The Olympus E-M1II is the camera of the year at Imaging Resource


Imaging Resource’s camera of the year is the new Olympus E-M1II:

Sporting a new 20MP sensor, vastly more on-chip AF points and an updated image processor with a *dual* quad-core design, the E-M1 II feels nimble and capable no matter what you’re photographing. With a single quad core dedicated just to AF and the other image processing, the camera can just chew through images shot after shot — up to a whopping 60fps with S-AF with RAW! Continuous AF, more importantly, is just fantastic. In our testing, the E-M1 II was able to keep up with moving subjects nearly flawlessly, even at its fastest C-AF burst rate of 18fps.

Olympus E-M1II preorders:
In USA at BHphoto, Amazon, GetOlympus and Adorama.
In Europe at ParkCameras. WexUK.


Olympus Digital Camera updater now let’s you backup your E-M1II camera settings



In case you missed this: The latest version of the Olympus Digial Camera updater let’s you also store your E-M1II camera settings. This allows you for example to transfer your settings on another Olympus camera (Example from one E-M1II to another E-M1II). Also when there are new major firmware updates the camera settings will be retained.

UPDATE: This feature only works for the new E-M1II. I have no info whether this will be implemented on other Olympus cameras via future updates.

found via Karl Grabherr.


Lightroom 6.8 and Camera Raw 9.8 are now available (with E-M1II and E-PL8 support)


Reference View is a new view mode available in the Develop Module that allows you to compare 2 different images in order to make them visually consistent

Today Lightroom CC(2015.8) / 6.8, Adobe Camera Raw 9.8 and updates to Lightroom for mobile are now available.  Please click here to read the Camera Raw release notes and click here to read all the Lightroom for mobile news.

The update adds RAW support for the following cameras:

Olympus E-M1 Mark II (*)
Olympus PEN E-PL8
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ2500 (DMC-FZ2000 and DMC-FZH1)