June 4, 2011
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Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Hands-on Review (Digitalrev)

Kai Wong from Digitalrev tested my favorite Micro Four Thirds lens, the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95! In my opinion the Nokton is one of these lenses that has that magical “WoW-factor” and can convince people to join the MFT system. Of course it’s difficoult to focus when you are in hurry. But sport or action photography is not what the lens was build for. It’s also a very cheap lens if you consider the high build and image quality. You want something better? Be prepared to pay over 9.000 Euro for the Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95!

Where can you get the lens? Here are some links for US and EU readers. Notice that the cheapest price I found in Europe is in France!!! Don’t know why, but they are 150 Euro cheaper than the rest of Europe!

BHphoto (Not in Stock yet), Cameraquest (not in Stock), Caxa (ebay seller from Riga but ships worldwide), infoto2 (ships worldwide), fotomundus (worldwide).

Amazon France (749 Euro), Lapetiteboutiquephoto (749 Euro), infoto2(ebay), Fotomundus (ebay).

June 4, 2011
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a little bit of everything…

Panasonic Lumix G3 sample video 3: Indoors, dim light, handheld pan with G VARIO 14-42mm

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 review – in progress (CameraLabs). Panasonic G3 preorder at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

The E-P1.net 2nd year anniversary CONTEST! (E-P1.net).

The Olympus XZ-1 Digital Camera Quick Review (SteveHuff).

Olympus XZ-1 self made macro flash (DC.Watch.impress).

Olympus Pen Premium Case review (ThePhoBlographer).

New Panasonic GF grip (Ne.jp).

KAZA Unveils Leather Cases for Olympus E-PL1 & E-PL2 (Photographyblog).

June 3, 2011
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Rumors form others: Pentax Q, Sony NEX-C3 and Mirrorless rumor roadmap!

There have been some new rumors about the competition during the last 24 hours. Before that I can tell you that other soruces confirmed the Panasonic and Olympus announcement dates. June 13 for Pana and June 30 for Oly. So be prepared to follow the announcement live on 43rumors on those days!

1) Pentax will launch a 12 Megapixel APS-C mirrorless camera in August (MirrorlessRumors.com via Photorumors)
2) Sony NEX-C3 will be announced on Wednesday June 8 (SonyAlphaRumors.com)

The real suprise is that Canon seems to have no plan to make a mirrorless system at all! Anyway, I hope Olympus and Panasonic do recognize that they are not alone anymore. It’s time for them to bring some real r-evolution!

June 3, 2011
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Message to readers: A bit about about me and 43rumors future :)

Unlike other (bigger websites) 43rumors is not sponsored by big companies, and no company advertises here to finance the website. Everything here is based on the time I do spend after works (or in coffee breaks). And it is thanks to your help that I can keep the website up to date with all news and rumors (you rule!!!). But with the numbers of visitors that is increasing also the amount of work increased. What you also don’t know is that usually I do travel a LOT. I shot documentaries or do have photo-projects mostly in South America and lately in Africa too. The last 15 months I didn’t travel much because I had to plan and develop some new projects (one of them you will see soon). But now time has come for me to travel again (and I am happy to disconnect myself from Internet!).But the question for me was, how can I keep or even better increase the quality of 43rumors while I am travelling around the world?

There is a good news! I found two people that will help me to keep 43rumors and MirrolessRumors up to date so that you will notice me being away from time to time (or better, you will notice it because their English is much better than mine). One person is a very smart (and nice) Lady. She will help me for free and in exchange I will sponsor her Canon website. I think that is a good deal! The second person will help me a lot on MirrorlessRumors. I want MirrorlessRumors to become the main website for all Mirorrless camera news and rumors. 43rumors should remain as filter website that displays Panasonic-Olympus content only to make it easy for you to follow the Micro Four Thirds system news. If all works fine you will be able to post on MirrorlessRumors and 43rumors by using the same account.

I also found two people that will help me to make the 43rumors/Mirrorlessrumors website make work better. I want to push the social aspect of the website and I will pay two developers to dramatically improve the user experience.

And there is also the new server coming soon. It should speed up the website loading time by a 3x-4x. P.S.: You can give a “Server contribution” via paypal:


Long term plan ideas are:
– To create a community that can actively create content on all websites. You should become the king on 43rumors/Mirrorlessrumors!
– To add a creative element on all websites. We also want to speak about REAL photography :) I would love to talk more about quality work made by artists and photographers.

There are also some basic rules for both 43rumors and Mirrolessrumors you should know:
– This website will always be user oriented and not company oriented. No company will ever be able to influence the content of the website. This means we don’t accept direct company advertising, we don’t accept paid reviews or news. You and I should be always free to express your REAL and HONEST opinion. I have the feeling other (bigger) websites are going in the exact opposite direction…but that’s just a “feeling” I do have that could be wrong…or not?
– When argumenting or writing comments be respectful, and be rational. Don’t shout like animals because otherwise I will have to start to unapprove comments. And it’s not something that I want to do.

Thanks for your understanding. Now let’s enjoy that month full of rumors and new products!

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