UPDATE: E-P5 sensor gets DxOmarked. And first $150 off at CameraLand


UPDATE: We just got notified by DealsRunner.com that there are two Black E-p5 superkits (with 17mm 1.8 and VF-4) in Stock with a $150 discount at CameraLand (Click here). P.S: DOn’t worry about the one wrong picture you see on top. They say they uploaded the wrong pic for mistake. The seller is super trusted!

The Olympus E-P5 sensor just got tested at DxOmark (Click here) and as expected it delivers the same kind of performance of all other Olympus 16 megapixel cameras (and same performance as the GH3). The new PEN is certainly a nice camera but the DxO team writes:

“With the market moving towards smaller, highly portable cameras featuring APS-C format sensors, Olympus needs to constantly reassert the advantages of the MFT format.”

I do hope the new GX7 camera will mark a clear new advancement in terms of image quality performance. it certainly delivers a great advancement in terms of features (in body IS, built-in EVF and so on). Meantime the E-P5 ins’t a hotseller according to the Amazon US mirrorless ranking (Click here). Same story for the German ranking and UK ranking.


Something MFT? Sigma big announcement coming…


Sigma Poland started a teaser for a big Sigma event. The text says: “Overthrow the system with Sigma. Liberation is coming…” I think this could become interesting for the Micro Four Thirds system too. There are some speculation running on the web:

1) Sigma could launch a new system camera with new mount
2) Sigma could launch a system camera and join the Micro Four Thirds system
3) Sigma could launch a sort of universal system adapter where all Sigma lenses can be used on all mirrorless systems (including MFT).

I think “option 3″ could be the right answer. But I am secretely hoping “option 2” is the right answer! Imagina  Sigma DP MFT camera (they are yet available as fixed lens camera only) having a new generation Foveon sensor! I know I know ….I am dreaming :)


Panasonic working on a similar Canon 70D phase detection sensor


The recently announced Canon 70D ($1199 DSLR) is the first camera having an on sensor usable phase detection AF area that  covers 80% of the frame. On paper this sounds like a sort of holy grail solution for mirrorless cameras. There are many advantages like:

  • AF works at apertures down to F11
  • AF covers 80% of the frame
  • AF works in light levels as low as 0 EV
  • Can work with face detection to keep moving subjects in focus

But Panasonic engineers came up with a similar solution described in US patent 8482657 (Click here). The patent contains plenty of images and description for the more advanced tech friendly readers. I don’t think that sensor will be used for the soon to be announced GX7. But I am sure the next GH may feature exactly that kind of on sensor phase detection feature.


readers work roundup…


Here is a short list of mails I received from our 43rumors readers:

Bob:I’ve started a fan page for the Olympus PEN E-P5. Feel free to post photos, videos or experience stories & reviews.https://www.facebook.com/EP5Fans

Eric: “I saw that you were interested by stories or real life tests so here’s a link to a wedding I made exclusively with micro 4/3 cameras: http://blog.ericcote.net/2013/07/mariage-avec-lolympus-om-d/ This post might be interesting too since I tell my first 4 months with the OM-D from a personal and professional standpoint with examples from portrait to food photography and commercial gigs: http://blog.ericcote.net/2013/01/quatre-mois-avec-lolympus-om-d/ Hope it can be useful to some people. The posts are in french but there is a translate option on the left side (although not perfect).

JJ:Here’s a friendly face off between the Nikon v1 and the Oly E-PL5: http://jjsemplephotography.blogspot.com/2013/07/e-pl5-vs-nikon-v1.html

P13:Our Big Gig was a national event sponsored by the Arts Council for England this weekend, I filmed the Bradford music gig with a cameraman on the 2nd GH3, the event was the showcase event for Yorkshire & Humberside and was 8 hours in total, it was a mix of street style rap, to various rock music styles and ending with drum and bass. The video was edited and released the following day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Wiw_jJbjoJg

Ralph:hier gibt es wohl ein Angebot eines kostenlosen Workshops bei Kauf einer OMD. http://www.kamera-express.nl

Ludwig:I saw that you have a rumor about a mirror lens. I own the Opteka 500 mm mirror lens. I use it with my AF100. When you manage to nail focus, you can get decent sharp pictures. Here one example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga7GoZP9An4 The last scenes of the video were shot with the Lumix X 35-100 mm lens.

Roy:I would like to share with the m4/3rumors community a video me and a couple of mates made in a hurry for the Tomorrowland Goldenticket contest. We didn’t win, but lot’s of fun shooting it in a day and montage the day after. Entirely shot on my GH2 with Canon 50mm 1.4, Nikon 25mm 2.8 and 14-140 kitlens: https://vimeo.com/70947897

Nick:I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve set up my Zenfolio web page where people can see my artwork and photography.  http://concordenickartphoto.zenfolio.com I’ve been an Olympus owner going back to the OM-10 days and progressing upwards to my current E-5.”

P.S.: FotgaLens Mount Adapter for Nikon G Lens to M4/3 (ThePhoBlographer).