March 26, 2010
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Konica Hexanon 57 f/1.2

Few weeks ago I wrote a list of very fast 50mm lenses. But if you are looking for fast lenses you should also take a look on the very good Konica Hexanon 57 f/1.2 lens!

If you want to see some image samples click here:

dpreview forum (on the GH1) (on the E-P2) (on the GF1)

UPDATE: Lumix L1 + Konica samples

The lens itself sells for $550 on Ebay (used). And you need an Adapter!

If you have some image samples send me your links at
And also send me your test with other fast lenses!

March 25, 2010
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Panasonic G2 -> ISO test photos JPG vs RAW 100% crops

A dpreview forum user had the chance to test the Panasonic G2. He made a ISO comparison using Lightroom 3 beta-2 and G2 firmware 0.2. Probably the image quality will improove a little bit with the final firmware. Take a look here:

March 25, 2010
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Will the Samsung NX5 be the first GF1/PEN competitor?

(Picture via

Every day we have new rumors about the next Samsung NX camera. Today first possible NX5 specs have been published.
The real question is: will the NX5 be the first compact NX camera?

NX5 specs:
-NX mount
-14MPx CMOS sensor
-ISO 100-3200
-Built-in flash (GN10)
-3″ 230K LCD display
-Video HD720p/30fps (H.264)
-Audio mono
-HDMI/AV/MicroUSB connection
-SD slot

Non-built in EVF, same NX10 battery, manual control.

NX5 + 30mm = $599
NX5 + 18-55mm non-OIS = $549
NX5 + 20-50mm non-OIS = $499 (late 2010)

March 25, 2010
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Curious: Sanyo presents the…GH2!

As you know Panasonic owns Sanyo since 2009. So it is a little bit strange that Sanyo unveiled their latest GH2 full-HD cam. Why has Sanyo/Panasonic choosen that name? Does it mean that the next Panasonic GH1 successor will have a different name?
There must be some reason behind that choice…

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