(FT5) And now full leak in Russia (with press release and LX7 pics!)


The Russian website 3Dnews (Translation here) leaked the full Panasonic press event.

1) And for the first time we also can see the new LX7. Full LX7 image samples download here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/panas.rar. There is no info about the sensor size but it looks like the LX7 is using a damn smalls sensor. This is NOT going to be the Sony RX100 competitor I hoped to see. So unlike their previous statements where they said that a LX camera with 1 inch sensor is “possible” they dind’t do it for real. Or maybe that camera is coming in one Month with the late August announcement?

2) And also first image samples taken with the G5!!! Full download of the samples here: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2012/07/13/632251/Primer.rar.

3) Panasonic says that by 2015, according to some projections, Mirrorless will overtake digital SLR cameras.

4) There is also a white G5. Click on the picture below to enlarge the image:

5) G5 spec comparison. Click on image:




(FT5) No joke…full G5 press release leaked in Oman :)


That’s the first time I see something leaked from an Arabian country! The Oman Observer (Click here) leaked the full Panasonic G5 press release (Thanks Jasikor for finding this). Enjoy the reading! P.S.: And again follow the event live  tomorrow (July 18th) at 5am London time on 43rumors and on facebook (Click here)!

“Panasonic has unveiled a Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera, the LUMIX G DMC-G5. The LUMIX G realizes high-quality photo images with real-to-life
details through excellent resolution, image rendering and colour reproduction.
The new DMC-G5 achieves even higher resolution with the advanced image processing engine driven on a new algorithm and faster response. The precision Contrast AF system boasts high speed AF system “Light Speed AF”. Consecutive shooting is also improved for 6 fps in 16.05-megapixel full resolution.
Taking advantage of the 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine, DMC-G5 is also capable of recording 1,920 x 1,080 60p(NTSC)/50p(PAL) full HD video in AVCHD Progressive with stereo sound. Advanced AF system including practical full-time AF and tracking AF is available in video recording so that every photographer can enjoy high quality video recording with minimum ease.
The external design of the camera has been developed with no compromising on grip, dial, coating — everything to detail. The 1,440,000-dot equivalent Live View Finder of approx. 1.4x (approx. 0.7x) with 100 per cent field of view newly integrates eye sensor and it can be used with LCD at the same time as the new Touch Pad function. Level gauge is also newly adopted for precision framing.
The popular creative control increases its filter option to 14 for the enjoyment of artistic expression. In addition to multi-capable shooting assist function iA(intelligent auto) Plus mode, the scene guide is available for beginners to supports learning photography with ease.
Available in decent black, silver or white colour, the DMC-G5 offers users great satisfaction with its total performance backed up by its high picture quality, high speed response together with the advanced functions in easy operation.
The LUMIX G realises high-quality photo images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and colour reproduction; high-grade lens and precision AF achieves high resolution, optimal balance of resolution and noise reduction achieves lifelike image rendering and high precision auto exposure and white balance with live light metering results in the faithful colour reproduction.
All cameras of LUMIX G adopts Contrast AF for its focus system. Compared with the Phase difference system AF, the Contrast AF boasts higher accuracy even in shooting at small F value.
LUMIX G offers the camera that records not only high quality photo but also stunning video.”


So what do you think about the G5? :)

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20mm price drop at Amzon and J&R. “Unboxed” 14mm pancake for $173!!!



There is a new price drop on the most famous of all m43 lenses. The 20mm pancake sells for $339 at Amazon (Click here) and J&R (Click here). Panasonic is really doing many deals in these hot summer weeks!

There is one more interesting “phenomena” I want to show you. As you know Panasonic had that super GX1 and GF3 deal boxed with the 14mm pancake. Those pancakes are now sold “unboxed” for $171-$177 on eBay! So you can get a de facto new 14mm lens at Podmantech (Click here), Eeassa (Click here) and Nomohideo (Click here). If you want it boxed than you have to spend $100 extra on Amazon (Click here).

P.S.: Looks like the people is not going to buy the 45-150mm lens tomorrow…the 45-200mm is the most sold mirrorless lens of the moment at Amazon (here is the ranking).


FZ pictures, LX7 with f/1.4 lens. Le Monde de la Photo leaks G5 announcement time (6am Paris time on July 18th)


After Telegraph UK (Article has been removed!), Photoprice and Nphoto also Le Monde de la Photo showed some bits of the Panasonic presentation. The website now has been removed and you see an error page only. A very small portion of the leak has been cached by another website Newsvortex.net.

The title of the article is: “Panasonic Lumix G5: A replacement of DSLR cameras?“. It includes the Embargo date which is 18 July at 6am in the morning Paris time. I posted the full FZ60 and FZ200 pics on MirrorlessRumors.com (CLick here). These cameras actually have something the G5 has not…a dedicated M mode for video!

I still haven’t found pictures of the new LX7 but Le Mounde de La Photo leaked the lens specs which (if true) is 24-110mm f/1.4-2.3. Still no info about the sensor size. Telegraph UK wrote: “The former is a top of the line compact camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens, 10.1 megapixel Mos sensor and 3-inch screen.” But is it a real Sony RX100 competitor or not? That’s the question!

Stay tuned on 43rumors!!!

P.S.: Don’t forget that there is a Canon announcement on July 23th  and a Samsung announcement next week you can follow on MirrorlessRumors!


(FT5) UPDATED: Full Panasonic G5 image leaks….and Telegraph UK leaks info!


One of our trusted sources found plenty of pictures of the new Panasonic G5 which is going to be announced tomorrow along the new 45-150mm lenses leaked yesterday (Click here) and a bunch of new compact cameras (like the new LX7). Also three more websites leaked pieces of info, Telegraph UK (Article has been removed!), Photoprice leaked one single picture of the G5 and Nphoto.

The new G5 has a more rounded shape compared to the G1/G2/G3 generation. It will share the same G3 sensor but offer a new imaging processor that in theory should increase the image quality.  Expected price for the body is $599. As I told you before the camera will be announced tomorrow (July 18th) at 5am London time!

Follow the event live on 43rumors and on facebook (Click here)! I am going to link you to every interesting news and reviews I can find! See you soon!


UPDATE: Incredible, even the famous Telegraph UK magazine (Article has been removed!) leaked some info! They write:
The new DMC-G5 features a 3-inch fold out screen and a top of the line 16-megapixel sensor powered by Panasonic’s Venus Engine VII.
Also launched is the DMC-LX7 and DMC-FZ200. The former is a top of the line compact camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens, 10.1 megapixel Mos sensor and 3-inch screen. The DMC-FZ200, which is due for release in late August or early September, replaces Panasonic’s FZ150 as its new flagship bridge camera. Included is a highly formidable 25-600mm lens, which is incredibly wide yet capable of zooming extreme distances. Even more impressive is that the lens on the FZ200 maintains a constant f2.8 aperture throughout.
Panasonic has led the way in the mirrorless market for a while now and the DMC-G5 is its latest attempt at ensuring things stay that way. The G5 is capable of things like full HD video recording and capturing images up to 12,800 ISO. Also announced alongside the G5 was two new lenses, an f2.8 12-35 Power O.I.S and a 45-150mm f4 lens.
It will be released next month with prices starting at £599 and rising to £879.
The LX7 is designed for those who want to get more out of a compact camera, incorporating things like full manual control as well as decent low light photography thanks to the fast lens, Venus VII picture engine and 12,800 ISO capability. The LX7 can also capture full HD 1080p video. The LX7 will be released in September but Panasonic has yet to confirm the price.

Click on the small image to open the full size version:

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