January 5, 2010
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Head-2-Head Digital Camera Review: Olympus E-P1 vs. Olympus E-620


Alex Burack from from h2hreviews.com just sent me their latest Head-to-Head review between the E-P1 and the E-620. The test is very detailled (You have to read 14 pages!). I liked it a lot to read it! There are many graphs and image samples which makes it easy to understand what’t the difference between both cameras. Who wins? Click here to read the review and their conclusions!

Well done Alex and Emily!

January 5, 2010
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Pamasonic and Olympus rumors and news…stay with us!

Dear readers,
expect rumors and news to be posted here in the next hours and days. We are working on it and we will post some soon…Follow 43rumors!

January 4, 2010
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DEAL: Panasonic 20mm in Stock at amazon US (via GadgerClick)

For those of you interested to get the lens: Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 Aspherical Pancake Lens for Micro Four Thirds in Stock at Amazon US (via GadgerClick)! Price? $399.95 + few dollars for shipping.

P.S.: Once clicked scroll down to find the third party dealer.

January 4, 2010
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UPDTAED-> Some more Samsung NX-10 details…

Apparently the Samsung NX-10 with 18-55mm will cost 700 Euro or $800. That’s a lot cheaper than the Panasonic GH1 and I don’t know if we should expect a GH1 price drop soon (we already had a -$250 price drop in amazon US)
In the meanwhile dpreview posted some new NX-10 images. Try to compare it with the images taken with the Olympus E-P1. Let me know what your first impressions are!

Where does the NX-10 lack against the Panasonic ?

It has no 50/60p and no 1080 recording.
Sound is mono only.
AF doesn’t work in video mode. UPDATE: This is wrong, AF works!
No swivel LCD.
And no video optimazied lenses.

P.S.: The Panasonic 14-140mm f/4.0-5.8 OIS Micro Four Thirds Lens is in Stock at amazon.

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