January 26, 2011
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Olympus E-PL2 in Stock at Amazon and BHphoto. New review at Photographyblog.


We really didn’t have to wait a lot to see the E-PL2 in Stock. Also americans can finally get ithe black E-PL2 kit at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).

Meanwhile Photographyblog published their own Olympus E-PL2 review: “This new model also mostly solves one of our major criticisms of the E-PL1 – its painfully slow auto-focusing speed. The E-PL2 and new 14-42mm kit lens are thankfully a lot faster to lock onto the subject in good light or bad, so much so that we only missed the decisive moment due to our own fault, rather than the cameras“. The camera gets Highly Recommended!

In Europe the E-PL2 is in Stock: Germany -> Amazon.de, eBay.de
France -> Amazon.fr (available next week), Pixmania.fr (available next week), eBay.fr
UK -> Amazon.uk (available next week), eBay.uk
Italy -> Pixmania.it, eBay.it
Austria -> Amazon.de, eBay.at

January 26, 2011
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New Olympus E-5 and E-PL2 reviews (+ XZ-1 image samples)

Trustedreviews tested the Olympus E-5. It’s a eight page long review and conclusions are on page four: “Ultimately, though, if this is the company’s last DSLR outing, at least it has saved the best until last. It’s well built, easy to use and can produce some great results. Unfortunately, that’s the bare minimum for a high-end DSLR and while there are still plenty of lenses and attachments for the Four Thirds system, we couldn’t in all conscience recommend the E-5 as a system camera you might want to get into from scratch
E-5 direct shop links: Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR.

Ephotozine publsihed the new Olympus E-PL2 review: “On the one hand we have a small and rather fiddly camera that needs some considerable care in operation. On the other hand we have a very compact unit that can deliver the very highest quality of results, and this must in the end be what counts
E-PL2 direct shop links: Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon DE, Amazon FR

Focus Numerique tested the ISO performance of the new Olympus XZ-1: “Conventionally, images are crisp 100 to 400 ISO. In this speed range, the pictures are well detailed and grain virtually invisible, even at 100% on screen. Overall, the images lack a little contrast, but nothing dramatic. We may also regret a little dynamic range compared to some competitors, including the LX5.
XZ-1 direct shop links: Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon DE, Amazon UK

January 25, 2011
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(UPDATED) First image samples taken with the Fuji X100

I have a Fuji X100 update which is worth a new post. First image samples taken with a pre production camera are available at Akam.no.
Let us know what you think about it!

UPDATE: Images have been removed from the official website but they are still available at google chache (Click here). Thanks John for providing the link!

How do you find the image quality of the new Fuji X100?

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January 25, 2011
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(DEAL DEAD) Panasonic GH2 in Stock at Amazon! (Thom Hogan can’t get the GH2)

Run! The Panasonic GH2 + 14-140mm lens is in Stock at Amazon (Click here)! There are only two of them in Stock so be fast! Miraculously it has a $43 discount!

Meanwhile Thom Hogan still wans’t able to find one single GH2 camera in Stock: “You’d think that a camera company would actually like to sell cameras. But if my experience in trying to get a GH2 is any example, Panasonic doesn’t think so.“…”This isn’t the first time Panasonic has had trouble getting product out in the US in a timely fashion and meeting demand. The GH1 and GF1 both went through similar problems. By the time Panasonic managed to get sufficient supply into the states and distributed into the sales channels, they had to discount the product to sell it.

January 25, 2011
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(DEAL DEAD) GF1 body only for $299!

This is one of the last chance to get the Panasonic GF1 for cheap! Samy’s Camera is selling the GF1 body for $299 at Amazon (Click here). For comparison, the GF2 body only costs $499 at Bhphoto (Click here).

UPDATE: The Amazon deal is gone. Bhphoto (Click here) is offering the GF1 body for $419.

And the Panasonic 7-14mm lens is in Stock for $775.86 at Amazon (Click here). Has that price drop something to do with the rumored upcoming 7-14mm O.I.S?

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