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  • January 1, 2013
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Image: Dpreview

The worldwide largest forum community at Dpreview picked up the Olympus E-m5 as the camera of the year 2012. I think back 1-2 years when many blogger and experts forecast a decline of the Olympus camera system. Nevertheless Olympus was able with their limited resources but very creative engineers to develop and launch an extraordinary camera. I hope both Panasonic and Olympus will continue to create useful and well made cameras like this. 2013 should be the year of the new advanced PEN, OMD and GX models. This is going to be (again) and intriguing year!

Two unusued E-M5 for $879 on eBay US (via Slidoo). 829 for the refurbished E-M5 at Cametaauctions (via Slidoo). 899 Euro is what you pay for the OMD in Europe (via Slidoo). E-M5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.


Happy New Year!!!


Dear readers!

Now it’s 2013 and I wish you all the best for the coming year! I am sure we are going to see some exciting rumor time too. And you will not have to wait that long. New MFT stuff are scheduled for a late January announcement. Stay tuned ;)



Cheap MFT cameras are the most sold in Japan.


Image source: BCNranking.

BCNranking disclosed the full camera sales rankings in Japan from January 1st til the December 24th. By watching the ranking there are multiple surprises. Of course, the first one is seeing that the Nikon J1 is actually on top of the ranking. As you see a good marketing sometimes works better than the camera “WOW” factor.  The bets selling Olympus and Panasonic MFT cameras are right behind the Nikon and these are all GF and E-PL entry level cameras. The more advanced E-M5 and GX1 models lag behind them and are even behind the Pentax Q! Hands-up if you ever thought the tiny Pentax would outsell the E-M5!

Of course the Japanese market is quite different from EU and US markets. But outside Japan we usually don’t get these kind of exact camera sales numbers. You only get purely unscientific rankings from Amazon. But they change hourly and often reflect current deals status:
US ranking (Click here).
DE ranking (Click here).
UK ranking (Click here).
FR ranking (Click here).

Anyway, this year is now over and 2013 will quite an important year for all camera makers. There is a complicated economic situation that will force plenty of companies (and I mean all worldwide companies) to take some drastic if not dramatic decisions. I hope we can recover from the troubling times we are having now.

I Wish You a Happy New Year!


Panasonic doesn’t deny the possibility of a “big sensor” system. Would require to plan 5 years ahead.


BCNranking (translation here) interviewed MR. Yoshiyuki Inoue from Panasonic. He didn’t deny that Panasonic is considering to create a camera system with larger sensors (no word if this would be APS-C or Full Frame). But to do this they would need to plan a lens road map at least five years ahead.

It’s not the first time Panasonic talks about the possibility of using bigger sensors. But this may be just simple talk and not a hint about a real plan…