(FT4) New E-P5 and E-PL6 info


The image on top has been posted by Olympus China. It confirms that the new E-P5 will be displayed at the Shanghai show on May 11th. I have been told by a source that the official worldwide announcement will be made 2-3 days before the event.

And according to a source from Digicaminfo these are the prices in YEN of the new E-P5 and E-PL6 cameras:

  • E-P5 body 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).
  • E-P5 with body cap lens included for 105,800 yen (816 Euro, 1,070 Dollars).
  • E-PL6 body 69,800 yen (538 Euro, 700 Dollars). with kit lens 79,800 yen (615 Euro, 800 Dollars). and with double zoom kit is 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).

I calculate the price based on the current currency conversion. But keep in mind that the US price is usually lower than the from YEN converted price.

Reminder: The E-P5 has the same 16 megapixel OMD sensor, no built-in EVF, it has built.in WiFi.


Kodaks new camera is not MFT!



Kodak…no wait JK Imaging (LOL) displayed that new “PixPro” camera on the P&E show in China. I say JK Imaging because the Chinese company acquired the brand rights from Kodak. And as you may remember they also announced a Micro Four Thirds camera back in January (article here).

Some websites  and some 43rumors readers speculated that this may be another interchangeable MFT camera but I think it is not. This looks more like a fixed lens camera with tiny sensor. Why do I believe this? Easy, look at the lens specs. Can you do 2cm thick  28-112mm f/1.7-2.4 lens that covers the image circle of a FT sensor? Nope :)

The camera itself takes some inspiration from the Kodak pony 135 film camera (here on eBay).


Source: Zol (via PhotoRumors).


(FT5) New 14-140mm lens to be faster with f/3.5-5.6.


Digicaminfo reports that the new updated Panasonic 14-140mm lens will be a tiny bit faster. The new lens has a f/3.5-5.6 compared to the f/4.0-5.8 of the current lens. The lens will be announced along the G& and the Panasonic LF1 on Wednesday April 24th at around 6-7am London time.

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E-M5 for $881. And collecting rumors about the next OMD camera…


That’s the cheapest price I have ever seen on a new E-M5: $881 via third party reseller (and Amazon fullfilled) at Amazon US (Click here). That’s a great price and also Europeans just had a 200 Euro price drop (like here at Amazon DE).

If you are waiting for the new E-Mx than know that it is going to be announced in September with availability in late 2013. I am right now collecting the rumors about the next OMD and Panasonic MFT September announcements. If you “heard something” you can share it at 43rumors@gmail.com or anonymously by writing a message through the contact form you see on the right border of the browser. Thanks!

Reminder: Panasonic G6 and LF1 and 14-140mm announcement on Wednesday. Olympus PEN announcement in early May!

UPDATE: Panasonic GX1 X kit for $399 at Groupon.