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Ungraded Blackmagic Pocket CInema Camera – Market from John Brawley Tests on Vimeo.

The Olympus E-M5 design patent at Freepatentsonline.
Blackmagic Cinema Camera test at Focus Numerique.
E-P5, accessories and lens price in france (Lepidi).
New Quenox grip at Enjoyyourcamera.com
Sigma 60mm review at lcap.tistor.com.
20% of all cameras produced today are system cameras (Digitalcamerainfo).

Fabrys:I just want to share with you my last video shot with the OMD E-M5 in Berlin: https://vimeo.com/66480595

Daniel:No rumor. Just an update on tests I’ve performed with the GH3 in predictive AF mode. Take a look to see a real world test that unfortunately the GH3 won’t be giving Nikon and Canon any trouble real soon in the action arena. http://www.naturalexposures.com/corkboard/panasonic-lumix-gh3-predictive-af-tests/

Aaron: “I’d like to share with you a short film I shot at film school with the GH3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHyvCQW7RGU

Lance:Just wanted to let you know that we’ve just updated our FilmConvert film stock emulator, which now includes direct profile support for Nikon D800, D7000, Panasonic GH3, Canon 600D and 550D cameras – fun for everyone! Folks can grab a copy off our website here: http://filmconvert.com/download/

Larry:I just received a Rode SmartLav and I wanted to test it against the GH3 camera audio so I did a quick audio test: http://youtu.be/hkyBZUgFrE8


CIPA report on 2012 sales in Japan: Fewer Mirrorless cameras produced.


The detailed Cipa report has been published and there are some interesting news:

– Japanese companies produced 44% less cameras (50% less compact cameras and 24% less DSLR and Mirrorless).- The only segment with growth was the High End Camera and Lens market. For example +14,1% Full Frame Lenses have been produced.

This is clearly a sign that 1) the compact camera market is dying 2) The pro market is the only market still generating sales and money. For Panasonic and Olympus this means that they have to think on competing with Nikon and Canon in the high end market. But the MFT sensor size may be the major limitation. A larger Full Frame mirrorless system may be required to go into that direction!


P.S.: Current Amazon mirrorless rankings:

US ranking (Click here).
DE ranking (Click here).
UK ranking (Click here).
FR ranking (Click here).




First Speed Booster for MFT tested at EosHD (and soon by Philip Bloom).


Image courtesy: EosHD

Andrew Reid from EosHD (Click here) is the first user testing the soon to come Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds. And soon Philip Bloom’s test will be online too. He just got the same adapter and is testing it on the BlackMagic Camera (see his pic on Instagram).

Back to EosHD, the version Andrew got is the Leica R to MFT mount adapter. Here are some key findings:

  • The MFT adpaters are different form the Sony E-mount adapters
  • Build quality of Speed Booster is excellent
  • Speed Booster increases sharpness in the centre of the frame but not at the edges
  • Micro Four Thirds is a 2x crop but with the Speed Booster that becomes more like 1.5x

He tested it on these lenses:

ThE MFT Speed Boosters will come in late Summer and will available at Metabones Shop. You can save this search on Slidoo to get notified when they will be for sale one Bay (here is the How To if you don’t know what this is).


New G6 and GF6 tests…


Photographer Giulio Sciorio shoots Miami with the Lumix G6

Let me catch up with some G6 and GF6 links:

Giuglio Sciorio also posted a Focus Peaking Lumix G6 test on youtube. Another peaking during recording test has been posted by Digitfoto on youtube. New G6 vs GH2 test made by Digitfoto on youtube. GF6 connectivity test at DSLRmagazine (google translation here).

Panasonic GF6 at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Technikdirekt, Wex UK,
Panasonic G6 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama and at Wex DE, Technikdirekt, Wex UK.