(FT2) Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 to be in Stock in mid 2013 only?


A lens with similar Olympus specs is the Sigma 50-150mm.

As I told you before I expect Olympus to announce the new 40-150mm f/2.8 lens in January. Now Miranda forum user Forist DIS Ottawa writes, “For what it’s worth, I was at an imaging show today and two Olympus reps confirmed that a 40-150mm f2.8 lens will be coming next year. They said it appears on a list of confirmed future products. They didn’t have any further details but expect it won’t be available until the middle of next year at the earliest.”

I have no details about price and size of the lens yet. But the only similar lens I know is the Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 which costs around $1100 (here on eBay). I hope the lens isn’t as big as that one!


There is still a place on earth where you can buy a new GF1 :)

I still remember the day when the Panasonic GF1 was announced. It was September 2 2009 and I was sitting in a Hotel in China (close to Hohhot). It was a game challenging camera, a dream come true. A camera that quickly grabbed the heart of many photographers. Now the GF1 is discontinued and forgotten on the photography news site. But a 43rumors reader found a place where you can buy them new in box…in UK! The Silver GF1 is for sale at TheTechLodge (Click here) while display GF1 versions sold by TheWhiteGroup in Black (Click here) and Red (Click here). It may be not a deal to grab, but after such a long time I thought it would be nice to remind you of a glorious camera! And you have to read the best GF1 review written by Craig Mod  (Click here)!

GF1 eBay search via Slidoo.



Part two of Robin’s 17mm review. And save $100 on the 75mm lens.


Shot with the 17mm f/1.8 lens. Image courtesy: Robin Wong.

Robin Wong (Click here) posted part two of the new 17mm f/1.8 lens review. That time his focus is on the Low Light performance of the lens: “The Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 lens is a great lens, it is sharp, very technically well controlled, and works very efficiently. It is also not a lens I will fall terribly in love with, unlike the M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 or even the 75mm F1.8 lenses.

Sounds like this lens is good…but not really grabbing the hearts of the reviewer!

And speaking of the 75mm f/1.8 lens…Olympus dealer Cameraland is selling four new Olympus 75mm lenses with a $100 rebate on their eBay Store (Click here). To get further info about deals on that lens just join our little new Slidoo eBay website (Sign in with FB account and set your search).

P.S.: For the lens buy the cheaper third party hoods are already made on sold in US ($7 on amazon), US ($32 better quality), Germany (ebay) and Hong Kong (ebay).


a little bit of everything…


November .. in Milan from Dario Viola on Vimeo.

E-M5 for sport photography at Steve Huff.
Panasonic LX7 review at Imaging Resource.
Scott Rinckenberger is featured on Gizmodo,  shooting Costa Rican beach babes with the E-M5 (Thanks to the anonymous sender of the news)
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Panasonic prepares for “garage sale”, to axe 10,000 jobs (Reuters).

Club Panasonic is running a sale on the Lumix G5 with 1 or 2 lens kits through 1 December 2012.  G5KK prefixed bundles.  The sales range from US $150-250 off list prices, with free shipping.  I haven’t done any checking yet to see how these compare with retailers such as Amazon.  Since they are based on list prices, the online retailers might beat them.

Rinaldo:Hi from Brazil. Not a rumor, just another suggestion for your recent ‘a little bit of everything…’, my first omd small set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rinaldolima/sets/72157631978982828/with/8173776803/ Cheers!
Jurek:Hope all is well with you. I recently flew to Hawaii for nine days and recorded some video of the trip. So this is not a rumor, not a test or review, but it was shot on a m43 camera! Perhaps if you enjoy it and have a slow news day, you are more than welcome to share it with your readers. https://vimeo.com/53177869




Panasonic UK confirms GH3 shipment end of November.


During the latest episode of CameraDiner a Panasonic UK manager unveiled some info about the GH3. Just watch the video on top from minute 21. Some of the highlights:
– The GH3 will start shipping at the end of November.
– Rear display and touch focus shown in use.
– The AA filter in pre-production cameras sent out for review is not the final version.
– No focus peaking for now, but it’s not ruled out for the future.
– Exclusive offer for viewers in the UK from Wilkinson Camera.  Buy the GH3 and get a second battery and 32 GB SD card free with special code.
– HDMI output shown in use (briefly)

GH3 preorders at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic USSamys and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.

Reminder: Panasonic price on the GX1 kit and 45-175mm X lens.