January 24, 2010
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(FT1) UPDATED -> Crazy rumor: E-5 with new mount

Please allow me to post one of the crazy rumors we are receiving in this days. Really don’t take it to much seriousely ok?

That’s what one source told me:
E-system Fans will be no intersted in New camera
I Guess new camera may change mount
I Believe it is true about 70%
I’m not sure Olympus New camera sitll use 43 mount.

Just receivend a new mail from an anonymous source. he says “I can’t say much, but do not be too dismissive of a new lens mount for the E5. Expect something new.“,

Hmmm… maybe the rumor is not that crazy ?

P.S.: Thanks for contacting us!

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January 24, 2010
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Olympus E-P2 in Stock in Amazon Germany and Amazon UK

Just came back at home and checked if the E-P2 are in Stock in european amazon stores…and yes finally we have something! Click on the link to visit the product page:

Amazon Deutschland: Olympus E-P2

Amazon UK: Olympus E-P2

January 23, 2010
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New FourThirds and MicroFourThirds flash from Nissin!

limited edition of white colored flash

A. sent us a very interesting news:

Got this post from omuser.com. This post said that Nissin, in its tenth anniversary general meeting, announced to release a series of digital flash products to support 4/3 and m4/3. The photo shown in the link is a limited edition of white colored flash. Supposing to match with the white E-P1 and GF-1

The model in the photo is a model Di466, it will support wireless, TTL, non-TTL, manual and also a mode called My TTL, which seems to allow users to select the exposure value for the TTL (I guess on the flash body itself??)


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