(FT5) Panasonic G3 and lenses announcements delayed (coming in May now)


Image on top: The Panasonic G2 which should be replaced by the new G3.

I just received info from a few of my sources. Due the recent energy supply problems in Japan Panasonic had to delay the announcement of some of their upcoming products. The new Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera and lenses will be announced in May (and not in April as I told you before).
UPDATE: Other companies have been hit very hard by the earthquake desaster. According to BloombergCanon earnings this year will probably be 27 percent lower than previously estimated after last month’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan“. And Sony had to delete the lates product announcements!

Than Panasonic should announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera, the G3. The Panasonic G10 has already been discontinued, the G2 price lowered to make room for the new G3. There will be also a new Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 lens. It is not Leica branded, has no image stabilization and unlike the famous Four Thirds brother it is not Leica branded. It should cost around $700. That’s more than just a rumor because Panasonic UK product manager John Mitchell confirmed that the 25mm lens is coming this summer: “We are sure it’s going to be a great hit because it’s 50mm [35mm viewing angle] equivalent – really fast, really bright” (Source: Amateur Photographer). Oh forgot to mention: It has double the size of the current 20mm f/1.7 pancake.

Is there room for some surprise? Let’s hope yes! 🙂

The Panasonic G2 price dropped during the recent months at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
The Panasonic G10 already disappeared from most stores (See Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay)
The current 25mm f/1.4 Four Thirds lens at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


Panasonic GF2 vs Canon 600D — And Panasonic GH2 vs hacked GH1


The video on top shows a funny and not so technical comparison between the Panasonic GF2 vs Canon 600D .

M43photo.blogspot (Click here) posted a more detailed GH2 vs GH1 video quality comparison: “One could be tempted to think that the GH1 gives better video quality, due to the twice as high video bitrate. But the GH2 has other advances…it is reasonable to guess that it samples more pixels as a basis for the video output…the GH2 gives somewhat better contrast and sharpness. The GH1 has slightly washed out colours and that the compression algorithm is better. My conclusion so far is that the GH2, even with lower bitrate, gives slightly better video quality.”
GH2 direct links at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

One more thing…two lens reviews:
Zeiss (Rollei) 50mm F1.4 tested on the GH2 at EosHD (Click here). The Zeiss is only available on eBay (Click here).
Panasonic 8mm Fisheye Review at E-P1.net (Click here). Check price and availability of that lens at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.


New Olympus E-PL2, Fuji X100 and Voigtländer 25mm reviews


The Olympus E-PL2 has been tested by Electronista (Click here): “We suspect the intended audience will be very happy with the E-PL2. Apart from its jewel-like construction and finish, it’s an amazing piece of hardware for the price and size. The image quality is good for the class, and we saw some important steps forward in the control and visual output. Penpal is something of a novelty, especially at its $60 price, but it could be handy if you’re more interested in uploading to Facebook than an edit in Aperture or Lightroom
Check the current E-PL2 price by clicking those direct links: Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

The Fuji X100 has been reviewed by Trustedreviews (Click here): “The Fujifilm X100 certainly isn’t for everyone with its fixed lens, sizeable body and even more sizeable price tag. However, its rock-solid build quality, superb image quality – with exceptional low light performance – and more compact stance than an equivalent DSLR means it will have pride of place for many enthusiasts and pros as a back up to their main kit. However, if in the unlikely event that you’re considering this camera without already owning a DSLR, then we’d have to concede that any one of many low- to mid-range DSLRs, such as the Nikon D3100 or Canon EOS 550D, would be a more sensible bet.
Check the current X100 availability at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

The Hong Kong website DC.Fever (Click here) posted a full Noktor 25mm review.
Check the current Noktor auctions on eBay (Click here).


POLL: Nikon says mirrorless competes against the compact cameras not against DSLR’s. What do you think?


Nikon said that mirrorless cameras are competing against the compact camera market and not taking away any shares from the DSLR market (via Mirrorlessrumors). Is Nikon talking nonsense or not? We have one of the largets “mirrorless” readers community and it’s about time to ask you if your Micro Four Thirds camera did replace your compact camera or DSLR camera. Let’s see if Nikon is telling us the truth 😉

You are using your m43 camera and...

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P.S.: Nikon announced another DSLR, the Nikon D5100. No sign of mirrorless cameras yet…


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Pansonic GH2 direct links at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
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