April 17, 2009
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For real photographer…

Yes micro four thirds is exciting but if you don’t want to spend a loto f money and if you really want incredible quality in a small compact camera go for this fanatsic camera…the Olympus 35RC!!!

it is incredible small, wonderful lens and it costs less then 100$ !

Read the latest review from ken Rockwell if you want to know more!


April 16, 2009
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PROBLEM: slow website loading time SOLVED???

UPDATE: please let us know if the loading time is now ok! Thanks

All the user are experiencing slow page loading times which is really painfull. We already wrote to our hosting service. They will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Really sorry, it is not our fault.

April 16, 2009
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(FT 4) two or (three) Olympus micro four thirds lenses coming with the first camera?

The first lens will be a normal zoom kit lens
The second lens could be a long end zoom.
The third lens will be prime lens. A fast one!

April 16, 2009
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a little bit of M-mount lenses ;)

One thing is sure. With your Panasonic or Olympus micro four thirds camera you will be able to use a lot of M-mount lenses! We already wrote an article over the very loooooong adapter list.

Don’t forget the new Novoflex and Voigtländer Adapter.

Wouldn’t be wonderful to use Leica lenses on your digital camera? So you want to see which lenses are avaiable and how good they are?

I will give you some help ;)

1) Voigtländer lenses. This page list them all adding some personal judgment from the author

2) A very deep review of M-mount lenses are avaible here at luminous landscape.

3) And we don’t want to forget to mention the BIG guru Ken Rockwell!

Feel free to update the list in your comments!!!

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