First full Nocticron review at Lenstip!


The lens resolution chart (Source: Lenstip)

Lenstip (Click here) is the first site posting a full Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42,5mm f/1.2 lens test. These are some of their key findings:

– The tested stabilization efficiency is about 3.5 EV (which is a good result says Lenstip).
– The resolution at medium aperture is almost as high as the best lens of the class, the Nokton 25mm f/0.95 (80 lines per mm vs 82 lines per mm)
– At f/1.2 aperture the center performance is said to be “brilliant” and on par with the Voigtlander 0.95/25 and the Olympus 1.8/75.
– At f/1.2 the corner performance is “positive”
– Chromatic Aberration is present at wide apertures while the lateral chromatic aberration and spherical aberration are well corrected.
– Negligible distortion
– The lens corrects the coma in a splendid way. The astigmatism is not a problem either.
– Bokeh is pleasing and at f/2.5 the bokeh effect is very similar
– at f/1.2 aperture the lens shows a very strong vignetting (-2.23 EV)
– it has a good resistance against ghosting and flares.
– Autofocus is fast and very accurate

Overall the only big negative is the high vignetting at f/1.2 aperture. That said I would have loved to see a comparison between the Nocticron and the 42,5mm Voigtlander to see who delivers the best image at f/1.2 aperture! Maybe some reviewer is reading this and will make a comparison for us :)


More Nocticron image samples via CameraLabs and Dpreview.


Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

Just try to forget the high price tag of the lens and watch these image samples posted at CameraLabs (Click here) and Dpreview (Click here). Great lens…no doubt! And now back to the price talk: UK readers can preorder the lens at Wexphotographic (Click here) and US readers at BHphoto (Click here). Damn, if it would be $500 less Panasonic would sell 3-4 times more of them and make more money….don’t you think so?

P.S.: Dpreview also posted a set of images from the Panasonic stand. You can see the next new lenses, the 35-100mm and 15mm Leica.


UPDATE: More Noctocron images at Megapixel and Optyczne.


New Kodak MFT camera displayed at CES.


Cnet shared some pictures of the new Kodak MFT camera. And they also have the final specs:

The PixPro S-1 has decent specs, including a 16.8-megapixel sensor, 3-inch tilting 920,000-pixel display, Wi-Fi and 5fps continuous-shooting mode. It will ship with a slowish 12-45mm f3.5-6.3 collapsible lens; the collapsing mechanism looks a lot like Olympus’ original design for its 14-42mm lens, and the camera uses sensor-shift image stabilization like Olympus as well. There’s a second lens, a 42.5-160mm, as well as a spotting scope that may be part of a second bundle.

And JKImaging marketing director Austin Kazami shared some more thoughts at Amateur Photographer:

It is a CSC designed for a smartphone audience“…”In Japan, CSCs and DSLRs are treated as two totally separate markets unlike in Europe and the US“…”There will also be an 42.5-160mmmm, plus an 400mm fixed focal length lens.

ePhotozine published the official press text. This is the part concerning the new MFT camera:

Leveraging technical prowess and manufacturing excellence, the KODAK PIXPRO Camera line will introduce its first micro four thirds camera with the S-1. The S-1 is WiFi® enabled, boasts a 16MP BSI CMOS 4/3” sensor, a 3.0″ 920 articulating LCD, sensor shift OIS, 1080p 30fps H.264 FHD Video and lithium-ion battery. The S-1 is priced competitively at $499 MSRP for the entry-level single lens kit and $599 MSRP for a double lens kit and is perfect for the avid photographer looking for a high performance model in a slim and compact design.