The new Fuji sells fine but the GX1 sells better :)


The new Fuji X-E1 is climbing the Amazon ranking (Click here) but it still can’t beat the GX1. The $199 Black version deals is gone from Amazon but the silver is still there and you can find both colors on Adorama and ebay too. Here is the list:

Black GX1 for $199 at Adorama (Click here) and Adorama eBay (Click here).
Silver GX1 for $199 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Adorama eBay (Click here).

Adorama also sells the E-P3 with lens and free bag for $349 in Black (Click here) and Silver (Click here).


Competition news: New Fuji X-M1 targets the E-PL5 and GF6.


We got some news from the competition. The Fuji X-M1 has been announced (price and specs at Amazon & full news and review report at MirrorlessRumors). It’s the first time Fuji will play a role in the advanced entry level segment. The camera is made to compete in the same segment as the Olympus E-Pl5 and  ($599) and the Panasonic GF6 ($599). The X-M1 is a little bit pricier ($699 body and $799 for the kit).

Question for you now is:

Considering the Fuji's price and features: Do you think this is a camera that can seriously compete against the GF6/E-PL5?

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New GH3 firmware to be released in July!


Panasonic just announced a new firmware for the GH3 (Click here to visit the page). it will be released in July. These are the firmware fixes:

– “Low Light AF” is added that makes it possible to set focus on the subject in low-lit situations (-3EV). This function is popular in GF6/G6.
– “Silent Mode” is added which suppresses electronic shutter, shutter sound, operation sound and flash emission with a single setting.
– “Exposure Comp. Reset” is added which resets the setting of exposure compensation to ±0 whenever the camera is turned off or the shooting mode is changed.
– Connection problem with Apple Mac computers via Wi-Fi is fixed.

I really like that new “silent mode”. Great firmware update!


The most famous MFT lens gets discontinued! 20mm f/1.7 officially out of production.



Panasonic Japan officially announced that the production of the 20mm f/1.7 lens ceased. And a rumor I was just working with one of my trusted sources was that there will be a replacement coming soon. This is already a very good lens and let’s hope Panasonic can make it even more better with the new generation.

The lens is still one of the most sold at Amazon US (ranking here). Always on top 10 since the day it was launched!


(FT4) More current Panasonic zooms will be updated within 2013.


I am really very excited about the upcoming Panasonic GX7 announcement. In two months we will be able to see the real camera (or maybe before if I manage to get some pics from sources). But will there be some new lenses too? The two 42,5mm f/1.2 and the 150mm f/2.8 lenses will hit the stores in early 2014 only. But there price and first preorders may be announced along the GX7.

Today a trusted source told me that also a couple of current zooms will be updated like it just happened with the 14-140mm lens. No other “completely new” lens will be announced this year. By the way, US readers should grab the 45-20mm lens deal for $174 at Amazon US. This lens is likely going to be replaced but at that price level it’s still on top of any buying list!

Reminder: A while ago Panasonic stated at DSLRmagazine (translation here) that they “want to expand the “affordable” lens range.