November 20, 2010
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Next GH1 price drop: GH1 body for $220 only (because the lens is priced at $739)


You can now get the Panasonic GH1+14.140mm lens for $959 only at Amazon (Click here!). The lens alone is selling for $739 at Amazon (Click here). De facto you get the GH1 for $220 only!

Bye the way, if all works as it should US shops will start shipping the new GH2. Here the links to:
Amazon (you can’t preorder now), Adorama and BHphoto.

November 19, 2010
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The GF2 is not the “linear” GF1 successor (says Luminous Landscape)

Luminous Landscape (“LL”) posted the new Panasonic GF2 hands-on: “Whatever the GF2 may be (and I’ll tell you in a moment what ecological niche I think it is intended to occupy) it is not a linear successor to the GF1.” and “Which brings us to the question of how does the GF2 handle and how does it compare to the GF1? Frankly, for myself (and yes, I own a GF1) the GF2 is a disappointment. I like cameras with manual controls.” but “Panasonic has shown that a small camera can have a usable interface, even when it might not appeal to photographers like me that prefer traditional tactile controls.

P.S.: LL should ask Panasonic why Japan will have the GF in Stock on December 3 and the rest of the world by end of January. And where is the GH2? Should we start to learn japanese just to buy those nice japanese GH2 cameras you can find on eBay? :)

Via Luminous Landscape

November 19, 2010
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Double Panasonic GH2 review from Japan

We have two new reviews at (Japanese with google English translation) and Akihabaranews (in English).

For Akihabara the GH2 is an “impressive upgrade!” and “the GH1 was and still is an incredible All-purpose Camera that kicked some serious ass to other big names including Canon or Nikon. The GH2  just proved to us how far ahead Panasonic is in this field. As a GH1 owner I must admit that I struggled to get used to the GH2 new button layouts but the improvement made on this camera are really worth the hassle. wrote a less emotional but more detailed review with many Image samples you can download.

P.S.: Still no news about the GH2 availability in Europe and US.

November 19, 2010
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November 19, 2010
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Website Back online

Sorry guys!
We had some major issue with the server and we worked 6-7 hours to fix it. We even don’t know how we fixed it :)
Give me some time to take a Capuccino and than I will start to post the first news for today.

P.S.: My level of frustration is very high but I just received that nice Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 and that makes me a little bit happy now :)

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