July 8, 2009
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(Updated) Sigma DP2 vs Panasonic G1 vs Olympus E-P1


The difference in colour between the two MicrFourThirds camera and the Sigma DP2 is huge! And you cn clearly see the E-P1 sharpness thanks to the weak AA-Filter.

UPDATE: A new comparison is available here (with the DP1 instead of the DP2)


July 7, 2009
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(FT3) Zone-10 predicts the E-P2 specs

Inside their E-P1 review zone-10 made a step further by predicting the E-P2 specifications:

Model 1: Olympus E-P1 Model 2: Olympus E-Px
Imaging sensor 12.3 megapixel Live MOS Same
Processor TruePic V TruePic V+
Image stabilisation Mechanical and electronic Same
Viewfinder None (external accessory) High frame-rate electronic type with diopter control
LCD monitor Fixed 3″ 230,000-dot Hypercrystal III with Live Control Articulating 3″ Hypercrystal III with Live Control; dot-count unknown
HDMI support 1280×720 pixels, 16:9 format, AVI 1280×1080 pixels, 16:9 format, AVI
Flash None built in Built-in GN13 (ISO 100)
Digital leveller Yes, dual axis Same
Exposure Modes P,A,S,M, iAuto, Bulb, 14 Scene Modes, 6 Creative Art Filters Same, but possibly more Creative ARt Filters and better iAuto intelligence
Metering range EV 0 to 18 (50mm ISO 100) EV -2 to 18 (50mm ISO 100)
Highlight/Shadow control Shadow adjustment Technology Same but improved
Autofocusing Imager-AF 11-point Same
Shutter speed range 60 to 1/4000 second Same
Flash sync speed 1/180 second maximum 1/180 or 1/250 second maximum
Drive modes Single, Continuous, Self-timer, optional RM-UC1 cable shutter-release Similar, including RM-1 wireless shutter release
Continuous drive mode 3 fps 3.5 or 4 fps
Battery type BLS-1 lithium-ion rechargeable Same
Memory card support SD/SDHC Class 6 SD/SDHC Class 6 and CompactFlash
ISO sensitivity range 100 to 6400 Same
Standard kit lens(es) 17mm f2.8 and 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 17mm f2 and 14-50mm f2.8-3.8

Sounds good or not?

P.S: if you need a leatherette skin for E-P1 click here!

July 7, 2009
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It is my pleasure to present you the invisible Samsung NX camera! :)

Few days ago photorumors.com and k-rumors.com rumored about a today (July 7th) Samsung NX camera announcement. It should become the first MicroFourThirds competitor….and the camera is finally NOT here!

Here the NOT specs:

NO megapixel

NO video


NO camera ;)

UPDATE: It seems that the famous “someone” finally spotted the camera the “Samsung NX 10″.


July 7, 2009
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The prime lenses poll has been closed. Zoom lenses poll soon open!

Many thanks to all the people who gave their vote! I will soon open the zoom poll and after that I will send the results to Olympus and Panasonic.
Here the results of the prime lens poll:

Update: The most voted focal lenghts are,
- 25mm (982 votes)
- 12mm (823 votes)
- 17mm (475 votes)
- 14mm (373 votes)

July 7, 2009
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Focus speed test comparison between the E-P1 and GH1

Focus Speed:
Olympus with Lumix 14-140mm lens attached.

Focus Speed Panasonic 14-140mm

and finally the Focus Speed Olympus with the 14-42mm lens

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