
Posted in news

Japan and interchangeable system cameras: mirrorless market share now at almost 40%!

The release of the Sony NEX cameras boosted the mirrorless market share up to 40% (in Japan). Interesting to see that MicroFourThirds didn’t gain any market share but they also didn’t lose anything because of the NEX cameras. Does it mean there is still room for growth? It would be nice to know the market share in Europe and US (My guess is that it is 15-20%).

Let’s see if Photokina will boost the mirrorless success story…

Source: Mirrorlessrumors

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