July 31, 2013
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(FT5) Panasonic GX7 has no AA filter. New images of the Black Body.


Reminder: Announcement tomorrow (August 1) at 5-6 am London time!!! Stay tuned on 43rumors to follow the event live!

Got some more top info about the new 16 megapixel GX7 sensor. This has been designed by Panasonic itself and does have built-in “gamma control”. It is also the first Panasonic camera not having an Anti Aliasing filter at all!

Meantime Digicaminfo reports that the GX7 will ship from September 12 in Japan. Price for the body will be ¥ 105,000 and with the 20mm kit lens ¥ 130,000. As I told you before the price in Europe will be 999 Euro.  US readers can hope that the 1$ and ! Euro equivalence in the camera market is still valid. It would mean you have to pay $999 for the body.

Some more details: ISO starts at 200 but there is an extension mode down to ISO 125. Battery life is 320 shots and weight 402g (battery included).

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July 31, 2013
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(FT5) New info about the GX7 (german press text). Coming tomorrow (August 1) at 6 am London time!


Announcement tomorrow: First of all, you are invited to follow live the GX7 announcement at 5-6am London time tomorrow morning (August 1). As usual I will continually give you links to previews, tests, preorder links and more!

Here is the German Press Text of the GX7. There very hot info translated in English:
Full‐HD 1920 x 1080/50p
The communication between lens and cameras is very fast, 240 B/s!
AVCHD‐progressive‐ oder MP4‐Format
ISO 25’600
Wlan and NFC support
Bigger fotodiodes and optimized Micro lenses.
25% better High ISO performance and 10% better resolution performance compared with the previous GX1.
It has a noiseless shooting function that allows you to shoot pictures without the use of the mechanical shutter.


And here is the press text:

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July 31, 2013
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Sigma will launch a universal mount conversion service!


slrclub (via dicahub) reports that Sigma will launch a universal lens conversion service. All Sigma lenses with 10 contacts can be easily modified to get another mount type, except for Nikon/Pentax version of Sigma lenses. For Nikon/Pentax versions, the aperture will be controlled mechanically after the conversion. There shouldn’t be such issues with Canon/Sony/Other versions of Sigma lenses. Tomorrow we will know more, since Sigma will officially announce the service on August 1st. The service will start from 9/2.



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