April 9, 2010
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(FT2) UPDATED -> Panasonic camcorder with m43 lenses to be on NAB?

UPDATE -> NAB Press conferences will take place from April 10 (tomorrow) to April 15. I will follow the event and keep you updated.

As you may know on April 12 the NABshow starts. The NABshow is a dedicated Broadcasting event.

And we just received a rumors from a new source (so we can’t say if the rumor is more or less reliable or not):

Confirming that Panasonic Pro Video dep. will present at NAB a VCR with micro 4/3 optic.
It will enter the market late Nov 2010.
Its have a non DSLR shape, more shaped like Hasselblad.
No more detl. known now, its still parts of it that is work in progress.
its outside consumer products but thist focus on the bright future of the Micro 4/3 lens system.

If that rumor turns out to be true this will be indeed awesome news! Would you not love to use your MicroFourThirds lenses on a deicated camcorder? Wow!

April 9, 2010
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Hot Amazon US deal: Panasonic 7-14mm lens for $999!

Hot deal on amazon: For the first time you can have the Panasonic 7-14mm f/4.0 Micro Four Thirds Lens for $999.77 (click here) (via third-party reseller). Amazon itself sells it for $1,024.95. Probably the new Olympus 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 lens is pushing down the price of the Panasonic lens.

A review of the 7-14mm lens is available on slrgear.com

One more amazon deal: Panasonic 45mm f/2.8 Lens for $866.97 (You Save: $32.98)

April 9, 2010
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(FT5) Leica version of the Panasonic TZ10-ZS7

UPDATE: This is not a 4/3 or m4/3 rumor but I thought I should post that because at least it is interesting to see that Leica and Panasonic are still working together. To bad Leica didn’t choose to join the MicroFourThirds system.

Soon Leica will launch the new C-Lux 20 (the Leica C-Lux 3 successor). It will be the “copy” of the Panasonic TZ10-ZS7 camera.

Source: Leicarumors

April 8, 2010
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Olympus E-P1 with the Zeiss Ikon viewfinder turret

That’s a nice piece of a viewfinder! The japanese blog DC.watch.impress tested the Pentax 110 F2.8 70mm and the Zeiss viewfinder turret on the Olympus E-P1.

This is the first time I have seen the Zeiss viewfinder on a MicroFourThirds camera. Click here to see some nice images: DC.watch.impress

April 8, 2010
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The rumors we are working on…

During the last two weeks I didn’t post many rumors but I am currently working on some hot stuff:
1) Next Olympus FourThirds and MicroFourThirds PEN camera
2) Sigma MicroFourThirds lenses (Yes! can’t wait to know more about them!)
3) Fuji and Olympus partnership rumors (probably a new sensor?)
4) Panasonic GH2 and GF2 news

What I know for certain is that Sony and Samsung will bring some fire in the mirrorless market! Will tell you more about that soon!

If you have some rumors feel free to contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com.
I will keep you anonymous of course. You can also create a fake gmail account if you don’t want to use your real email account.


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