New GX7/GM1 book by Rob Knight


Rob Knight contacted me to share his new work:

No juicy rumors, but I thought you might be interested in my upcoming book. It is part of the Peachpit Press “Snapshots to Great Shots” series, and it covers the LUMIX GX7 and GM1. I am including both cameras siince they share the same sensor and many of the same features. You can buy the book here:

Thanks Rob!

P:S.: Actually the very first GX7 book is available in German only (here at Amazon US). Written by Ralf Sperer.


GH4 video quality makes the Canon 5DmarkIII look very very old.


Well, it may be that many of you don’t care about 4K yet but the GH4 will may let you change your mind about it. The image on top shows you how mind-blowing good the quality of the Gh4 video is. The Blackmagic Cinema Pocket and the Canon 5DmarkIII are nowhere near to the GH4. The Gh4 has astonishing resolution and zero moiree. The test has been made by Camera Zone and you can see their full review here below:

GH4 4K Shootout vs BMPCC vs 5D MarkIII from Camera Zone on Vimeo.

You know it well, I wasn’t a fan of the “3D hype”. But the “4K hype” makes much more sense to me! And the early owner reviews on Amazon’s GH4 site (Click here) are also all very positive!

North American preorders, shipping date and price:
GH4 camera at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Ritz Camera and Panasonic. Price: $1,698. In Canada at Vistek.
GH4 camera with interface unit at Adorama and BHphoto. Price: $3,298
Interface unit only at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. Price: $1,998

Europen preorders, shipping date and price:
Germany: Wexcameras,
UK at Wexphotographic, CameraWorld, UKdigital, CVP, TipTop.
Holland at Fotohanskeuzekamp.
Belgium at Fotokonijnenberg.
Norway at Fotovideo.
Sweden at Cyberphoto, Skandinavianphoto.
Finland at Telefoto, Topshot, Verkkoauppa.
France at Photocineshop.
Spain: Fotoboom.

Asian preorders, shipping date and price:


a little bit of everything…


Introducing 4K Video Advantages – A Revolution in Videography (Panasonic)

GH4 test at Fotopolis.
Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 Waterproof Review (ePhotozine).
Cheap focal reducer test with gh2 also compared to full frame D600 at Stronzvanderploeg.
Documentary filmed with Panasonic 4K (in low light) on Youtube.
Nocticron comparison at Tomnguyenstudio.
Olympus SH-1 review at

David:Hey, I found a way to make smooth, super-slow, sharp, slow-motion video cheaply! A video test sample is here:   (To view it properly, select “1080P” and “full-screen”.  It takes a few seconds to switch to the higher resolution and larger size, and you may need to pause the playing to let the streaming get a bit ahead to prevent “stops” in the playing of this video.) I put a half-sizedfull-speed version of the video at the beginning and end for comparison with the 1/8th play speed of the full-sized version between them. The slow-motion version on YouTube still retains much of the original file’s sharpness, even with streaming, but both sharpness and smoothness do suffer a bit compared with the original slow-motion file. The “music” was a quick “cobbling together” of some of my MIDI and bird sound recordings. The camera used was a Panasonic G5, which shoots very sharp 1080-60p video. The lens is a very sharp selected sample of the Rokinon 180-degree 7.5mm fisheye. This was only a test – and it “ain’t purdy”…;-) To find out how I did it, click on “About” on YouTube, and you will know “the secrets”!;-) “

Tamino:some work done with GH3 we did for Coach

Jan:I made a comparioson review of a noname Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds Adapter from china and the original MMF-1 Adapter from Olympus. I thought this might be interesting for your readers. The comparison is on Youtube in English ( and German ( I posted the full article (in German) on my blog:

Brian:This is a sports video shot entirely with the Panasonic GX7 and GM1. The lenses used were the Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm f2.8 zoom lenses. Drake Relays 2014

Anonymous:Not bad at all! “NOTE: Testing the Olympus OM-D E-M1 continues. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät -photo set was shot entirely with Olympus and FM2000 shots are taken with EOS 5D Mark III. By looking at the pictures you can hardly see any difference (if at all). This guy has three sets of E-m1 images here:

Paulo:Here’s a video of a Panasonic rep going over the GH4 and the A500 action camera that also shoots 4K videos. Feel free to embed it on your site if you like.