a little bit of everything…(Amos Chapple on DailyMail, Figosa strap, G6 test by Petr and more readers work).


CROATIA: SEA, MOUNTAINS AND SINGLETRACKS / first test of preproduction Panasonic G6 from Slavik Petr on Vimeo.

The video you see here on top has been made by 43rumors reader Pert: “I just made a “best of” movie about our mountain bike trip across Croatia captured with a preproduction Lumix G6. So It could be nice feed for your page as a demonstration of great sport and travel abilities of camera. My (2 weeks) work experience with Panasonic G6: very solid 1920×1080 50p / lightweight and flexible = ultimate tool for travel and outdoor / built-in timelapse, wi-fi = less garbage in your bag / “higher shoulders” and grip = better ergonomy than GH2 / I miss more control dials from GH2 and GH3 / I dont like flat buttons. Photo samples on facebook

News and readers mail roundup:
Our friend Amos Chappel made a new Editorial shoot for DailyMail UK. You have to check it out!
The State of the Mirrorless Camera Industry – May 2013 by AdmiringLight.
60mm macro review at Johnsson-photography
Sigma 19mm and 30mm f2.8 DN Lenses at ThePhoBlographer.
NEWS 3 min movies on Panasonic blog and behind the scenes stuff.
Olympus E-Pl5 review at Imaging Resource.

Laura & Andrea sent me this: ““Figosa” means in Italian “something cool” and this is what we want to pursuit: to make “cool” our photo cameras, giving them a vintage syle! All the Figosa straps are handmade (by us), in genuine leather and available in four colors: black, dark brown, cognac and honey. The metal inserts colour can be gold or silver, as the user likes. We have created Figosa’s page on Facebook, in order to test needs and liking of our customers, in order to test needs and liking of our customers. Currently we have an Etsy shop in order to sell our straps everywhere. Our project is just at the first steps, but we have already received positive and enthusiastic feedbacks from our users! All the straps are handmade and all the materials used are exclusively made in Italy. It is possible to combine the different leather colors with two metal elements kinds (gold or silver). The straps are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.
We are available to give you further information:
Figosa website: http://www.figosa.it
Figosa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/figosagenova

Gerbrand:I’ve ordered and received a black 45mm/1.8, and written a quick review on it http://www.gerbrandvanderweg.nl/2013/05/28/lightning-review-olympus-et-m-45mm-f1-8/

Julien:Not a rumor but rather showcasing the potential of the GH3. My friend and I spent a month traveling Europe (along Mediterranean and the Adriatic) and we made a video encapsulating our trip. There was so much life that ended up being captured after we picked a shot and filmed, I just loved to film and film. And what else can be said about the GH3? I’ve never had such a better time color grading footage. So glad I brought this camera over the GH2 http://vimeo.com/66435657

Pascal:Hey! I wanted to share my latest reel, thought you might enjoy a few shots from beautiful British Columbia :). Everything was shot on GH1/GH2 around Vancouver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbtdpSO-Sms

Eric:Since 4/3 Rumors is turning into a Micro 4/3 Rumors thing, I thought you might be interested in this. I’ve written a review of the “Think Tank” Mirrorless Mover 10 camera bag — starring my Oly E-M5 and as many lenses as I could stuff into it: http://www.seldomscenephotography.com/2013/05/21/the-think-tank-mirrorless-mover-10-a-pictorial-review/

Anonymous:For those interested, there is now a C Mount on M4/3 Facebook group you can join, cheers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/451414904950298/

Mathieu:Just thought you might like to share our comparison between the two MFT titans, the E-M5 and the GH3: http://www.bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.com/2013/05/28/om-d-e-m5-vs-dmc-gh3-clash-of-the-titans-in-the-micro-four-thirds-reign/



The sub $800 price battle. Fuji-Sony aggressive discount!


Not only the features of a new camera but also the constantly changing prices can change the panorama of the mirrorless market. And that is exactly what happened yesterday. Both, Fuji and Sony dramatically dropped the prices of their mirrorless cameras:

What until some time ago was perceived as a nice but still expensive system now got an impressive pride drop. The Fuji X-E1 can be bought for $799 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto. And the X-PRO 1 for $1,199 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto. Both cameras got a $200 discount! And the offer is even more impressive if you consider that by adding a lens or more lenses you can save up to $1,300! Just try the different combinations rebates at BHphoto (Click here) and click on the “Click Here To Save $300 On Fujifilm XF 18-55mm Zoom Lens” link.

The Sony NEX-6 is now priced at $748 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

Panasonic-Olympus: While the G6 still can hold up well ($749 with kit lens and shipment on June 21 at Amazon) the Olympus E-P5 ($999 for body only, June 28 shipment) will have a hard time fighting particularly against the Fuji X-E1 which is also perceived as a “high quality photographers camera” like the E-P5. Particularly Olympus has to re-think their product pricing strategy. The E-P5 is a nice camera, but probably $200 too expensive on the US market. And 100 Euro too expensive in Europe. The likely best bet for Olympus is the E-PL5. $200 cheaper than the mentioned cameras, same OMD sensor and tilting LCD. I hope Olympus is hearing us and they may launch a “Fuji style” rebate on body and kits!


Double hint from Pekka…


Pekka continues to raise the suspense on the next new OMD model by hinting tidbit

First Pekka wroteFor some of us E-P5 actually moves our expectations to the next model in OM-D line. I know pretty much what will be the big highlight of this body. Quite obvious to everyone seeing E-P5 should be that the next OM-D series model goes well above E-M5 in features. Incorporating VF-4 should be just one of them. And that is all I can say now…

And now: “E-P5 AF with 4/3 system lenses: Maybe there is a slight improvement over E-M5 maybe not. I tried shortly but did not notice anything worth closer look because the real thing for 4/3 lens owners is already on its way.

Meantime PChome (google translated) had an Interview with Olympus manager Mr. Haruo. And the interviewer couldn’t spill out any new info about the future releases but he said that he “got the feeling” that the new E-mount camera will be smaller than the previous E-5.


For Europe: All Black E-M5 kit, EP3, E-PL5 and E-Pm2 refurbished auctions.


I promise I will soon post new OMD rumors. Meantime EU readers can try to grab one of these nice full all Black E-M5 refurbished kits auctions:
auction 1 and auction 2.

Some more refurbished stuff:
auctions 1, auction 2, auction 3 and auction 4.
auctions 1, auction 2, auction 3, auction 4, auction 5, auction 6, auction 7 and auction 8 E-PL5:
auctions 1.

And E-Pl1 and E-Pm1 kits can be found too again at Olympusmarket.


It’s SD card deals day! 8GB card for $1!!!


Today it’s SD card deals day! You better prepare for the future new Megapixel madness run by buying zillions of cards :)

You cna grab up to 60% off SanDisk cards at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). The deal is valid for today only! And there is a 65% off on the Sony 64GB SDHC/SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 R40 Memory Card on eBay US (Click here).

And sorry, but you missed an incredible deal where you could have had an 8GB SD card for $0,99 on eBay US (Click here). It sold out in 15 minutes only! To not miss any deals like that anymore be sure to subscribe our DealsRunner.com site where you can get automatically notified on crazy deals like that. You will not have to wait for me posting this on 43rumors :)

More new deals:
The Olympus 14-150mm lens got a $110 discount through third party reseller at Amazon (Click here).
$200 off on the Apple 16GB iPod touch with FaceTime – Black or White – 4th Generation for $159 at eBay US (Click here).
Think Geek (Click here) is giving 20% OFF on orders over $75!
Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer at Adorama (Click here).