(FT3) Olympus working on a new digital TRIP-D camera?


Two anonymous sources told me that Olympus plans to launch a “TRIP-D” fixed lens camera with large sensor. The sources didn’t unveil sensor size or lens specs (they only said it’s a fast prime). For those (few) of you that don’t know where the name “TRIP” comes from just look at the great Olympus Trip 35 cameras on auction here on eBay.

A bit of history: What’s so special on the Olympus Trip 35mm?
First of all that Olympus sold ten million(!) of these cameras from the ’60’s to the early ’80’s. It has a super sharp 40mm f/2.8 lens. And Olympus managed to give you Automatic Exposure while the Trip 35mm uses no battery! How is it possible? It used a solar-powered selenium light meter.
It is a very compact camera with a rangefinder. I suggest you to watch this youtube review video to get an idea of the size and superb build quality of the camera. This was the perfect holiday camera of the time but also pro photographers used like the British photographer David Bailey.
That is simply put one of the most popular Olympus camera ever made.

I would certainly be happy to see a camera ike that! But I fear that the market for these kind of cameras is already full with great cameras like…
– The Fuji X100S (here one Bay) with the superb hybrid viewfinder and unique sensor.
– The Ricoh GR (here one Bay) which is the smallest and also the cheapest
– The Nikon Coolpix A (here one Bay) fixed prime lens.
– The Canon PowerShot G1 X (here one Bay) fixed zoom lens.

So what the heck can/should Olympus do to sell the TRIP-D???

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