Next GX1 deal: with X lens for $499.


After the great GX1 body deal ($199) we now have a new great deal. The GX1 sells with the 14-42mm X lens for $499 at Amazon (Click here). The lens alone is priced at $330. You pay $170 for the extra camera :)
I am working on the GX successor rumors and I got some new tidbits to post soon. I always ask sources and readers to be patient because I will always try to double check rumors to avoid mistakes! Thanks for your understanding! P.S.: All I can say is that all specs we posted about the new GX are correct. In body IS, built-in tilting EVF, new 18MP sensor. yes…it sounds amazing!

And here are more new deals:
One single E-M5 body for $900 at Amazon.
Olympus E-PM1 with 14-42mm lens and housing for divers at GetOlympus.
Something non MFT. The bets US deal of the day is that extra free $10 iTunes card on eBay.
All other hot deals of the day at


E-M5 for $939 and $140 cashback!


Three years ago Rakuten (a Japanese company) bought in roder to compete against in the USA market. And with deals like this they may wills ucceed on day: The are now offering a 15% CashBack on all stuff available at Rakuten Store (Click here)! If you buy seomthing with a value of $1,000 you will earn 15,000 Rakuten Points which do have a value of $150 (please use the promo code”Earlybird” to grab the CashBack). These points can be used for your next purchase. A FAQ on the Rakuten point system can be read here. Example: Rakuten is also offering the E-M5 body for $939 (Click here). And you get back $140 as CashBack!

Memorial Day:
In USA there is a long list of “Memorial Day Deals” at Adorama and Newegg.

All today Panasonic-Olympus deal in USA and Europe:
Panasonic at
Olympus at


Olympus desaster forecast….Don’t worry, there is more chance the analysts will fail.


I keep receiving emails from readers pointing me out the report published by Yahoo (Click here). It says that the digital camera business from Olympus will disappear from the US market within 2014. It’s not the first time I hear these kind of negative forecasts about Olympus and as of today…Olympus digital camera business is still alive :)

Honestly, I think there is a bigger chance that Yahoo will crash in 2014 rather than Olympus! I agree with Thom Hogan when he says: “The medical side of Olympus is healthy enough that they can take their time deciding ultimately just what happens with cameras, and I’m pretty sure they’ll first try to execute a strategy that helps them get back to profitability before giving up on it.

So please don’t worry, and let’s see what Olympus will deliver us soon with the new OMD!


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(FT4) Rumors are becoming stronger about a new Olympus camera with hybrid MFT-FT mount


The Ikon Contax also had a hybrid mount solution

The new GX camera rumors really has stolen the show from Olympus. But trust me, that’s going to be a strong and intriguing rumor battle! In these last few days I got two rumors from sources I know from a long time. Both told me that they got hints about a new high end Olympus camera that will be announced in September. And it’s going to be a camera much larger than the current E-M5 that has a mount that allows to take both Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds lenses without the use of any adapter!

How this could work I don’t know. There are two examples from the filmcamera history but I don’t know if Olympus will pickup one of the two ideas (or both together):
1) Contax AX camera (here one Bay): The camera had a moving film plane inside the camera.
2) Zeiss Ikon Contax (here one Bay): The original Contax rangefinder made from the 1930ies to the 50ies had two bayonets! Camerapedia explains how this works: “This mount is in fact the combination of two bayonets. There is a focusing helical built in the body and the standard lenses mount directly in that focusing ramp via an internal bayonet. So the standard lenses have no focusing ring of their own. The other lenses mount on an external bayonet and have their own focusing ring, only the rangefinder coupling is done via the body’s focusing ramp.” A nice image of the mount can be seen at Fotocommunity.

I hope some of our sources can me soon explain how this works for real (if the rumor is true). This is going to be a really exciting time, GX successor sounds amazing and that Olympus high tech may turn out to be a really nice (and useful) camera too!

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