August 18, 2011
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First Olympus VF-3 unboxing video (+In Stock in US and Europe).


Our reader “Billy” made that first Olympus VF-3 viewfinder unboxing video. What I forgot to tell you is that the VF-3 is now also in Stock since a couple of days!
It is in Stock in US stores like Amazon US (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Amazon Germany (Click here), Amazon France (Click here) and Amazon UK (Click here)

August 18, 2011
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(FT5) Panasonic upcoming 14-42mm and 45-170mm will have power zoom and inner focusing!

Over a month ago sources told us that new zoom lenses with power zooms would be announced soon. Now our soruces confirmed that both new zoom lenses will have Powerzoom and Inner focusing. And again the size is extremely compact! Also Andrew from EosHD got info about those lenses and said: “The zoom buttons are apparently on the lens itself so it will work with any current Lumix Micro Four Thirds camera.

Andrew also mentions a new 45-300mm HD OIS. But according to our sources that lens will NOT be announced in late August.

All sources again confirmed that there will be no GF PRO (or GF7) camera yet. Panasonic wants to take some time before to announce the camera!

August 18, 2011
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(FT5) The new lenses coming from Panasonic are two zooms!

Image on to shows the current Panasonic 14-42mm and Olympus 14-42mm kit lenses.

Over a month ago I posted the rumor about a new 14-42mm lens coming from Panasonic. Now I got the bulletproof confirmation that those rumors were correct! Not only the 45-175mm lens is going to be announced but there will be also a new 14-42mm kit lens. Both will have an extremely compact size. I was told the 14-42mm lens is actually MUCH(!) smaller than the Olympus collapsible Olympus 14-42mm lens. I would not believe that if the rumor wouldn’t come from known sources!!!

Reminder: Announcement expected by end of August! And you are not going to see the GF7 soon (coming probably in December/January)

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August 17, 2011
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Olympus E-P3 in depth review at Dpreview (E-P3 and X100 in Stock at Amazon)

The link is here: They liked the new features a lot and almost a perfect PEN. Handling and autofocus are superb. The only real “problem” is the aging sensor. It doesn’t bring any real improvement over the Olympus E-PL2. The camera earns a Silver Award and an overalls core of 74%.

I am just reading the review and will update this post soon :)

In Stock status:
The Black E-P3 with 17mm lens is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).
The Silver E-P3 with 17mm lens is in Stock at BHphoto (Click here) and Amazon (Click here).
The White E-P3 with 14-42mm lens is in Stock at Amazon (Click here).
Not a Micro Four Thirds camera but a camera many hear do like. The Fuji X100 is now in Stock at Amazon (Click here)…with 12 months financing option :) (found via Noisycamera).


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