August 16, 2014
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Sony A7s vs GH4 vs C100 vs 5D Mark III (!!!) – Camera Shootout – Part III – Low Light / High ISO

A good article on m43 lenses by Chase Jarvis.
Leica 25mm f1.4 vs Olympus 75mm f1.8 at ThePhotoSoup.
Full review of the Panasonic Lumix GH4 for stills at Bestmirrorlesscamerareviews.
A dedicated GH4 UK site:
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Scoops EISA Award (ePhotozine).

Anonymous:Nice gh4 sports video gh4 with Rokinon 10 2.8 used in this video

Lee:I own the Panasonic 35-100mm lens. A wonderful lens, but several people have been discussing a behavior of the lens OIS – micro jitters when shooting movies hand-held. There are several movies showing the behavior – including one I made showing a comparison of different Panny lenses. I was wondering if you might be able to draw attention to the issue from your contacts at Panasonic?
Discussion starts at the bottom of this page:

Ruban:I made a new video with GH4.

GV:Not rumor, rather a tip: Use the rubber eyecup from the Zacuto Z-Finder as an impromptu eyecup for the GH4. The inside diameter of the Zacuto eyecup will fit perfectly around the GH4 viewfinder and is flexible enough to stretch around the built-in existing eyecup. The only downside is that the LCD is now blocked from being moved. I got the idea to check my parts bin from ( I took the cup off my Z-Finder and, presto, it worked!!!

Richard:People say that Olympus can’t make videocameras. Well they have for years, but they make high speed proffessional video cameras Btw. they use global electronic shutters

August 15, 2014
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(UPATED: Now sold out) Panasonic FZ1000 now in Stock on at Amazon.

Image courtesy:

The likely best superzoom camera on market is now in Stock after a long time of waiting at Amazon US (Click here). UPDATE: Now sold out already. New shipment shceduled for August 21.

P.S.: FZ1000 Image Gallery at Imaging Resource. Hands-on at The Panasonic FZ1000 CAN output clean HDMI video (Imaging Resource).


August 15, 2014
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(FT3) This is the amazing list of new features coming with the next E-M1 firmware upgrade?

An anonymous source unveiled the content of the new Olympus E-M1 firmware. This is his message:

Olympus OMD E-M1:
Silver version is coming.
It will include the new firmware that will be also available for the Black version.

Firmware update:
4K Recording (IS compatible)
High Speed and Slow motion Mode (240p or 120p)
New Codec with different recording mode (24p,25p,30p,60p)
Motion Film (I don’t know what it is exactly but it has something to do with a freeze picture functionality and choose to move what you want on the picture).
They didn’t confirm all yet but about a similar S-log mode than the Sony one
but they didn’t talk about it and how it would help grading for the cinema industry.
And others stuff that i didn’t have time to check yet.

I saw the 4K 24p and 30p mode, they was also other 4K mode but it was already the end of the Beta test. For sure this new update firmware doesn’t add anything, Olympus confirm 2 times that it was already there but not ready to be release because they needed to fix few issues. They add also new functionality for the pictures mode but i was not interested, only the video part.
It’s possible that they release the new firmware by the end of this month.

If true this would make current E-M1 owners extremely happy and sales of the E-M1 will increase for certain!

E-M1 Store Links:
Olympus E-M1 body at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto, Amazon DE (via DL), Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL), WexUK, Topshot FI, CameraWorldUK.
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, AmazonDE (viaDL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-40mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK and CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus E-M1 with 12-50mm Lens kit at Amazon DE (via DL), WexUK, CameraWorldUK, Amazon UK (via DL), Amazon ES (via DL).
Olympus EP-13 Eyecup for E-M1 at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus HLD-7 Battery Grip for E-M1 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LC-62D Metal Front Lens Cap for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.
Olympus LH-66 Lens Hood for 12-40mm at Adorama and BHphoto.

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