Readers question: How to improve the comment system.


Good Morning!

Before to start into the new week with news and rumors I have a general question about the 43rumors comment system. Currently I have three major problems to solve:
1) Spam filtering: Sometimes good comments get marked as spam by the wordpress aksimet spam filter. And I have difficulty checking for good comments in the immense full spam comment container
2) Moderation: I have to manually approve comments and sometimes I am busy at work or at home and some comments may be displayed many hours after they have been written
3) Identification: Some people is having fun using real name from others to write comments. And that creates a lot of confusion

There are three possible choices to take now:
1) we keep things how they are now
2) I allow members only to write comments (but many may don’t want to register on 43rumors to write a note)
3) Install a software like Disquis which is used by plenty of websites and where you can login with your social accounts like facebook and twitter. Or you make a Disquis account.

I would like to hear your opinion on that. Thanks!

Please vote. The new comment system sould be...

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Amarcord: The PEN F


Olympus PEN history is very long and plenty of nice cameras have been created. And let’s check what kind of design could be used for the future PEN models. And if you dream of a digital PEN with integrated viewfinder than you cannot avoid to talk about the superbly made Olympus PEN-F (here on eBay)!
And the viewfinder isn’t juts a “normal” viewfinder. Camerapedia writes: “The Pen F is a quite compact camera with a porro prism viewfinder, which completely avoids the traditional SLR prism bulge because the reflex mirror flips sideways, resulting in a compact viewfinder arrangement.” You can see the back of the PEN-F here. Another unique feature was the rotary focal-plane shutter that has the advantage that you can sync with the electronic flash at all shutter speeds.

But overall the camera shines because of the clean and extremely elegant design. Maybe its just me, but I would love to see the same design on a future PEN with integrated viewfinder! And with the same cult lens cap (they are here on eBay).

More about the camera at Cameraquest and Camerapedia. PEN-F acutions on eBay (Click here).

So let me know…

...would you like a digital PEN-F designed camera?

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GH3 best camera at Stiftung Warentest.


Yesterday I reported that Consumerreports said the “GH3 scored higher than all the SLRs tested in this group”. Some of you didn’t trust their report. So if you need one more proof than check out today’s news at Panasonic Germany (found via Photoscala). They proudly announced that the German Institut “Stiftung Warentest” gave them the best rating of all DSLR or DSLM (mirrorless) cameras! I speak German and know Stiftung Warentest very well and I know that we can 100% trust them. They judged the overall quality of the camera (image quality, features and so on) and gave them the best note with 1.8 (the lower the score the better). And guess who came second….come one you will not believe it…the Panasonic G5!

That’s a truly remarkable result for Panasonic! And with $499 the G5 is a total bargain and with merit the hotseller at Amazon (Click here to see the ranking). The GH3 is in Stock at Samys (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

One more curiosity: The camera with the best image quality was the Canon 6D and the camera with the worse image quality was the Canon EOS-M! Canon really can’t do serious mirrorless stuff :)

One more deal: Panasonic SZ7 for $89 as deal of the day on eBay (Click here).



Olympus-Sony partnership now completed.


AP reports that “Sony has today become the largest shareholder in Olympus as the firms complete a £400m deal first announced last year.” Only in the years to come we will see how far the Olympus and Sony partnership will go when it comes to develop their digital cameras. For now there is no doubt that Olympus will keep reinforcing the MFT system and Sony will do the same with the NEX system. But they may share some tech like sensors, OLED technology and more.

Their first main goal has been defined last year by Olympus President Hiroyuki Sasa “the company might need further collaboration with Sony to turn around Olympus’s unprofitable compact-camera business.” (Source: Wall Street Journal).



Olympus refurbished roundup for EU readers.


European readers can grab a new long list of refurbished Olympus cameras offered by Olympusmarket. There are plenty of different PEN’s with different colors…even pink ;)
Latest added auctions are on top (Click on the name to see the auction):

Olympus E-M5:
Black E-M5 with kit lens

Olympus E-P3:
Silver double lens kit Silver E-P3 with kit lens White E-P3 with kit lens Silver E-P3 with kit lens Silver E-P3 with kit lens Silver E-P3 with kit lens

Olympus E-PL3:
Black E-PL3 with kit lens Silver E-PL3 with kit lens White E-PL3 with kit lens Silver E-PL3 with kit lens Silver E-PL3 with kit lens

Olympus E-PL2:
Black E-PL2 14-150mm lens

Olympus E-Pm2:
White E-PM1 with kit lens

Olympus E-Pm1:
Brown E-PM1 with kit lens Silver double lens kit Silver E-PM1 with kit lens Pink E-PM1 with kit lens Brown E-PM1 with kit lens Black E-PM1 with kit lens Brown E-PM1 with kit lens White E-PM1 with kit lens Silver E-PM1 with kit lens Brown E-PM1 with kit lens Black E-PM1 with kit lens Brown E-PM1 with kit lens

Olympus E-PL1:
Black E-PL3 with kit lens


Good Luck!