The 43rumors readers work roundup!


Dans les hauteurs de Paris from Marché Noir on Vimeo.

It’s time to catchup with some of the 43rumors great work roundup. It’s nice to see what artwork people can create with MFT cameras. If you have something to share drop me a message at Thanks!

Marché (video embedded on top): “I’m a young cinematography student living in France. I would like to share with you one of my latest videos. I’m working with a hacked GH2, after having worked with a GF1 before. Be first I’d like to thank you since 43Rumors is terrific when one wants to be ahead of all the advertising campaigns and be able to choose wisely which gear to buy. I’ve been shooting this video with a very poor quality lens : a Makinon mirror 300mm, showing even less contrast than a typical mirror lens. To me that’s due to the heavy dust laying on it. On one hand I’ve set my camera to dynamic mode with a +2 contrast setting. And on another hand I shot at a time when I could have a direct sun lighting the buildings, to a get a little more contrast. That’s part of some experimental shots I edited together in order to create a music video for my collective named “Marché Noir”. To me the result is kind of a “atmosphere” video. I also used a 20mm Lumix and a 135mm DSB Yashica lens at the end. The website :

J Shin:I started a new Flickr group to document the US Federal Government Shutdown and how it affects or does not affect our lives/photography. Some of us are taking “a photo a day” approach. If you could share it with your readers, that would be great! Thank you.

Karsten:we are producing movies on the subject of culture and sustainability and use the famous GH3 as favourite cam. Our latest clip is about the little medieval town Wetzlar in the center of Germany. Perhaps you are interested in presenting a link:

Pedro:Just wanted to share some pics of GX7 with L1 together. I am glad we kept pushing for this! and thanks to Panasonic for having faith in the consumer requests.

Stuart:My latest film is now live here It’s live here,
and also here;

Anonymous:Using this timelapser software I scrapped togheter these 2 clips:
They were shot with the GH2 and kit lens, MJPEG at 2fps. Someone might find these useful.

Heather:Today we visited the Venaria Reale near Turin to test out the low-light performance (ISO performance and internal stabilisation) of the Panasonic Lumix GX7 versus the Olympus Pen E-P5. We found the results quite surprising!

Steven:For your “reader’s work roundup” posting next time, I’m sharing a rapidly expanding set of photographs taken with the new Lumix GX7 and the Nokton Voigtländer 42.5 f0.95. These are extreme shallow depth of field images shot in panoramic style, both horizontal and vertical, to increase that shallow focal plane. Bokeh panorama is another name.

Fabrys: “Just a little movie shot with the OMD E-M5 and the pana 14 mm in Tbilisi / Georgia ;)

Eric:Hello Admin!  I’ve got a new timelapse video out that was shot on the GH2 over at There’s also accompanying stories at the following links:


No surprise: Epson officially says E-M1 uses own Ultimicron EVF tech.


Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-19 um 09.52.49

We were already certain the E-M1 uses an Epson EVF. Anyway, now it’s official. Epson issued a press release saying the Olympus E-M1 is using their Ultimicron EVF with 2.36 million dot resolution:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-19 um 09.56.16

Source:  Itersnews.

Remember that you can download the E-M1+12-40mm $200 cashback form here: (.pdf).

Preorder Links:
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto, Amazon DE (via DL), Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL), WexUK, Topshot FI, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.


New GM1 video (spanish). And leads the Amazon mirrorless ranking.


Panasonic Lumix GM1: la más pequeña from QUESABESDE on Vimeo.

It is really no surprise to see the new Panasonic GM1 lead the Amazon mirrorless ranking (Click here to see the list). Now let’s see how long it will remain there. Back to news:
The Spanish friends over at Quesabesde made this nice video presentation of the GM1. A must see if you speak spanish (or just want to watch the camera in action).

Updated preorder list:
In US you can preorder the GM1 with lens at GM1 with kit lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
In Europe at Wex Germany, Amazon UK, Fotohanskeuzekamp, Cyberphoto Sweden and Wex UK.


(FT5) First images of the Olympus Stylus 1 (the mini OMD)


Digicameinfo found the images of the soon the be announced Olympus Stylus 1. It’s going to be announced on October 29 and the price is 70,000 YEN (around 500 Euro or $700). Not that Yen prices are usually higher so $ and Euro price could be less. It has a 1:1,7 inch sensor and a 24-300mm zoom lens. Here is one more image:

GM1 update preorder list reminder:
In US you can preorder the GM1 with lens at GM1 with kit lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto.
In Europe at Wex Germany, Amazon UK, Fotohanskeuzekamp, Cyberphoto Sweden and Wex UK.

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