March 31, 2009
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Olympus E-450


So here we are. One day before expected (from our sources) Olympus announced the E-450. We told you they would announce the camera in April (our sources told us the first April). Olympus choose to anticipate the annoucment because the first april is fools days in some countries. Not the best choice for an announcement…nobody would believe them! ;)

We were completely right on the main features, no video, no body IS, art filter, same resolution as the “old” E-420. In general we told you that this camera will be very similar to the Olympus E-420. You just have to add ART-filter ;)

If you want to read more about the camera:

Olympus Asia

Olympus America

Imaging resourcing

That’s a real good start for us! Only few believed us.

We were right no?

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We are continuously updating this page…

March 31, 2009
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we were right or NOT? Olympus E-450!!!

They anticipated the announcement by ONE day because tomorrow is fools day. Our sources were right or not? Do you believe us now?

March 31, 2009
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European price for the Panasonic GH1

Listed price from Panasonic GH1 with LUMIX G VARIO 14-140 mm / F4.0-5.8 Asph. / OIS will be 1.550 Euro.

Source: panasonic germany

Thanks Marc for sendig us the link!!!

March 30, 2009
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(FT 2) no video in Olympus digital cameras ?

We received an email from unknown sources. So please keep in mind that he could be completely wrong (or just joking with us). This sources says he works for Olympus and he knows that for 2009 we are NOT going to see any DSLR camera with video. He told us video is not a primary feature requestet by Olympus user. Plans are to wait the evolution of this tecnology. The digital cameras with video we have seen until now are not really good competitor to traditional camcorders so Olympus has not to be hurry anyway.

That’s what he told us.

I keep his contact in mind.

UPDATE: I asked him if he believes there will be NO video feature even for micro four thirds camera. He answered he is only sure about classic four thirds DSLR. May Olympus has different plans for micro four thirds cameras.


March 30, 2009
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funny self-interview

We took a break and looked in forums for comments about our rumors and website. And it’s so funny to read what people think about us! So we put their opinions together and formulated some creative questions that we are going to answer ;)

1) The less-than-perfect spelling is because you are not native English speakers?

Exactly! Could someone help us to improve the English in our posts? :)

2) Are your rumors half recycled and half made up or otherwise?

A lot of people think that. There are a lot of forums worldwide and if you put pieces together from here and there you can always say our rumors are recycled. But have you ever read somewhere clearly that the Olympus E-450 is due for April? I don’t think so!

3) Tell the truth! You created this blog to earn money with advertising!

I will tell you what we have earned so far. The Google Adsense program prohibits us to give you exact numbers but we can use our imagination…ehm…

We paid 55 beers for (buying domain and transfer from old hosting)

We paid 23 beers for

We paid 26 beers for

and finally an expensive unlimited traffic hosting (to give you better access time to our website) 140 beers!

That’s more or less 244 beers ok?

So with Adsense we earnd 51 beers from 1th March to 30th March. Two donater more or less gave us 28beers (THANK YOU AGAIN!!!).

Our only goal is to cover the costs of our hosting/domain an obviously OUR BEER!!! Can you imagine how much it is? Hey, do you hear me? :)

4) Rumors are only things for unserious people who wan to joke with us…

First we are not only rational human beings, we have a big and important emotional part. I believe it is nice to dream a little and may our dreams influence Olympus and Panasonic!

Second I don’t joke with any of you when I give you the FT5 rumors!

5) I don’t believe you have any connection to Olympus…

No, we don’t know anyone inside Olympus, and we will never reveal how we get our FT5 news. I think it’s clear why…

6) Lol, your forum has only three registered users and one viagra post.

Who knows, one day I might need Viagra ;) Seriousely, it will take time to start up and we don’t force anyone to participate.

7) Ok after the last FT5 rumor (two micro four thirds cameras) we can say this blog is an unserious source.

Is that a serious sentence? Prove where we told something untrue…until now nothing. Keep waiting and shame on me if we were wrong!

Do YOU have more REAL questions?

See you tomorrow…


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