August 26, 2010
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UPDATED: COSINA CO., Ltd. Joins the Micro Four Thirds System Standard Group!

Now it is official. Olympus announced that Cosina will join the Micro Four Thirds group! And Cosina posted the lens news on their website

UPDATE: I was told that the lens has a better optical quality than the old and expensive C-mount Schneider 25mm f/0.95 (which costs used over $900 at eBay…used!)

P.S.: Hood is included.

August 26, 2010
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The new Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 for MicroFourThirds has been announced!

Click on picture to enlarge!

Today Voitgländer will announce the production of new lenses for the MicroFourThirds system!
The first lens to be unveiled is the new Nokton 25mm f/0.95 lens. This lens has been designed for MFT and you don’t need to use any adapter! The Lens is manual only (no autofocus). Expected price $1000 and availabilty by October/November.

The image quality is reported to be on a very high level. The only comparable lenses to date are the old C-mount lenses like the Schneider 25mm f/0.95 (which costs over $900 at eBay). There are also two more 25mm f/0.95 lenses like the Navitar and Angenieux (again C-mount lenses). But those are not designed for MFT and you need an MFT adapter. They are also a little bit more expensive than the Nokton (and the Nokton is new!).

We hope to learn more about the Voigtländer-MicroFourThirds future strategy as soon as possible!

Source: Photoscala

If the image quality is on top will you buy that lens?

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August 26, 2010
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Important: New rumor value system proposal.


I am very happy that Voigtländer joined the MicroFourThirds group and I am happy that we from 43rumors where here to report you the news. As you know the BIG caliber Panasonic and Olympus are supposed to announce the new products by mid-September. Before that I wanted to propose you a new value system and talk about some issues we had with some of our rumors:

1) The value system is to complicated (FT1 to FT5).
2) Even trusted sources have prooven to fail with some of the rumors.
3) The rumor language.

So here my proposed solutions:

1) I propose a new rumor value system:
FT1 = Rumor from unknown or external source. In that case we don’t know if there is some truth behind the rumor and it’s likely that the rumor turns out to be false
FT2 = Rumor from one of our trusted sources. A trusted source is a source that gave me correct infos in the past.. This doesn’t mean that the rumor is automatically correct because there is still the possibility that he received wrong or partially incorrect informations.
FT3 = Rumor from trusted sources + evidence (example image leak). Sometimes sources do send me a “proove” and they ask me to not post it. So you should know that when I post a FT3 rumor without posting a “concrete evidence” this happens because I can’t post it.

In any case you should keep in mind that those are rumors and not official news. So there is always a chance that it tourns out to be false! I will also try to underline that in every rumor I will post on 43rumors.
An example. Once we leaked the Panasonic G2 images and specifications on the Panasonic website (!). I posted the rumor with FT5 value. As you remember those specs were wrong! Just to explain you that even on official websites (which are supposed to have correct informations) there could be still errors!

2) Even trusted sources can fail to give me correct informations.
There are many reasons why a trusted source can give me uncorrect informations (not deliberatley!). Olympus and Panasonic do their best to close their information leaks. And they are aware that 43rumors is trying to get infos about upcoming products. That could be a reason why different trusted sources can sometimes receive slightly different informations about the same camera. Another reason is that I receive mostly cryptic and partial informations. It’s rare that a source writes me and says “Hey the GH2 has those and those specs”. They mostly use a codified language I have to interpret.

3) The rumor language.
Every source has a different character and different language. Yesterday for example one source said that a new product was coming and “99% of you will want but only 20% of you will buy“. I didn’t know what was coming until the very last hours. Don’t blame on me if this doesn’t turn out to be 100% correct (not everyone likes the Voigtländer). My job is to post what I receive. And next time I will make it clear that you have to take such statements with a grain of salt!
I also have to improove my “rumor” language. Most of the times I am in hurry. I work on 43rumors during my coffea breaks, pauses and when I am at home late evening. I also never learned english at school and it is not native language. That makes it easy to be misunderstood. Now that we are getting closer to Photokina I will double-triple check every text I am going to post. But please be aware that my language is far from beeing good!

So keep always in mind that this website has an unperfect and personal style!

Many Thanks you all!
Me :)

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August 25, 2010
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(FT5) A “rangefinder” company will release a MicroFourThirds product within few hours…enthusiastic

UPDATE 2: It’s 10pm London time now. I was told that there are only 1 hour left!

According to three of our trusted sources a company (not Panasonic or Olympus) will make an nice new product for MicroFourThirds. That company is expected to announce a new product within few hours. The new product will be produced by a company that also makes rangefinder cameras (IMPORTANT: this doesn’t mean they will come out with a rangefinder body! They also could make a lens or an accessory only!!!).
My “feeling” is that it is not a camera.

In a (maybe too enthusiastic) statement one source wrote that “it is a product that 99% of you want and 20% of you will really buy“. But again take that statement with a grain of salt! The product should be announced tonight between 11pm London time and 2am London time.

We made a list of the most important current rangefinder camera producers:

Leica with the M-series
Zeiss Ikon
Cosina-Voigtländer with the Bessa
Epson RD1 and RD1x
Kodak Retina
– There are also Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji
We left out Nikon and Canon because we are sure they won’t make products for MFT! I don’t know if I missed mentioning other important companies…

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