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Nikon announced the first compact camera with Android and APP support (the Nikon S800c). And the new Sony NEX cameras will also support third party application development and installation. So these may be one of the main advertised new features at photokina this year. Also Panasonic officially stated that they are interested in developing such a technology.

Question is:

how important is it for you to have those features on a m43 camera?

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P.S.: new price drop in US: Panasonic 20mm panacke for $339 at Amazon US (Click here).


(FT3) a first short Panasonic GH3 user impression report.


Shape of the current Panasonic GH2.

An anonymous sources sent me a short text about the GH3 handling. He had a short time “experience” with the camera. He asked me to rewrite the text he has written so enjoy my usual childish English rewritten report :)

The camera feels more solid in your hands than it was with the GH2. It gives you a more “pro” feeling…think at the 12-35mm X “feeling” as an example. The shape changed a bit, more rounded and camera feels a bit heavier. The real first change you notice when switching on the camera is the quality of the viewfinder. Hugely improved over the GH2. Makes feel like GH2 was crap. Can’t talk about specs and image quality yet (firmware is not not finalized). But I have been told image quality is very close to the best APS-C DSLR while image quality surpass what current DSLR can offer. As I said, can’t talk about image quality yet but the first impression is that this is the most “Pro” m43 camera ever made“.

This sounds nice but I hope to get some real more detailed specs soon too! Sources can send me anonymous info through the contact form on the right sidebar or at Thanks!

Meantime here are the specs we have got until now:

FT5: similar GH2 design, weather sealed, no global shutter, major improvements in AF speed and EVF quality, GH3X kit with 12-35mm X lens.
FT3: 15.5 mega-pixel sensor, Iso 160-12800 (extends to 80-51200), 6.7fps, 3.2″ inch LCD with 1050k-dots, EVF with 2.06 mega-dots, double SDXC slots, in-camera GPS, external battery grip.


Olympus announces a small superzoom compact (no m43 news today)


When the sources sent me the info that there would be a small announcement I didn’t think it would be that small :) Event the 60mm macro hasn’t been officially released (even if Amazon displayed the 60mm lens on their server).
Olympus announced the new Olympus SP-820UZ superzoom compact camera. More info at ePhotozine.

UPDATE: Just want to make it clear that sources only told me about a “small announcement coming”. When I got the Amazon 60mm brochure it was my guess that it may be related to the 60mm macro. I was wrong :(

As I told you before the bog Mirrorless stuff is going to be announced in mid September! Same for Panasonic!


a (mini) little bit of everything…


land of sicilia from emeric (shot with the GH2)

Within a few hours we will maybe see an official Olympus press release about the 60mm macro. meantime let me catch up with some small news:

The Tokina 30mm lens will cost 399 Euro in Europe (Photoscala).
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Photos at Photographyblog.
The Bad Photography Marketing Awards for 2012 (Lensrentals).
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Review at Photographyblog.
Panasonic GF5 review at Cnet.
As you know I am supporting the small blog from my very close friend Elena. She is living a tuff time in Greek and I sent her an Olympus E-Pl1 I bought at Olympusmarket to help her to tell&show her stories. First E-PL1 picturs have now been posted at Greekdiaris (Click here).
Olympics, pictures by Farrukh.
Would you spend 23.690,00 EUR for the Olympus SP-720? You can on eBay (Click here).

See you soon!