There is no Olympus X-E1 :)


Not only the E-M5 sensor but also the EVF is very good according to LL.

Good Morning!
Let’s start the week by pointing out an error: Got many emails from readers because Luminus Landscape wrote that they tested an “Olympus X-E1“. Actually the camera they are talking about is the Fuji X-E1 :)

There is one small interesting info within that article that reviews the new A99 FF camera. They write that “in the EVF category we thought that the Olympus was superior in terms of clarity and refresh rate“. So it’s superior to the $2800 new Sony A99 Full Frame viewfinder. This is just to say that resolution (where the A99 is better) is not the only measure to take into the account when talking about electronic viewfinders quality.

E-M5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

E-M5 Case:
There is the official CS-36FBC Olympus case. A leather half case from Hong Kong. A full leather case with strap from Cina. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, Zelenpol, Kaza and Gariz.

E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The Olympus GS-4 strap and the DSTE E-M5 batteries you have to use with an extra charger. There is an E-M5 car charger a new E-M5 LCD screen and a Front Cover+ Top Panel.


Olympus 75mm review at Lenstip.


Lenstip published the full Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens review. And the conclusions says it all: “I do not hesitate to write it: testing such lenses is pure pleasure which starts when you take the lens out of its box and you look at it for the first time. You already know you deal with a very solid instrument. Pleasurable experience lasts when you take sample shots or photos of testing charts“.

I hope the new 17mm f/1.8 lens will be as good as that lens!
The best price I found in Europe is at Pro Video France (Click here). A third party lens hood is sold by ProPhotoshop Germany (Click here). In US the lens will be back inS tock at Amazon on October 22th.

More reviews:
60mm macro image samples at Letsgodigital. Part two of the 60mm macro battle posted at Admiringlight.
Panasonic 14-45 mm vs Olympus 12-50mm at Cameraergonomics.
LX7 review at Cameralabs and Steve Digicams.


For US: The sub $300 MFT camera deals roundup!


Yesterday we had two great US deals on the E-PL1 and GF3. Two readers sent me some more links to cheap Micro Four Thirds cameras. So here is the overall link list including yesterdays deals:
Olympus E-PL1 body sells for $139 at Amazon (Click here) 
Silver Olympus E-P1 body for $189 at Rhyanna (Click here) Black Olympus E-PL1 body for $199 at Tvwu (Click here) Silver Olympus E-P1 body for $213 at Rhyanna (Click here) Red Panasonic GF3 for $233 at BigValue (Click here) Black Olympus E-PL2 body for $239 at Zmdistribution (Click here).
Black Panasonic GF3 for $263 at
China Bedding (Click here) Black Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens for $269 at Zmdistribution (Click here) and Amazon (Click here).
Black Panasonic GF3 with kit lens for $299 at Tech (Click here) and Californiaint (Click here).
Panasonic GF3 with kit lens is available for $311 only at Amazon (Click here).

And than we have many refurbished PEN cameras at Cameta (Click here to see the list). There are for example:
Black E-PL1 for $119
Black E-PM1 for $169
Black E-P2 for $189
Black E-PL1 with lens for $199
Black E-PM1 with lens for $249

As you see, there are many chances to get a MFT camera for less than $300!


A Micro Four Thirds database overview (by Eric)


43rumors reader Eric created a MFT database some of you might find useful to check out and use. This is his original mail sent to me this week:

Eric:This spreadsheet helps me keep track of all the MFT lenses and how they relate to each other, so I can try to do a better job of picking-the-next-lens than I have in the past.
I don’t know what other people use, if anything, but I thought someone might find these useful.

All Lenses-Specs





Thanks Eric!