(FT4) More Omuser test report (No E-5 successor)


The E-M1 events in UK (Source: Facebook Olympus UK).

I finally got a correct translation of the OMuser report. The source got the info at an Olympus meeting. Here it is:

1.       E-M1 is still 16MP.
2.       12-40mm has no power zoom.
3.       EM1 has ISO low setting like the E-P5, i.e. below ISO200. There will be only “LOW” indication, but we don’t how low it actually goes. Sources say the camera will set the low ISO according to the condition, e.g. it may set ISO160 during daytime, and ISO100 during nighttime etc.
4.       E-M1 has a database of all ZD and MZD lenses, including their max apertures and center resolution spec. As a result, over sharpening will not happen during digital corrections/enhancements. ISO performance in general is better than E-M5 by one stop. E.g. E-M1 ISO800 = E-M5 ISO400
5.       E-M1 new feature: Fully automatic HDR (NOT Art10) in Natural and Vivid modes. We think that the camera simply takes multiple exposures in one go to form an HDR image. But during exposure, we did not feel/hear that the shutter is being triggered multiple times. We won’t rule out the fact that it uses some sort of electronic shutter. This type of HDR exposure is only recommended for static objects, just like other types of digital cameras.
6.       Another big advancement is during C-AF, hybrid AF will be engaged. Hybrid AF = Contrast AF + Phase Diff-AF being engaged at the same time. Under S-AF conditions, the camera will automatically use either Contrast-AF or Phase Diff-AF, depending on what lens is put on. Hybrid AF is engaged only in C-AF mode. (MY NOTE: I believe the author meant Phase Detection NOT Phase Difference)
7.       In the future M43 lineups will be:
OM-D Series: For pro/advanced amateur, therefore E-M5 will have a successor.
PEN Series: E-PX is for simple and stylish advanced users. E-PLX is meant for beginners. E-PMX is for simple and stylish beginners.
8.       I want to re-emphasize: there is no plan for an E-5 successor, and there is no plan for any new ZD lens. But the current ZD lenses will continue to be manufactured.
9.       40-150 f2.8 constant aperture zoom will be out by next year. It looks like a mini version of the Nikon 70-200mm f4.

Thansk Jerry for the translation!




New GX7 review (and new GF6 and G6 firmware update)


Image courtesy: Digitalcamerainfo

Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) posted the full Panasonic GX7 review and writes:

In many ways, this is the camera that Olympus should have made instead of the E-P5. While the E-P5 is a fantastic performer, you’d have to buy the $1,499 kit in order to match the GX7 spec-for-spec. The GX7 is a terrific camera.

The camera earned an overall score of 9.8/10 points. Impressive!

One more thing: Panasonic (Click here) issued a new firmware update for the GF6 and G6. Just a fix with Apple connection.

GX7 preorder list (Click on store name to open the GX7 price, specs and preorder page):
Silver GX7 body at Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK , Amazon JP.
Silver GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Henrys, Wex Deutschland, WexUK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 body at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Black GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Silver GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.


(FT5) New E-M1 image and user report (almost 1 stop improvement and hybrid AF working for MFT too).


a new image of the E-m1 (red lines do cover an offensive text written by the image poster)

I just got this new image of the E-M1. Don’t know what the red marking means (someone can translate it?). And another Omuser E-M1 tester wrote two interesting things:

1) He said that there is almost one stop improvement compared with the E-M5. It means ISO 800 on the E-M1 looks like ISO 400 on the Olympus E-M5.

2) Contrast and Phase detection AF will (or can?) work simultaneously on both FT and MFT lenses.

Our chinese readers may help me to confirm the news. Relying on Google Translation tool isn’t good :)

OMuser link via Digicameinfo.

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