Olympus issues a 12-40mm Lens delay warning. Robin Wong’s E-m1 part 5 review.


Olympus Japan issued a warning on the 12-40mm Lens shipment. Because of the unexpected high demand the Lens shipments will be delayed (no date info yet). Also Amazon US has a high demand warning text.

Robin Wong (Click here) posted the Part 5 of the E-M1 review. This time it is comparison between E-M1 and E-M5.


Preorder Links:
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto, Amazon DE (via DL), Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL), WexUK, Topshot FI, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.


Readers work roundup…


Outback Suburbia | BMPCC and Cosmicar 22.5-90 Lens from GanEdenVideo on Vimeo.

Anonymous:a recent story if you’re interested – shot with the GH3.http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/08/stalins-rope-roads/100577/

Tom: “Hi there, long term follower of your site and notice you post a few random things from readers so thought I would send on a recent post I created following an airshow at Duxford in the UK. I know people question m43’s ability in these type of situations and I relish the challenge. :) http://wellisntthisabitglorious.com/the-duxford-airshow-part-1/

Vadim: “I used my m4/3 gear (a GF1 and EPL2 with 20mm and 14-42) to shoot the motion and stills for an IndieGoGo campaign for a device for the eldelry and disabled that I have invented. The audio was captured with a Oly SEMA1 mic adapted running into the EPL2. My device is a fork for the elderly and disabled. If you could share this as part of your “reader’s work” posts, it would be a huge help towards making my product a reality and helping millions of elderly around the world Thank you: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arthritis-discover-effortless-eating/x/4698915

Johannes:I’m a 19 year-old soon-to-be film student from Germany, and I’d like to share a music video with you, which I recorded using the Panasonic DMC G5. It would be an honor for me to see it being shared on the 43rumors website or facebook page. This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXAHfUghGWw

Marco:Maybe for a future “a little bit of everithing”: I have written a small review of my lovely OM-D EM-5 for a well known photography site. It’s in Italian but maybe someone can be interested anyway http://www.fotocomefare.com/recensione-olympus-om-d-em-5-micro-43-professionisti/



Pocket Cinema camera in Stock. Also the E-M1 in Stock for a nifty price.


After many, many and many months the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is for the first time in Stock in USA at Adorama (Click here) and Adorama eBay (Click here).

And one single Olympus E-m1 is in Stock at Willoughbyscamera (Click here), But if you want it you have to pay an extra $200 :(

A great deal is the $120 off on the Panasonic 100-300mm at Amazon US (Click here).

Full EU and US deals of the day overview at DealsRunner.com.


E-P5 review by DPreview and 300 Euro price drop in Germany.


DPreview posted the full E-p5 test and the camera earned a Silver award:

“The E-P5 is the most substantial re-working of the original PEN model and it’s the most impressive, yet. It produces the same excellent image quality as the E-M5 and has a proper two-dial control system. This, combined with a better touch screen and arguably the prettiest PEN body, make it a more attractive and more complete camera than the series has seen before.”

The only not so pretty thing about the E-P5 is the price but at least in Germany you now got an incredible 300 Euro price drop at (more info here at DealsRunner.com). Original price was 1099 and now it’s 800 Euro. In US there is a $50 price drop on all E-P5 kits at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). I still think price should be lower when compared with the GX7 and other mirrorless cameras…


Rumor correction: New GM1 has a “sort of” mechanical shutter.


A couple of days ago a trusted source told me that the new ultracompact Panasonic GM1 camera would have a new e-shutter without the mechanical shutter. The source always shared correct info in the past but this time it seems he got a partially incorrect info. Another source told me Panasonic has a new kind of shutter but I the info he got is that it’s still a hybrid electronic-mechanical shutter.  It’s a new kind of shutter developed by Panasonic not seen in any other cameras yet.

I hope more sources can share some feedback about it. For example I would like to know if the electronic shutter works completely without mechanical shutter too.

P.S.: Both sources told me the Panasonic GM1 is a surprising fascinating camera. Incredibly compact, but still very handy. They bet the camera will be very popular among the 43rumors community :)

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