September 17, 2013
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Truesense (ex-Kodak) launches a new 4K Four Thirds CMOS sensor


Not Panasonic and Olympus only but also TrueSense Imaging (ex-Kodak) is very busy on the Four Thirds sensor development front. EosHD reports that they just unveiled a new 4K Micro Four Thirds sized CMOS sensor.

These are the specs:
– 18.8mm x 14.1mm in size for a 4/3″ optical format
– global shutter for stills and a rolling shutter for video.
– 10bit 4K video at up to 120fps.
– Dynamic range is 72 db (11 stops) in rolling shutter mode but this drops to just 55 db in global shutter mode.

TrueSense imaging makes the sensor for Ikonoskop and Digital Bolex cameras. Don’t think Olympus or Panasonic will use the sensor. But I am pretty sure Panasonic will make a 4K FT sensor soon.

news found via EosHD.

September 17, 2013
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Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and DNG converter with GX7 and E-M1 support.


Adobe’s new Ligthroom 5.2 and DNG Converter 8.2 now support the new Olympus E-M1 and Panasonic GX7 cameras. You can download the firmware by clicking those links:
Lightroom 5.2 for Windows
Lightroom 5.2 for Mac
DNG Converter 8.2 for Windows
DNG Converter 8.2 for Mac

September 17, 2013
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New GX7 firmware update (version 1.1). And new review by Digitalversus.


Panasonic (Click here) just issued a new firmware update for the Panasonic GX7. It fix an issues with the power stability that provoces the camera to shut down. FW download:

New GX7 review:
Digitalversus (Click here) posted the full GX7 review and writes:

Thanks to the sensor’s two-axis stabilisation system, its built-in viewfinder, and handling similar to a little rangefinder, it’s the ideal candidate for users looking to shoot with lenses other than those from Panasonic’s Lumix range.

GX7 preorder list (Click on store name to open the GX7 price, specs and preorder page):
Silver GX7 body at Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK , Amazon JP.
Silver GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Henrys, Wex Deutschland, WexUK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 body at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Black GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Silver GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.


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