(FT4) Handheld High Resolution mode will be one of the new features on the E-M1II



One of the few info you can take for almost granted is that the new Olympus E-M1II will be the first camera with handheld High Resolution mode. Finally you will be able to make it work without a tripod. So far the rumored E-M1II specs are:

20MP sensor
4K video (first Olympus camera with 4K)
Handheld High Resolution mode
Much improved autofocus performance
new high-resolution EVF
Announcement at Photokina in September

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a bit of everything…


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James:Film made by my 10th grade students at Dwight School Seoul for a class project using a Panasonic GH4 and a selection of Samyang Cine Lenses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHK1UaKDia8

Paul:hey Guys, i am a big m43 reader and supporter. I have a portfolio site with some images that i can share with your readers if you are intetested. All were shot with the E-M1 (except for the india album). www.photosbycashman.com


Olympus marketing employee sold stolen Olympus gear and earned $330.000!


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Mcall reports:

A member of Olympus Corp.’s marketing team who allegedly sold $336,000 worth of cameras that he was supposed to give away as promotional gifts was charged Monday with theft.Richard Sasserath, 36, of Lehigh Township, Northampton County, faces counts of felony theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Richard Sasserath sold the gear on eBay. it might be on of our readers bought something from him…