(FT4) E-M1 user report (Very fast AF, 12-40mm lens comes with hood included)


There is a E-M1 test report over at omuser.com. A 43rumors reader sent us the translation:

1) The focus speed of the new Olympus 12-40mm feels faster than the Panasonic 12-35mm X lens.

2) The Phase detection autofocus of the E-M1 is better than the E-5 with “slow lenses” like the Olympus 50mm f/2.0.

3) The grip feels good and the battery used by the E-m1 is the same as the one used by the E-M5.

4) Since the 12-40mm lens is marked as “PRO” it will come with hood included. 43rumors’note: Finally they got it!!! :)


I also got a feedback from one of my sources. He confirmed that focus with FT lenses is as fast as with “native” MFT lenses.

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(UPDATED) Olympus launches the official E-M1 teaser. Covers what we have already seen :)


Olympus just launched that teaser site (Click here). On this site you can share your email to get notified when the camera will be unveiled (likely on September 10). Obviously there is nothing to hide right now. We saw the E-M1 from every possible angle. But there is still at least one small surprise to come. Stay tuned on 43rumors. I am double checking these little” secret” and waiting for a FT5 confirmation!

UPDATE: There is also a Olympus Europe teaser (Click here).

Meantime another source confirmed that the body only price will be close to $1,500. If that is over your budget check out the new E-M5 deals at Sunset Electronics:

Body only can be bought for $799 (Click here) and with 14-42mm kit lens for $899 (Click here). An E-M5 successor is expected to come in late 2014 only.


Competition news: Sony goes the Panasonic G/GH route with the ILC-3000.


It looks like Sony is “copying” Panasonic. They just announced their G-alike A3000 camera (specs and info here at Amazon). As you know Mirrorless Cameras aren’t selling as good as DSLR cameras and this may be the way to go to attract classic DSLR camera owners….fake mirrorless cameras so that they look like DSLR cameras :)

Still, I don’t think the A3000 specs are as good as the G6. But they may launch a sort of G6/GH3 competitor soon too. Competition is good…it helps us to force Panasonic and Olympus to create better cameras and to lower the prices. Right now you can get the GH3 for $958 (with 4% reward included) at Amazon (Click here). That’s a bargain!



Panasonic Invests in Pelican Imaging for new sensor tech development.


PRNewswire reports that Panasonic invested in Pelican Imaging:

Pelican’s array camera technology is extremely innovative; they’re pioneering the next generation of video and image capture,” said Patrick Suel, Venture Partner at Panasonic. “We think there are broad applications for depth-enabled imaging in many industries.”

Pelican Imaging CEO and President Chris Pickett noted, “We’re extremely pleased to add Panasonic to our investor group, which includes other industry leaders like Qualcomm and Nokia. Our relationship with Panasonic will provide further market leverage to bring Pelican’s solutions to multiple market segments.”

Image Sensor World reports that “Pelican array camera provides depth information of the captured scene, allowing users to refocus after the fact, create 3D models, and perform an unprecedented range of edits. At under 3mm thickness, Pelican’s array camera is said to be about 50% of the thickness of the best-in-class camera modules shipping in mobile phones today (not clear what resolution is compared).


No more a surprise: Olympus Japana invitiation for a touch and try with the new “flagship camera”


The google translated text (note: models should be “model”…singular)

Olympus Japan (Google translation here) sent out an official invitation for a touch and try session with the new “Flasgship camera” and lenses. It will take place on Friday September 13 in Tokyo. The E-M1 and 12-40mm announcement is expected to be made a couple of days earlier (September 10-11).

By the way, there is a chance that one or even two more products will be announced. I am working on it to get the details….stay tuned on 43rumors!

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