February 8, 2012
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Last minute leaks…press release and super interview!


The new E-M5 camera will be announcd within one hour and there are new “last minute” leaks :)

First you can find the full new lens press release on Olympus Australia website (Click here to downlaod the pdf).

Cnet pusblished their E-M5 video review fo a couple of minutes on youtube (it has now been removed).

Than we have the full press release at E-P1.net.

Image samples (Click on it to enlarge):

And Clubsnap (Click here) posted a full interview with MR. Terada! Here is the text:
CS (Clubsnap): Top of mind concern is actually how Olympus is intending to build back trust with consumers after the recent accounting scandal?
TT (Terada): I would like to apologize to our clients and want to confirm that our Imaging business is separate from the department that was in the news. Business at Olympus Imaging Corporation is going on as usual. We continue in building client loyalty and trust by continuing to develop and introduce new products and by making sure that our service to clients is good.
CS: The PEN series has been a huge success since it was first launched appealing to a younger generation , which segment of the market is the OM-D targeted at ? What’s Olympus rational in the OM-D E-M5 design and when was it concieved?
TT: We began to consider the M4/3 system 3 to 4 years ago. We identified 2 target groups of users of the 4/3 system : Customers who wanted an easy to use camera and customers who were serious photographers looking for a compact system that was easy to carry in any situation. The 1st product, the PEN E-P1 was developed and introduced to distinguish it from a DSLR. 1 year ago, we considered the concept of a FULL System that benefited from using a viewfinder where composing from a large LCD screen was difficult (eg with longer lenses)
CS: Please share with us more on the new 16mp live MOS sensor and 3D autofocus found on the OM-D?
TT: The new 16mp Live MOS image sensor produces lower noise at High ISO and boasts Dynamic Range that is a 1/3 improvement over current sensors. Combined with an advanced TruePic VI image processor, the results ensure superb color fidelity , at high resolution, sensitivity and colour accuracy.
TT: Autofocus is faster (fastest in the world) because of the new 3D tracking autofocus technology. Apart from being faster, it is also more accurate.
TT: 3D autofocussing sequentially tracks subjects (even subjects that are moving directly towards/away ) and works best at 4fps
CS: How is 5 Axis Image Stabilizing in the OM-D different from normal image stabilizing?
TT: Current image stabilizing technology relies on 2 axis. The problem was that rotating/rolling actions could not be compensated. 5 Axis Image Stabilizing takes care of this problem with 2 magnets front and back with the sensor ‘floating’ in between. It takes care of pitching, yawing, horizontal/vertical AND ROTATIONAL movements. An entire new mechanism had to be designed to make this possible.
CS: I noticed that the OM-D body and the new lenses are splash proof, will it need much maintenance on the part of the owner ?
TT: Owner will need to just wipe a wet OM-D with a towel to dry it off . It can withstand heavy rains and is built to the standards of our E-series of cameras and lenses. Our E cameras has not received a ‘Wet Claim’ warranty yet till today. The OM-D line weather sealing are of the same standard in sealing.
CS: Will peak focus be coming soon?
TT: Maybe in future. I feel that magnified focusing is still better
CS: Any plans to make a lens adaptor to allow the use of older OM lenses onto M4/3 bodies like the OM-D ?
TT: I cant remember the model , I think its MF2, but we have one already
CS: ha ha Oops…
CS: Many photographers who adopt the Micro 4/3 system have been using these cameras for street photography and photojournalism type images but lens choices are still limited. How difficult would it be to design and manufacture an ultra wideangle prime lens eg a 10mm f2.8 ?
TT: Technically it is possible…. it might be a little big if you want fast f-stop . We already have the ultra-wide 9-18mm zoom and the recently released 12mm f2. Yes, we can consider the possibility of faster and wider prime lenses.
CS: When will the OM-D be available to the public ? Which countries will get it first ?
TT: Soonest on sale will be around mid to late March. Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan should be the first countries in Asia to receive them
CS: What will the OM package be like? Body only? Body with Kit Lens ?
Jimmy Loh (Olympus Imaging Singapore GM): It will be in 3 combinations … Body Only … Body + the new 12-50 zoom … and Body + 14-42 zoom + 40-150 telezoom
CS: The current OM-D max shutter speed of 1/4000s is limiting especially with minimum ISO of 200…. Any plans to increase max shutter speed?
TT: Yes this will be a problem in shooting in bright sunlight, we will consider this in future
CS: What about lenses for birding? eg. a 300mm.
TT: We would like to cover the photography field so yes that is a serious consideration we have to think about in the future
CS: With the EP3 and now EM5, the fastest Contrast Detection AF in class, do you think that CDAF can now rival PhaseDetection AF in speed and AF tracking?
TT: This is reliant on shooting speed and it is difficult to test side-by-side
CS: Any plans on introducing pancake lenses in future ?
TT: No comment ha ha. Its under consideration
CS: The XZ-1 compact has been a huge success since its launch in 2011. Can we expect an upgrade sometime soon?
TT: Yes there will be a successor to the XZ-1….. ha ha ha but cannot reveal anything yet.
CS: And with so much attention on M4/3 Olympus seems to have been a little quiet on the E-series
TT: We continue to be firmly supporting the E-system


February 7, 2012
Posted in Rumors

(FT5) E-M5 price and poll (versus Nikon D800 and Fuji X PRO 1)


Important: To avoid server crashes the website now displays only one post on the homepage. You can still access previous post by clicking the link on the very bottom of the page.

Soon, at 2 am London time Olympus will officially announce the E-M5. The price will be the following:
Olympus OM-D E-M5 body only: $1000 or 1.100 Euro
Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 14-42mm lens: $1100 (don’t know the price in Euro yet)
Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50mm lens: $1300 or 1300 Euro

Now in order to kill some of the waiting time I ask you: Within one month we had three new “WOW” cameras. The Fuji X PRO 1 (Click here to check price and specs), the Nikon D800 (Click here to check price and specs) and now the Olympus E-M5 (Click here to read the specs). So…..

What's the most amazing camera from the three?

View Results

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Don’t be fanboys 😉

P.S.: I will not sleep the hole night. Will drink tons of coffee and chat with you all the time!


February 7, 2012
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(FT5) Full E-M5 specs leaked (via google cache)


A couple of hours ago I told you that the new sensor-imaging processor produces 40% less noisy images (compared to previous PNE cameras). And Olympus uses a very weak Anti-Aliasing filter following the tendency to reduce Moire via software (the Fuji X PRO 1 and the just announced Nikon D800E  (Click here) don’t use any AA at all).In a few hours (2am London time) we will finally see if the image quality is really that good!

And finally a north american website leaked the full E-M5 specs. I found it through google cache and copied and pasted the text as I found it:

Memory card: SD Memory Card (SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I compatible, Eye-Fi Card compatible)
Sensor: 4/3 Live MOS Sensor 16.1 million pixels (total pixel 16.9 million pixels)
Dust reduction: Supersonic Wave Filter
Recording format: DCF, DPOF compatible / Exif, PRINT Image Matching III, MPO compatible
File format: RAW (12-bit lossless compression), JPEG, RAW+JPEG, MPO(3D still)
IS system: Built-in (Image sensor shift type for movie & still, 5-axis image stabilization) -> yaw/pitch/vertical shift/horizontal shift/rolling. Effective compensation range maximum 5 EV steps
Shutter speed range: 60 – 1/4000 sec. (Not available when Bulb is selected)
Electronic viewfinder: Eye-level electronic viewfinder, approx. 1.44M
Eye point / Diopter adjustment range Approx. 100% / Approx. 0.92x*1 – 1.15x*2 (-1m-1, 50mm lens, Infinity) *1 : at Finder Style 1, 2 (aspect 4:3) *2 : at Finder Style 3 (aspect 4:3)
Approx. 18mm (-1m-1, Distance from rear lens surface) / -4 ~ +2m-1
Available with Live Preview function button [custom function]
Level Gauge 2-axis level gauge; horizontal /vertical
Finder Style Selectable from 3 types
Brightness / Colour temperature control ±7 levels / ±7 levels
EyeCup Removable, Optional eyecup EP-11 is available.
LCD screen: Live view 100% field of view, Exposure compensation preview, WB adjustment preview, Gradation auto preview, Face detection preview (up to 8 faces), Grid line, Histogram, Magnification display (x5/x7/x10/x14) OFF Grid/ Monitor Display Types, Normal Mode, Grid Line Mode(4 types), Histogram Mode, Magnified View Mode, Magnification Ratio x5, x7, x10 (Default) x14.
LCD information: Aperture value, Shutter speed, Auto Bracket, AE Lock, AF mode, IS, Shooting Mode, Battery Check, Myset, Internal Temperature Warning, Face / Eye Detection, Histogram, Number of storable still pictures, Record mode, ISO, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, White Balance, Metering Mode, AF confirmation mark, Exposure Compensation Value, Spot metering Area
Flash Mode, Flash Status, Flash intensity Control, Super FP Focusing length, Tone control, Eye-Fi condition Display of Face Detection Max 8 frames of face detection can be displayed.
LCD Specs: 3.0-inch tilting OLED monitor, Approx. 610k dots, Touch control in electrostatic capacitance Type, Touch control Touch shutter release, Touch enlargement, Touch Live Guide, AF area selection, AF area enlargement, Frame advance/backward, Enlargement playback, Touch Super Control Panel, Tilting angle Upward tilting angle : up to 80 degrees / Downward tilting angle : up to 50 degrees, Brightness / Color temperature control ±2 levels / ±3 levels Color tone select Vivid / Natural
AF system: High-speed imager AF
Focus modes Single AF (S-AF) / Continuous AF (C-AF)* / Manual Focus (MF) / S-AF + MF / AF tracking (C-AF + TR) *
Full-time AF Available
Maginified frame AF Selectable from over 800 AF points
Enlarged view check by magnify button
Magnification x5, x7, x10(Default), x14 selectable
Face detection AF / Eye detection AF Available / Available
Eye Detection AF mode : OFF / Nearer-eye priority / Right-eye priority / Left-eye priority
Focusing point / Focusing point selection 35-area multiple AF / All target, Group target area (9-area), Single target
AF illuminator Yes
Manual focus assist Live view image is magnified when the focus ring is rotated. (at S-AF+MF or MF mode)
AF tracking
Metering system: TTL Image sensor metering. Digital ESP metering (324-area multi pattern metering), Center weighted average metering, Spot metering, Spot metering with highlight control, Spot metering with shadow control
Metering range EV 0 – 20 (at normal temperature, 17mm f2.8, ISO 100)
Exposure modes: i Auto, P: Program AE (Program shift can be performed), A: Aperture priority AE, S: Shutter priority AE, M: Manual, Bulb, Time, Scene select AE, Art Filter, Underwater wide / macro* * Selectable from menu as a function on Fn-1/Rec button
Scene Select AE Modes: Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape, Landscape + Portrait, Sport, Night, Night + Portrait, Children, High Key, Low Key, DIS mode, Macro, Nature Macro, Candle, Sunset, Documents, Panorama, Fireworks, Beach & Snow, Fisheye Conv., Wide Conv., Macro Conv., 3D * * Still image only
ISO sensitivity: AUTO: ISO 200 – 25600 (customizable, Default 200-1600) / Manual ISO 200 – 25600, 1/3 or 1 EV steps selectable. Exposure compensation ±3 EV in 1/3, 1/2, 1 EV steps selectable
AE lock Locked at 1st release of shutter button (can be set to Fn1/Rec button). Metering standard value adjustment 1/6 EV step, +/- 1EV range
Shutter: Computerized focal-plane shutter. Shutter speed 1/4000 – 60 sec. (1/3, 1/2, or 1EV steps selectable.). Bulb: default setting 8min. (1/2/4/8/15/20/25/30 min. selectable.)
Flash: TTL Auto, Auto, Manual, FP-TTL AUTO, FP-MANUAL
Built-in flash: No
Bundled flash (FL-LM2): TTL flash, GN=10 (ISO200・m) / GN=7(ISO100・m). Flash mode Flash Auto, Redeye, Fill-in, Flash Off, Red-eye Slow sync.(1st curtain), Slow sync.(1st curtain), Slow sync.(2nd curtain), Manual(1/1(FULL)~1/64). Synchronization speed 1/250sec. or less* (using the bundled flash) * It depends on flash models or flash mode
FL-50R: 1/180 sec., Exept FL-50R: 1/200 sec., Super FP: 1/125-1/4000 sec.
Flash intensity control Up to ±3 EV in 0.3, 0.5, 1 EV steps selectable
Compatible external flash FL-50/FL-50R, FL-36/FL-36R, FL-30, FL-20, FL-14, FL-300R, FL-600R
Colour Temperature 5500±400°K
Compatible external flash FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-300R, FL600R
Control method: Triggered and controlled by bundled flash (FL-LM2) ** Available on FL-LM1/ FL-600R. (Olympus Wireless RC Flash system compatible). 4 channels. Group Number 4 groups (External flash 3 groups + a bundled flash)
Drive mode:  Single-frame shooting, Sequential shooting, Self-timer. Sequential shooting  maximum speed [Sequential shooting H mode] 9.0 fps. [Sequential shooting L mode] 3.5 fps / 4.2fps  in case of “I.S. OFF”.
Max. recordable pictures:  on sequential shooting [RAW] Max. 17 frames (in seq. shooting L), Max. 11 frames (in seq. shooting H)
[JPEG] Up to full extent of data strage capacity (in seq. shooting L),
Max. 17 frames ( in seq. shooting H)
(with TOSHIBA SDHC UHS-I card R95-W80 8GB model, under Olympus test standard)
Self-timer Operation time: 12 sec., 2 sec. (cancel available)
Wireless remote control Not Available
Bracketing: Exposure bracketing 2, 3 or 5 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0EV steps selectable, 7 frames in 0.3/0.7EV steps selectable. White balance bracketing 3 frames in 2, 4, 6 steps selectable in each A-B/G-M axis. Flash bracketing 3 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0EV step selectable Art Filter bracketing i-Enhance, Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait, Monotone, Custom, Art Filters selectable
Art Filter:  Mode (Variation / Effect) Pop Art (I, II / a.b.c.d.e.). Soft Focus ( – / c.e.) Pale & Light Color (I, II / a.b.c.d.) Light Tone ( – / d.) Grainy Film (I, II / b.c.d.) Pin Hole (I, II, III / d.) Diorama ( – / d.) Cross Proscess (I, II / b.c.d.) Gentle Sepia ( – / a.b.c.d.) Dramatic Tone (I, II / b.c.d.e.) Key Line (I, II / a.b.c.d.e.) Art Effect a. Soft Focus Effect b. Pin-Hole Effect c. White Edge Effect d. Frame Effect e. Star Light Effect
Movie: Recording format MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264) , AVI(Motion JPEG) Movie Mode MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264 ),AVI(Motion JPEG)
[MOV] Full HD: 1920(H)x1080(V), 59.94i Recording *3 20Mbps(Fine) *4 / 17Mbps(Normal) *4 : Aspect 16:9 HD: 1280(H)x720(V), 59.94i Recording *3, 13Mbps(Fine) *4 / 10Mbps(Normal) *4 : Aspect 16:9 *3 : Sensor output 30fps *4 : bitrate [AVI Motion JPEG] HD: 1280(H)x720(V), 30fps *4, Aspect 16:9 SD: 640(H)x480(V), 30fps *4, Aspect 4:3 *4 : Except for some of the Art Filters
Maximum Recording Times Full HD : Approx. 29min(Fine) / Approx. 22min(Normal)
HD : Approx. 29min(Fine) / Approx. 29min(Normal)
Movie Effect : One shot echo / Multi echo
Art Filter Movie, Aperture priority Movie, Shutter Priority Movie, Manual Shooting Movie
IS for Movie Built in (Image sensor shift type image stabilization)
IS1. mode only
AE Lock Avarable
Exposure control (Movie)
P: Program AE, A: Aperture priority AE, S: Shutter speed priority AE, M: Manual, Art Filter
* S mode and M mode : Shutter speed is limited in less than 1/30 sec.
Compression ratio Motion-JPEG Format : 1/12(HD), 1/8(SD)
File size:
MOV Format : Max 4GB
Motion-JPEG Format : Max 2GB
Recording format Wave Format (Stereo linear PCM/16-bit, Sampling frequency 48kHz)
Microphone function Wind Noise Reduction, Recording Volume
Audio dubbing possible for still pictures (up to 30 sec.)
Picture with Sound: 30sec.
Noise reduction:
At High ISO setting Off, Low, Standard, High
At Slow shutter speed Off, On, Auto
On : effective when shutter speed is slower than 1 sec.
Auto : effective when shutter speed is slower than 4 sec. (at ISO 200 or higher) or 8 sec. (at lower than ISO200)
Multiple exposures:
Number of picture / Function 2 frames / Auto gain, Exposing on Recorded picture(RAW)
USB/AV/Remote controller connector Dedicated multi-connector [USB: USB2.0 High Speed, Video: NTSC/PAL selectable, Optional Remote cable RM-UC1 can be used.]
HDMI connector Micro HDMI (Type-D)
Flash attachment Hot shoe
Accessory Port 2 Dedicated multi-connector [Available for VF-2/VF-3, SEMA-1, MAL-1 and PP-1.]
PC interface USB 2.0 High Speed
TV interface HDMI (HD/Stereo Sound), VIDEO-OUT(SD/Mono Sound)
DC-in – [Optional Power Battery Holder HLD-6 has DC-IN jack for AC-3.]
Power requirements:
Battery BLN-1 Li-ion battery (included)
Power battery holder (Option) Power Battery Holder HLD-6
AC adaptor (Option) AC adapter AC-3 *Optional HLD-6 has DC-IN jack for AC-3.
Sleep mode Available (1/3/5 min. off selectable)
Number of recordable pictures Approx. TBD shots [IS ON, CIPA test standard]
(with BLN-1 and TOSHIBA super high-speed Class 6 SDHC 4GB card)
Dimensions 4.8 inch (W) x 3.5 inch (H) x 1.7 inch (D)
[CIPA guideline compliant, excluding protrusions]
Weight Approx. 15 ounces [CIPA guideline compliant, with BLN-1 battery and Memory card]
Approx. 13 ounces [body only]
Temperature 32 ~ +104 (operation) / -4 ~ +140 (storage) Farhenheit
Humidity 30 – 90% (operation) / 10 – 90% (storage)
Box contents Body, Flash FL-LM2, Li-ion battery BLN-1, Li-ion battery charger BCN-1, USB cable, AV cable, Shoulder strap, OLYMPUS Viewer 2 (CD-ROM), Instruction manual, Warranty card


This is the first digital OM camera that will be added to the long list of OM film cameras. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti black and chrome, OM-10, OM-20 (OM-G), OM-30(OM-F), OM-40 (OM-PC), OM-77AF (OM-707), OM-88 (OM-101), OM-2000.


Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

February 7, 2012
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(FT5) New images and sensor info. Announcement on 2am London time. Follow us live!


IMPORTANT: Olympus will announce the new E-M5 camera tonight at 2am London time (February 8). It will be 6pm in San Francisco (February 7), 9pm in New York (February 7), 3 in the morning in Berlin (February 8) and 11 in the morning in Tokyo (February 8). You can follow a live coverage on 43rumors. I will continually update you with precious info and links to reviews, videos, interesting news and preorder options. So be sure to be online at 43rumors by that hour!!!

LEAKS: There are again new leaks from Japan! On Flickr (Click here) you can find two REAL pictures of the E-M5 without the grip. UPDATE: Here on facebook is the silver version.
The Japanese store Biccamera already posted the pictures of the new E-M5 accessories:
eyecup EP-11
power battery holder HLD-6
MMF-3 adapter
New battery
Underwater housing (Flickr)
And there is one more size comparison made by our reader Paolo on Flickr (Click here).

NEW SENSOR INFO: The source “European Lady” (cool name!) sent me some interesting tidbits about the sensor:
1) The 16.1 Megapixel E-M5 sensor is 40% less noisy then the previous 12 megapixel sensor from the Olympus E-P3.
2) Thanks to the new powerful TruePic VI engine Olympus can use a very weak AA (anti-aliasing) filter. Only the FUji X PRO 1 and the just announced Nikon D800E  (Click here) don’t use any AA filter!


Again thanks to all sources and readers for sending me info and links to leaks! I should send a bottle of good Chianti to everyone :)

February 6, 2012
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HOT! Voigtländer announces the new (amazing!) 17.5mm f/0.95 lens!


Hot! After the superb Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Cosina just (officially!) announced the new Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95! The German press release is online at Photoscala (click here to read the horrible google translation). The main difference with the 25mm version is that the aperture ring can be switched from “Click stops” to “Clickless stops” using the ring in the front of the aperture ring. That’s perfect for video use! And the lens should have a superb bokeh too! That beauty is priced at 1299 Euro and will be ship in March. And here are the specs:

Specifications Nokton 0.95 / 17.5 mm aspherical MFT
Focal length 17.5 mm (35 mm corresponding to small picture)
Connection MFT (Micro Four Thirds)
Maximum aperture 0.95
Minimum aperture 16
Lens construction 13 elements in 9 groups
Angle 64.6 °
Diaphragm Blades 10
Shortest Distance setting 0.15 m
Macro area 1:4,0
Max diameter 63.4 mm
Length 80 mm
Weight 540g (without hood)
Filter Size 58 mm
Color black
Other Snap off hood, sun visor with a second cover
Price € 1,299 (MSRP)

Will you buy that lens?

View Results

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And here is one more picture:


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