February 22, 2011
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a little bit of everything…

Test Olympus E-PL2 : écran et autofocus (Focus Numerique). E-PL2 links to Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.
E-PL2 studio photography in P mode and in Jpeg (Flickr).
The japanese blog capacamera tested all new Olympus lens converters.
E-PL1s review at ganref.
ThePhoBlographer posted a teaser of the Olympus EPL-2 field review in the form of the gorgeous photo on their Facebook wall.
Panasonic GF2 review at Hybridcams. GF2 links to Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay
GH2+Nokton 25mm test at DC.watch.impress. Check the Nokton auctions at eBay.
Panasonic GH2 review at mobile01. GH2 links to Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay
Fujifilm Finepix X100 first look at Photoreview Australia. X100 preorders at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay
Short Olympus E-5 review at faz.net (german). E-5 links to Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay

February 21, 2011
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(FT4) Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 almost as big as the kit lens.

One of our sources told us the upcoming Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 Micro Four Thirds lens will be almost as big as the current Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens. If the rumor turns out to be true than the size will be a bit more than we expected (or hoped) to be for a lens that is “rumored” to come without in lens stabilization (OIS). It has almost double the size of the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens pancake. We still don’t have the 100% certain specs so I hope there is room for a surprise that can explain the size (a bit faster than f/1.4? Incredible image quality? or last moment added OIS?). The lens is expected to be announced late March/early April.

– I used the awesome Four Thirds matching simulation to compare the lens size!
– The Four Thirds Panasonic/Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens (which should have almost double the size compared to the little Micro Four Thirds sister)
– The Panasonic 20mm pancake at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay

UPDATE: Samsung doesn’t make any big secret about their lens roadmap and they just announced 5 new NX lenses (Click here to read more at MirrorlessRumors.com)

February 21, 2011
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Olympus XZ-1 reviews

Photographyhappenings reviewed the new Olympus XZ-1: “If you are comparing to the Panasonic LX-5 or Canon S95, the Olympus XZ-1 will be a good choice if lens specification is your key consideration. The Olympus delivers strong performance over the competitors in good light and moderate distance, but fails to shine in poorer light condition and closer to infinity.

But there are more testes: First look at Neutralday. Olympus XZ-1 Camera Studio Sample Photos (Photographyreview). Olympus XZ-1 Photo Gallery at letsgodigital.

A 43rumors reader sent has his first hand impression with the Olympus XZ-1 (Image samples at Picasaweb):

I’ve had my XZ-1 for a few days now and I thought I would summarise my thoughts.

Plus points.
1) The image quality is excellent. Sharp everywhere. Certainly better than I need. Portraits look very nice at 112mm equiv with very good DOF for a compact.
This is a major point for me. Nice portraits from a compact. Who knew?
2) The menu is a lot simpler than an
E-PL1. Less is more.
3) The controls work well and are quick to learn. I had it 3 days before I even bothered to look at the manual and that was only curiosity.
4) The performance is good. Focusing seems faster and better in practice than the E-PL1. Especially in poor light.
Thank heavens for the AF lamp.
5) The image stabilisation works very well. But then I don’t drink much coffee. :)

1) Auto ISO is plain STUPID. It will happily let you take shots at 1/10 second and ISO 200 rather than raise the ISO. Result? On Auto ISO you get a LOT of motion blurred subjects.
This would be the first thing I would fix if it were my design. It’s such a dumb mistake.
2) When you change mode with the dial, a message comes on screen to tell you what new mode you are in and stays there FAR TOO LONG. Irritating.
3) The lens cap is a bit of a bore.
4) YOU MUST use the strap. The front is slippery with no grip. I’ve put little grippy pads on mine.
5) Be nice to be able to assign AEL to the Movie button, or a LONG press of OK. But you can work around it.

I don’t think I’ll be using the E-PL1 much now I have the XZ-1.
Maybe I should sell it and save the money for a new toy when it FINALLY happens.


Direct product XZ-1 preorder pages at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, J&R, eBay.

February 21, 2011
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Rumors/news summary

Good Morning!
Last week we posted quite a bit of new interesting rumors and news. I thought it was worth to make a summary of all the most important articles posted on 43rumors:

Hot discussions

Thom Hogan shared his thoughts to the question: What is the future for Olympus?. It’s definitely worthy to read! Please take a look at the comments which are also very interesting!
Zone-10 explains why 2011 is the Year of Olympus. And yesterday we asked you “Who do you think should join Micro Four Thirds?“.


A very enthusiastic Panasonic GH2 review at Luminous Landscape. First Fuji X100 preview with real image samples (JPG and RAW) have been posted at Quesabesde. And we also posted the very first GH2 + Zeiss Cp lens image samples!


(FT5) Panasonic G3 (and new lenses?) by end of March/early April
(FT3) After Pentax also Nikon will announce a tiny sensors mirrorless system? The “nikon coolpix pro”
A Mirrorless spring roadmap
(FT5) Next Olympus product announcement in May/June (but no pro camera yet?)

Did you read everything? Are you ready for the new week? ;)
The 43rumors guys!

February 21, 2011
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Who do you think should join Micro Four Thirds?

Image above: The current Micro Four Thirds members

There are many camera manufactors that still didn’t make or join a mirrorless system. You will agree with me that it would be good if some of them would join the Micro Four Thirds system. My question to you is: do you have any special preference? You might explain us why?

Select one company that you would like to join Micro Four Thirds:

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