Olympus interview at DC.watch.


DC.watch (google translated) posted a full interview with the Olympus team that developed the E-M1. There are many interesting insights about the single E-m1 features. And also two more curiosities:

– It has been decided in early 2013 only to use on sensor phase detection AF.

– the E-7 if finalized would have featured same sensor and same weather sealing.

Now let’s see what these smart guys will come up as next. What’s their hot thing for Photokina in ten months? You take your guess :)


New Leica camera registration. Is it a MFT or APS-C camera?


The Leica T Tye 701 name registration in Taiwan (found via Digicameinfo).

It may be that soon a third company will produce MFT bodies. It’s still very uncertain if Leica will really make a MFT camera but wo things are sure:
1) Leica will launch a new mirrorless interchangeable system soon
2) Leica signed an agreement with Panasonic for the delivery of new mirrorless interchangeable bodies for $1400 each.

It’s going to be interesting…and expensive ;)


An optional EVF idea by John Chan


EVF5 idea

If you have some smart ideas for future cameras you can do two things. 1) Patent them and 2) Send them to 43rumors to see if readers will like it and companies will call you :)

This is the text and idea that I got by John Chan:

“As a frequent visitor of your site I would like to share an idea I have of an optional EVF design for a Pen or Lumix.
We all hate the extra tumor created by the VF 2/3/4 above the hotshoe. And we can’t use an external flash when using the optional evf. Functionaly en esthetically we want the range-finder formfactor. Personally I do not need a tiltable evf.
From the manufacturer point of view they want to keep the body-price low and make money with their overpriced accessories.
I am not an technician, but maybe the solution is simple………….Finally we get a more well-balanced design with the M43-mount more in the middle of the body (more retro)
I am curious what you visitors think of this sketch……. You can pick the right moment to put it on your site….if it’s ok.
Regards, John”


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Thanks John!
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