List of new Panasonic and Olympus compact cameras.


So here we are with the full list of compact cameras to be announced on Monday by Panasonic and Olympus:


  • SH-50MR: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-16: 14MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-15: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • TG-2: rugged, 12MP, 4x zoom
  • TG-630: rugged, 12MP, 5x zoom
  • TG-830: rugged, 16MP, 5x zoom


  • DMC-TS25 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4x zoom
  • DMC-TS5 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4.6x zoom
  • DMC-XS1, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-ZS25 (TZ series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-ZS30 (TZ series in Japan), 18.2MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-LZ30, 16.1MP sensor, 35x zoom
  • DMC-SZ3, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-SZ9, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-F5, 14.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-FH10, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom

via digicame-info and via Photorumors.


Personal note: Again, I am currently very busy in my private life (baby coming very soon) and I may not answer your mails now. I will use my spare time to work on MFT rumors as new stuff is going to be announced for February! Thanks for your understanding!


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