(Continually updated) New Olympus PEN and Lenses officially announced!


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Full presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
12mm Black prime lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).

Akira Watanabe at Amateur Photographer (via NC).

previews, hands-on, reviews:
E-PL5 at Engadget, Techradar, PocketLint, Dpreview, Photographyblog, Size comparison at Photographyblog, TheVerge, Imaging Resource,
E-PM2 at Engadget, Techradar, PocketLint, Dpreview, Photographyblog, Imaging Resource,
XZ-2 at Techradar, Photographyblog, DSLRmagazine, Imaging Resource.
60mm macro at Robin Wong, Pen And Tell, Photographyblog, DSLRmagazine, Zuikoholics.
15mm cap-lens at Photograpphyblog, Photographyblog, DSLRmagazine,

Image samples:
E-PL5 at Dpreview, New watercolor filter,
E-PM2 at
XZ-2 at
60mm macro at Pen And Tell,
17mm prime lens at
15mm cap-lens at

press releases in all languages:
E-PL5 /E-PM2at Cnet Asia, Clubsnap, ThePhoBlographer, Techradar, Dpreview, Photographyblog, Quesabesde, DSLRmagazine, Photoscala, OpenPN.
XZ-2 at Cnet Asia, Clubsnap, ThePhoBlographer, Engadget, Techradar, Dpreview, Photographyblog, Quesabesde, Photoscala, OpenPN.
60mm macro at ThePhoBlographer, Dpreview, Photographyblog, Quesabesde, Photoscala, OpenPN.
17mm prime lens at ThePhoBlographer, Dpreview, Photographyblog, DSLRmagazine, OpenPN.
15mm cap-lens at ThePhoBlographer, OpenPN.
12mm Black lens at Photographyblog, OpenPN.

E-PL5 at OlympusPen, OlympusPen_2,
E-PM2 at
60mm macro at
17mm prime lens at
15mm cap-lens at

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Three new Schneider m43 lenses announced!!!!


Schneider announced three new m43 lenses! All price a bit below 1500 Euro and to arrive by end 2013 only :(
Here are the specs:

  • Super-Angulon 14 mm/2.0 wide angle lens (10 lenses with 4 aspherical surfaces, 1:10 to ∞)
  • Xenon 30 mm/1.4 universal lens (7 elements with 1 aspheric surface, 1:10 to ∞)
  • Macro-Symmar 60 mm/2.4 highly open Macro Lens (8 lenses, scale 1:2 to ∞)


Source: Photoscala (translation here).


Dpreview leaks the GH3 specs :)


Now even Dpreview is joining the leak party! They just published the full GH3 specs: Dpreview GH3 (cached!). We are living in a complete anarchy :)

Olympus announcement starts at 11:00 and Panasonic at 13:00. As usual stay tuned on 43rumors to get a continually updated list to reviews, preorders and more! And join the 43rumors FB group ;)

UPDATE: Cool countdown at Personal View.


First XZ-2 and E-PL5 press at CNET and Clubsnap! Including first 17mm f/1.8 lens picture!


Cnet Asia posted the XZ-2 (Click here) and the E-PL5 presentation (Click here). For the first time we also see the picture of the new 17mmf /1.8 lens!

UPDATE: Also Clubsnap posted the full E-PL5 press release! The XZ-2 Clubsnap press text is also available.

UPDATE_2: 60mm macro presentation at Clubsnap.


A couple of hours to go!!! Stay tuned!



Here we are. At 11:00 Cologne time the big announcement party will start with Olympus. You know everything about the new PEN cameras and lenses although there is still a surprise left because Olympus will very likely show a new lens roadmap or lens prototypes including the 17mm f/1.8 lens. And after that the Panasonic live event will start at 13:00 Cologne time. The Gh3 and 35-100mm X lenses are coming and also in that case I expect Panasonic to give us a glimpse about the future lens roadmap. And I do’t think that’s all. Zeiss, Schneider, Sigma and other manufactures may show some new m43 lens (real or prototype) soon. As usual by following 43rumors you will get updated life about all news and reviews. Feelf ree to send me everything you find about the new stuff at 43rumors@gmail.com. And join the FB fanpage if you still didn’t do it :)

Sadly I am not going to Photokina this year because I have a lot of work to do in my real working life. But if you are in Cologne feel free to send me your best pictures and findings and I will post them! Thanks!

So….ready for the party?

By the way, SLRmagic announced the new 23mm f/1.7 and 35mm f/1.4 lenses. Click to read the full press release:

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