September 20, 2010
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(FT4) Panasonic GH2 will be in Stock by end of October (+ advertising leak)


The giant GH2 advertising at Photokina. The text says “Foto, Video. No compromise“. Click on picture to enlarge.

Image courtesy: System-camera-forum

We just learned that the new Panasonic GH2 will be available starting by late October.  We also know the EVF and LCD will both have a higher resolution than the current Panasonic GH1 but we are not sure about the exact specs. Feel free to contact me at if you want to tell me more about it! Thanks!

Click on picture to enlarge.

Source: System-camera-forum

September 20, 2010
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Olympus shows a compact camera (mockup) with Zuiko lens

Image courtesy: Quesabesde

Olympus just announced the development of the new high-end compact camera (for enthusiasts) with fixed lens.

Quesabesde has been told that it will use a fast zoom lens. Quesabesde assumes the lens will start at least at 28 mm. It will not use a MicroFourThirds sensor! It has a fixed 3 inch screen, a button to record their own video and HDMI connections. SO it looks like we have to do with a camera that is aimed to compete against the Panasonic LX5 and Canon S90/95.

UPDATE: CNET Asiaspoke to Olympus Singapore, who told us that this camera is expected to have a zoom lens and a large sensor like the LX5. It also confirmed this shooter won’t employ a Four Thirds sensor.”

September 20, 2010
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Fuji doesn’t join MicroFourThirds and makes their own perfect PEN :)

Let me say this: “Damn that is a cool camera!”. Fuji just announced the FinePix X100, a rangefinderstyled 12.3MP APS-C-based camera with Hybrid Viewfinder! The “Hybrid Viewfinder that enables users to toggle between optical and electronic viewfinders and display intricate shooting information right into the OVF” (Source: Engadget). That’s what I call “Innovation”! I hope Olympus and/or Panasonic will show us a similar concept soon (Hey Olympus, wouldn’t that be a perfect PEN? You did awesome rangfindercameras in the past like the Olympus RC (Click here to see the camera design on eBay!). The bad news is that it uses a fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens (The lens itself is gorgeous). There is no price indication yet but you can bet that that camera will be a lot cheaper than the direct competitor the Leica X1 ($1.995 at Amazon)!. The FinePix X100 will be in Stock by early 2011.

P.S: Again, can someone explain me why Fuji uses a fixed lens? Why not make it interchangeable???

Would you love to see such a camera from Olympus and/or Panasonic?

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More news on:
Fuji brochure pdf:

And here a video taken from Engadget:

September 19, 2010
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(FT5) New Panasonic 100-300mm and 3D lens specs

We just received that image with the new Panasonic 100-300mm and 3D lens specifications. The only thing we miss here is the price. But let’s hope the lens is cheaper than the new Olympus 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 ($899!!!). .

UPDATE: Kenmorecamera says the lens costs $599!

Interesting the Panasonic 3D lens has a fixed f/12 aperture!

Keep following us! Panasonic will announce the GH2, the 14mm, the 100-300mm and the 3D lens on Tuesday 21!

Quick deals:
– Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Lens in Stock at Amazon for $336 only
– Olympus 9-18mm in Stock at Amazon for $591

September 19, 2010

a little bit of everything…(focus on the LX5)

Lumix LX5 tested by Charlie Waite

Nikon P7000 vs Panasonic LX-5 vs Canon S95 (BHinsights)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 First Shots includes test images straight from the lab. (Imaging Resource)

LX5 vs LX3 mini comparison (Sweechingphotography)

GF-1 at ISO 3200 > RAW vs JPG (Dpreview forum)

Panasonic Lumix G 3D lens on show at IFA. First pictures (Amateur Photographer)

New Panasonic AF100/AF101 (Urbanfox)

Field Review: Panasonic G2 (Day 3) -> ThePhoBlographer

Click on the store name to visit the LX5 product page: Amazon US, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon France, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan

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