Amazon: It’s Panasonic Lighnting deal day! GF3,GF5,G5,GX1 discounts.


Santa Claus offers you a last chance to grab one of the four(!) Panasonic Lightning deals at Amazon (Click here to see them all). Looks like Panasonic wants to clear all the GF/G/GX camera stock they still have left :)

I can hear my European readers crying. So here are some Panasonic deals:
GF3 can be found for a low price on eBay (via Slidoo). For example the normal 14-42mm kit version for 270 Euro on eBay UK (Click here) and the 14-42mm X kit for $429 on eBay IT (Click here).
GF5 on eBay (via Slidoo). Black Kit with 14-42mm lens for 419 at eBay FR (Click here). X kit for 549 at eBay DE (Click here).


More info about the High End Olympus cameras. It is an OMD?


Quesabesde (translation here) modified some of their info. Instead of saying that the High End camera is compatible with MFT and FT lenses they now say “a camera that can take advantage of the full FT lens potential“.

But at the same time DSLRmagazine claims to know more about the camera. These are the main aspects of the new High End camera that is likely going to be a new kind of OMD cameras:
– The camera will have some very advanced new features
– The EVF will be “spectacular”
– It is NOT a modular camera
– It has a native MFT mount and uses a special adapter for the FT lenses
– It will be more expensive than the current Olympus E-M5 – The camera size will be in between the E-M5 and the E-5.

I will let you guess what these new advanced features and viewfinder system are…



HOT!!! Olympus surprise: We will do the hybrid FT and MFT camera by end 2013! No classic FT E-7 camera anymore!


Miquel Àngel Garcia, manager of Olympus Spain (Image courtesy Quesabesde).

I am really surprised to read a clear statement like that! Miquel Àngel Garcia just said in an interview at Quesabesde (translation here) that the E-5 successor will be a hybrid FT and MFT model capable of using both lens ranges with their full potential! So there will be no “Normal” Four Thirds E-7 but rather a native Micro Four Thirds cameras with a 100% compatible  FT solution. He didn’t specify if there will be a sort of integrated or external adapter or a modular approach. The camera is definitely coming in late 2013 (he said!). Miguel didn’t unveil the name and the specs. He says that this is a camera for “those who want the feel of an SLR and at the same time take advantage of a small system“.

In summary:
1) no “classic” Four Thirds E-7 coming! You should expect a hybrid high end MFT camera with full FT support.
2) That camera is coming in late 2013
3) Development started back in 2009 and the camera cannot be compared to anything Olympus released before that.

UPDATE: Also DSLRmagazine (translation here) got a confirmation from Olympus(!) that the info about a hybrid MFT and FT camera is correct!!! They also added that the project name started back in 2009 is “Kasei”. And a selcted and secret group of 13 members worked on the project!

Sounds amazing!

Now let me enlarge the discussion to some key features I think that camera should have:
1) Full compatible AF for any MFT and FT lens. This means have phase detection AF…likely on sensor like the latest Sony NEX-5r and Sony NEX-6 cameras
2) I am still one of these guys in that like to use optical viewfinders. E camera aimed for both FT and MFT users should in my dreamworld have a hybrid EVF and OVF solution like (and if possible better) the Fuji X PRO 1.
3) A pro camera has to feel like a pro camera. So it shouldn’t be too small.
4) The FT component of the cameras should be detachable. A modern version of the Leica Visoflex (here on eBay).

What are yout thoughts? Comment your posts with your suggestions and I may start a poll on this soon…

Olympus E-5 at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
Leica Visoflex auctions on Slidoo.


New G3 and GF5 Gold Box deals…


Short break form the busy rumor day. There is a new G3 and GF5 Lightning deal at Amazon US (Click here).

And for German readers: One 17mm f/1.8 lens is in Stock at TopFoto eBay (Click here). There is only one. To get notified when new 17mm 1.8 auctions will be online save that Slidoo search (you have to be a member to save it and set your root country).


Impressjapan predicts: E-5 successor, Premium MFT and large sensor cameras coming from Olympus.


ImrpessJapan interviewed Mr.Ogawa from Olympus. He confirmed that partnership between Sony and Olympus will focus on compact cameras, on the medical area and lens technology. There is definitely no plan to merge Olympus and Sony systems in one.

The magazine also made a prediction for the year to come:
– E-5 successor is coming
– A premium compact MFT
– large sensor camera from Olympus

I am pretty sure the first two points are correct. But really don’t think Olympus will make a larger sensor camera. It would mean go APS-C (Nex?) or even Full Frame. What may be possible is that Olympus makes some lenses for the NEX system (which is highly needed  more than cameras).

What are your thought about a “larger sensor camera”?