New SLR Magic Digiscope lens!


SLR Magic launched a new MFT lens. Here is the full press release:


NEW: SLR Magic Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope for mFT Digiscoping

Hong Kong, China (Mar 28, 2013) – SLR Magic introduces the second edition SLR Magic Monstor Lens 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope lens for Digiscoping and expands their Micro Four Thirds lens lineup.

The SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope for Digiscoping gives you the highest resolution and brightest view possible by three key elements. It features an over sized eye relief, utilized Extra-low Dispersion optics, as well as fully Multi coated glass to help you with spotting the rare bird species. The SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope alsooffers stacked, dual-focus controls, so you can make both rapid and fine-tuning adjustments.

The main difference from the first edition include improvements in image quality due to a new mFT adapter objective offering increased sharpness and contrast over the first edition.

The field of view of this spotting scope on the micro four thirds camera corresponds to a a 840-2520mm lens in 35mm format. The user friendly design allows you to attach your camera by mounting it like any other camera lens. Everything you need comes with the package and there is no need to have a compatible lens to use it. This is the perfect solution for amateur digiscopers who want to take photos or video of wildlife.

The 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers by June 2013.

Technical Data

SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED (Premium Extra-low Dispersion glass) for mFT
Lens Type: Spotting Scope
Compatible Cameras: All micro four thirds mount cameras
Magnification: 12-36x

35mm equivalent focal length: 840-2520mm
Objective: Φ50
Lens Coating: Multi Coated
Close Focus: 15 ft.
Weight (oz./g): 28.2/800, 45.86/1300 (with mFT adapter objective)
Water Resistant/Fog proof: Yes
Eyepiece: Straight Zoom
Eye relief: 23mm

Accessories: mFT adapter objective with tripod collar

MSRP: $799

Andrew Chan
Product Manager


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News: GH3 firmware coming soon. And Olympus manager facing five years in prison.


The new improvements list expected with the GH3 firmware update

Let me catch up with two news:

1) Very very very soon Panasonic will announce the new GH3 firmware update. I am curious to see if focus peaking will be one of the new features!

2) ThePhoBlographer reports that “Olympus’s former head, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, is facing five years in prison due to manipulating account balances and we should expect a final hearing within a couple of weeks. He has already pleaded guilty to the crimes. Kikukawa won’t be alone in prison though–other managers also pleaded guilty but they won’t be getting as harsh a sentence.” P.S.: Woodford is now selling his book about the Olympus scandal on Amazon (Click here).


E-M5 with 14-42mm lens and Kingston SD card for $900.


Not only in Europe but also in US you can find some new great E-M5 deals. Peter (Thanks!) sent me the link to an E-M5 with 14-42mm lens and free SD card for $900 on eBay US (Click here).

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Patent: Is that the ultimative Olympus FT and MFT hybrid solution?


It’s no secret that Olympus is seeking a way to merge their two Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds system in one. And the United States Patent US8390727 filed back in June 2010 by Olympus may show us how they intend to achieve that goal. Basically the optical viewfinder part showed on Figure Number 1 (see image on top) includes the Prisma and Mirror. It can be attached and detached from the original Mirrorless body shown on Figure 2.

Combined the camera looks like that:

Of course, patents are no proof that this may become real. But it shows that Olympus is seeking for a solution and I cant wait until they will announce their new High End Camera by end of this year. Will they finally solve that tricky situation?