November 24, 2010
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Mirrorless rumors from others (Samsung NX lens roadmap leaked)


This is a list of rumors that don’t have anything to do with Panasonic and Olympus. But every once in a while I post a summary of mirrorless news because almost every Micro Four Thirds user is interested to see how the competition is developing their own mirrorless system.

My friend Andrea ( made an incredible leak! He found the whole Samsung NX lens road-map for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013! I would love to see some of those lenses for Micro Four Thirds too and you?

Nex-7 will be announced by early 2011 (SonyAlphaRumors)

Not a rumor but Luminous Landscape posted an interesting article about the “Mirrorless, Video Convergence”.

P:S.: There is no new rumor about Canon or Nikon mirrorless systems…

November 24, 2010
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Panasonic LX5 camera of the year at wired (+ new book from Alexander White)

Dpreview posted a “Enthusiast Compact Group Test” and compared the Panasonic LX5 with the Canon Powershot S95 and Nikon Coolpix P7000. The LX5 wins the contest ;)
Another good news: According to Wired the Panasonic LX5 is the camera of the year.

Alexander White contact us to present his new LX5 book: “I wanted to let you know that my new book about the Lumix LX5 has been released, and is now available at and from my own web site, “. Thanks Alexander!

November 24, 2010
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(UPDATED) Lens poll reloaded!

UPDATE: You have a few hours left to add your lens selection. After that I will start the poll. Thanks!

A year ago we made a lens poll. We asked you what kind of Micro Four Thirds lenses Panasonic and Olympus should develop. The most requested lens was the 25mm f/1.4 and that lens is now coming from Panasonic.
We thought it would be good to create a new lens poll because we now have a much larger reader base that can participate the voting. We also know companies are constantly looking for new ideas and we may can give them a little help ;)

Comment this post to suggest your lenses (primes and zooms). It would be very useful if you could describe the characteristic of the lens you want…like price, wide open performance, size, video optimized lens, in-lens stabilization etc. Please try to give a realistic description. For example: if you want a 12mm f/1.4 lens you can expect a high price and a huge size. We will take into account all your suggestions and start the poll in a few days.

Reminder: The website shows the complete Lens selection and a has nice matching simulation!


P.S.: The new 100-300mm lens is in Stock at Amazon Deutschland, Amazon UK.
The 14mm lens is almost in Stock at Amazon Deutschland.

November 23, 2010
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Panasonic GH2 US shipment by mid December only. Amazon deleting the black GH2 preoders?

Helen Oster (Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador) just wrote a comment on 43rumors: “I have an update for you; we have just been told to expect a shipment during the first half of December. I hope this helps

That info has been confirmed by a 43rumors reader (Michael) that called Adorama: “I just spoke with Adorama sales (US) and was told that the GH2 should start shipping mid of Dec.”

Alex (43rumors reader) received that message from Amazon US: “Due to a lack of availability from our suppliers, we will not be ableto obtain the following item(s) from your order: We’ve cancelled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. We must also apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain these item(s) for you.

Thanks to Helen from Adorama and all the readers for sending us info about the GH2 availability. Feel free to comment this post if you receive some kind of info from your daler or if you have any questions for Helen.

GH2 direct shop links:
Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon UK, Amazon France.

November 23, 2010
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(FT5) Panasonic to create two new “categories” of Micro Four Thirds (video/photo) cameras (in 2011)!

According to my very best sources Panasonic will create two new categories of Micro Four Thirds cameras (within 2011). Not GH, not GF and not G cameras! The sources didn’t gave me any further details about those new products. But we received rumors from other (new) sources saying that Panasonic could launch an affordable Micro Four Thirds video-camera.

I tried to imagine what kind of new “camera category” could be developed (That part is my own speculation):

1) The compact Rangefinder styled Micro Four Thirds camera. Like the Leica M9 (Click here to see the design) but with EVF or Hybrid Viewfinder. We already saw a Panasonic patent of such a camera. That could become the High-end compact camera (the real GF1 successor?) we were waiting for. In my opinion there is a high-chance this is going to happen although I would expect that camera to be named GF3…

2) A fixed lens Micro Four Thirds camera. Like the Sigma DP1/DP2, Leica X1 and the future awesome looking Fuji X100 (Click here to see the design). But I see a very low chance that this is ever going to happen. From a logical point of view it doesn’t make sense to promote that camera as a Micro Four Thirds product. But from a marketing point of view Panasonic could advertise it as a fixed lens camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor. Ok I know…it doesn’t sound right :)

3) A modular Micro Four Thirds system. OK, that is an extreme speculation. I haver never received any rumor about that. But isn’t that one of the future killer-features of digital cameras? To be expandeable, upgradeable without the need to buy a complete new camera?

4) A high spec camera (weather sealed and robust camera) like that nice Panasonic LC1 (Click here to see the camera design). Probably this is the product most of us are waiting for. A real professional photographic tool featuring the best Panasonic sensor, best AF, no AA filter, super imaging processor and all the stuff a semi-pro or pro photographer needs.

5) A video camera more affordable than the AG-AF100 (Reminder, preorder available on BHphoto!). Sony already has the NEX-VG10 so it makes a lot of sense for Panasonic to create an affordable MFT camcorder. In my opinion that has a high-chance to be announced in 2011.

I am “running out of imagination”…so If you have more ideas feel free to share it by commenting this post. I repeat, I don’t know what’s exactly coming from Panasonic but the sources that gave us that info are from a very very and very top level!

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