Sigma says they will not design lenses for MFT only.


Mr. Kazuto Yamaki from Sigma has been interviewed by ePrice Taiwan (google translation here). He said that there is no plan to develop and design lenses purely for the Micro Four Thirds system. They will keep designing them to cover the ASP-C sensor area and adapt the mount for both the NEX and MFT system. Smart move? Don’t know, it certainly keeps the costs of the lens very low.

These are the current Sigma MFT lenses:
Black Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens at Amazon and Bhphoto.
Silver Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens at Amazon and Bhphoto.
Black Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens at Amazon and Bhphoto.
Silver Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens at Amazon and Bhphoto.
Black Sigma 60mm f/2.8 at BHphoto.
Silver Sigma 60mm f/2.8 at BHphoto.

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Europe: Panasonic GF6 shipping. GF5/G5 deals. Tamron 14-150mm coming in summer.


Image courtesy: Fotohanskeuzekamp

The GF6 is finally in Stock in European stores like for example Technikdirekt in Germany and Fotohanskeuzekamp in Holland. And the GX1 also got some discounts in Europe too (after so many US deals). The Silver body can be bought for 245 Euro only at FotoMundus (Click here). And with the 14-42mm X lens for 389 Euro again at FotoMundus (Click here).

 One more news: A German reader got a notification from Tamron Germany. The new Tamron 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 Di III VC will ship in Europe this summer only.



Sigma Four Thirds Lens price drop.


Finally a deal that could be interesting for classic Four Thirds camera owners. Sigma launched a new rebate on three lenses:
$50 off on the Sigma 10-20mm at Amazon and BHphoto.
$100 off on the Sigma 70-300mm at Amazon and BHphoto.
$100 off on the Sigma Normal 50mm at Amazon and BHphoto.

For Micro Four Thirds user:
Panasonic Lumix G X Vario PZ 45-175mm for $299 at Amazon (Click here).
E-Pm1 with 14-42mmII kit lens for $285 at Amazon (Click here).
E-P3 with 14-42mm kit lens for $369 at Amazon (Click here).
E-M5 and 17mm f/1.8 lens bundle at BHphoto (Click here).
E-Pm1 with 14-42mmII kit lens for $285 at Amazon (Click here).

Full (and worldwide) deal overview at


(FT5) GX2 is larger than the previous GX1.


Another trusted source said that he saw the camera. And it’s larger than the current GX1. He couldn’t share the specs but he said it’s a beautiful camera that has all tech required nowadays. There will be a “special kit” for this camera too. Yep, he also said it’s has the lines and look that reminds of the L1-LC1.

As reported by Digicaminfo and my sources the camera has in-body IS, tiltable EVF, almost certainly a new 18MP sensor. And from what I read from the patent It could have an anti-alias filter and a new resolution EVF (close to 2 Mio).

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The DMC-L1 on eBay (Click here).
The DMC-LC1 on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


Olympus E-Pm2 gets Dpreviewed.


The cheapest of all MFT cameras with the Sony 16 Megapixel sensor got tested at Dpreview (Click here). The camera earned a Silver award with the following motivation: “The Olympus PEN-EPM2 is a point-and-shoot mirrorless camera which does exactly what a novice will need it to. For more adventurous users, there’s a lot of functionality hidden beneath the skin (including the image quality of the OM-D) making the E-PM2 a potentially very attractive second camera.

A couple of weeks ago there was a deal on the camera+lens. While it’ gone form large US online stores it’s still available at NYC 17thstreetphoto on eBay: In Black (Click here), Silver (Click here), White (Click here) and Red (Click here). The “older” E-Pm1 with lens sells for $285 at Amazon (Click here). And 199 Euri on Finland at Rajalacamera…lol :)

Editor’s note: Overall I still think Olympus should narrow the PEN range. The E-PL should be the entry level camera and the  E-P the more advanced camera. And the E-P5 should cost at least $100 less too. Now it has the same price of the OMD while the OMD has built-in EVF. Of course the E-P5 has some new Bells and whistles. But it will not convince many to buy it.