Double Olympus 12-40mm lens review.


Lenstip (Click here) tested the lens and writes:

The Panasonic G X VARIO 12–35 mm f/2.8 ASPH. P.O.I.S set the standards pretty high in this category but the Olympus company managed to meet them without any problem. First of all they produced a bit cheaper lens with a wider focal range. When it comes to the image sharpness the Panasonic is a bit more even but the Olympus provide a tad more lpmm at the maximum relative aperture. Apart from that you get slightly lower distortion and chromatic aberration, noticeably lower vignetting and distinctly better performance against bright light. The Panasonic, for a change, corrects the coma better and its off-focus images look nicer; it is also physically lighter and smaller, despite built-in image stabilization, and it is produced in Japan.

Focus Numerique (google translation here):

The sharpness is overall pretty good and homogeneous (even at f / 2.8) especially at wider focal lengths. Strangely 40mm sharpness at full aperture drops significantly vis-à-vis other focal lengths. Everything returns to normal as soon f / 4.


GH3 price drops to $848.


The Panasonic GH3 price dropped down to $848 via Uniquephoto (Click here). As I told you in these days we can be pretty sure there will be a new GH 4K camera within the next couple of months. But it will NOT replace the GH3. The new GH will be more expensive! So if you want the GH3 grab it. Do not wait for the 4K Gh unless you really need the 4k and you have the money for it:)


P.S.: No real surprise: E-M1 still selling well even after Christmas time according to Amazon US mirrorless ranking (list here).


(FT5) New OMD E-M10 name gets registered in Indonesia. Announcement in January!


So, the rumors I posted the last weeks were correct and Olympus will announce the new E-M5 successor in January. The proof comes via the Indonesian agency that approves wifi capable devices before their launch on the market (ePostel). It registered the name OMD-10 for the new Olympus!

The new OMD will replace the E-M5 although the E-M5 production will not be stopped. The camera is that popular that Olympus will keep selling them for a longer time. The new E-M10 has the same E-M5 sensor but it has the new E-M1 Imaging processor. Also Autofocus and IBIS have been improved (like the E-M1).

As usual stay tuned on 43rumors because there is an exciting rumor time ahead of us!!!

link found via Digicameinfo.

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a little bit of everything…


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Sam:Not really a rumor, but the Meike extension tubes ( in conjunction with the Olympus body cap lens yield some surprising macro results. See more at:

Marc:I’m a big fan of 43Rumors as a user of an Olympus OM-D and and EP-2 and look at your blog every day. On the off chance that you might do a readers round up I wondered if you might like to feature my photography blog. I’ve just done my 200th blog post and that will stay as the current one for a week or so now.

Stefan:This is not a rumor per se, it´s a tale of my experience after buying Olympus EM-1 and the PRO kit-lens 12-40mm f2,8.
A month ago I decided to expand my Olympus family and let the kit with the EM-1 and that tasty 12 – 40 mm F2.8 lens join my loved EM-5. I knew Olympus had a hit with the EM-5 and I belive they have an even grater hit with the EM-1. I just love it!
Just because I love it so much I was really shocked when I pulled the camera out of its bag to shoot pictures of my son as he was making tricks with his kickbike in an actioncenter. At first I simply refused to belive my eyes, the lens was litterally dangling from the camerabody and I could see the electronics inside. How on earth could that have happened? I had mounted the lend on the body and put the camera into a small tamrac-bag which it fit perfectly in. In fact, this whole summer I have been wearing this bag when I was hiking and biking with the EM-5 and my Voigtländer 17,5 mm F0,95 has been with me everywhere. Granted, it’s not the lightest lens to mount but I adore it and try to use it as my “normal” lens.
Imagine my shock when I pull out my camera after a 25 minutes walk and the lens is, in every sense of the word, broken!
I mean, come on! This is the PRO-lens we have been waiting for. I was actually already saving up for the 40 – 150 mm lens but that is cancelled right now in my mind. I actually have returned the lens to the shop and they are baffled.
They told me that I should contact the Olympus premium support since I have all my gear registered with Olympus but I felt that I simply had to show them what had happened. They need to know.

What worries me the most is that when I examined the lens I could easily see that the bayonett was only secured to the lens with four screws. That in itself does not need to be so bad, what is bad however is that these four screw are tightened into plastic sockets and from what I can see in my lens, three of the four plastic sockets inside has broken from just carrying the camera in a padded bag. It amazes me that a lens this heavy has such a weak construction. It totally belies the tactile feeling you get when shooting with it. It feels like it’s built like a tank! I’m sorry to say that it’s not.
Olympus tells me they will repair the lens at no charge, that does nothing to instill confidence in the lens though. I want to know how they will improve the construction! I wish that they would use metal in the lens instead of plastic. This is not a lens that you should need to leave at home because you are afraid it will break in the bag! This should be the lens you pick when you are going out in a blizzard to shoot pictures, or put in your backpack when you plan to go mountainbiking or trekking. This is THE lens that is meant to be in your pack when you fear for the life of all your other lenses!
I can’t see how I will have my confidence in this lens restored.
There is two reasons I write to you in what must be described as despair. First off, I just found out that other people have had the same misfortune as me so I’m not alone. (See for example).
Secondly, I feel that you are a positive force online and in the photo community. I love your site and I wish that this will sort itself out somehow without all of us having to return the lens to Olympus for a refund.
I am hoping that you have a good solid relation with Olympus and can bring this to their attention. I’m hoping they will revise the construction and turn the lens into the PRO-lens we all expected.
I have taken a few pictures of my lens but *I find no way to attach them to this message.