Pekka Potka says there is no real IQ difference between E-PL5 and E-M5.


The E-PL5 vs E-M5 comparison by DSLRcheck (translation here).

As Heisenberg proved in the world of physics every testing results depends from the tester. So we now have two new tests trying to find out if there is an IQ difference between the E-PL5 and E-M5:

1) First test: Pekka Potka debunked the myth of the E-PL5 being better then the E-M5. He compared the two cameras and states that “the only thing we can see in these two images is that there really is no difference at all. Yes, there are very, very slight differences but they can come from so many little deviations.“.

2) Second test: DSLRcheck posted another E-PL5 versus E-M5 comparison. The test shows how the E-PL5 has a bit more moire but at the same time also a tiny bit more sharpness. This test indeed suggests that there may be a difference between the two cameras and this may be caused by the lack of AA filter (as written by Olympus France in a message to Lepidi).

I repeat it once again, I link to reviews written by others and I am sure they all have the best intentions. But as stated by Pekka there are so many variables influencing test results. And even Olympus France could have done an (unintentional) wrong statement. At that point I want to remind you that this are just pixel peeping talks. You will never notice a real difference between a printed E-PL5 or E-M5 image. It’s great that Olympus used the best m43 sensor to date for both smalle new PEN cameras :)

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Surprise! Truesense (ex-Kodak) announces a new Four Thirds sensor with Global Shutter (and Monochrome version too!)


Back in 2011 Truesenseimaging was acquired by Platinum Equity through a transaction with Kodak. And one year after the acquisition they surprised us by announcing a new Four Thirds sensors! You can download the full specs as pdf (Click here). And there are some very intriguing specs. First this sensor is available in both Color and Monochrome version! I am probably among one of these few guys that would like to own a Monochrome MFT camera. The sensor also features global shutter.

Here are the key features:

  • Global shutter and rolling shutter
  • Very fast frame rate
  • High NIR sensitivity
  • Multiple regions of interest
  • Interspersed video streams


Resolution: 4000 x 3000
Total Resolution: 12 MP
Pixel Size µm: 4.7
Diag. mm: 23.5
Max Frame Rate (fps): 60
  • Monochrome
  • Color
Optical Format: 4/3

What is the strategy behind this? Are we going to see a Panasonic or Olympus camera featuring this sensor???


Save up to $2500 on refurbished Four Thirds Lens deals (they will be 100% compatible on the next OMD?)


Try to guess when Olympus launched the last New Four Thirds Lens? Don’t remember? It was the Olympus Zuiko Digital 14-54mm 1:2.8-3.5 II back in November 2008! And honestly I don’t recall any rumor about possible new FT Lens releases. Still, some of the FT lenses are unmatched in terms of quality by any of the current MFT offerings. So if you care about getting some of the great FT Glass here are some new deals on refurbished FT lenses that will make you save up to $2250 on the usual normal price:

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Many of you will now say. Why the heck should I buy a FT lens? Easy answer, those are superb lenses and will be also fully supported in terms of AF speed on the future OMD cameras. At least that is what Olympus promised us for the next future. And I am sure they are telling us the truth. And I have no hard time in recommending you good lenses. They will last forever (unlike cameras). Even Philip Bloom uses the f/2.0 Olympus lenses for his work :)





New XZ-2 reviews and an Olympus APP report (on the E-M5)


The great XZ-2 and the even cheaper XZ-1:
Our friend Robin Wong posted part two and part three of the XZ-2 review. It’s a really nice camera and Robin talents really shows how to get the most out of it. But as I told you before…that $199 you pay for the XZ-1 now (Click here) really kills the XZ-2 sales!

The new Olympus phone APP:
The Olympus Image share Application is now available on iTunes and Android store. And our reader Matt Johnston tested the APP on the E-M5:
I just wanted to send a quick update/review of the new Oly app and a Flash Air SD. I live in the US, but bought a Flash Air card a few months ago from Japan just to play around with to see how it compared to my Eye-Fi card.  To make a long story short, I could see the potential, but was turned off by the very rudimentary web interface you had to use for everything (browsing thumbnails, viewing full sized individual pictures, and saving images to your phone/device).  Anyway, after reading your post yesterday I downloaded the app and tried to connect to the card with both my E-P2 and my E-M5… both worked great!  I don’t have any other cameras to test with, but I’m curious if this might work with other brand cameras as well? It’s quite simple and only takes a few seconds to setup.  You first have to connect to the WIFI network that the card generates.  Then just open the Oly app and it shows you thumbnails of all the pictures on the camera. From there you can either view large versions of individual photos by clicking on them, or you can select multiple photos and have your phone save them to the camera roll.  To apply art filters, you have to use a photo already saved to your phone.  The good news is that you can apply Oly art filters to any photo on your phone… including pics taken with the iPhone camera or uploaded from other cameras!
I did have two recommended improvements if you can forward them on to Oly.  First, it takes a long time to load individual, full resolution photos… I shoot RAW + full size JPEGs.  RAWs don’t show up in the app (which is good IMO), but the full resolution JPGs take 10 seconds or longer to view. That delay is also present when using the very basic web interface from the Flash Air card so I’m sure it isn’t Oly’s fault.  It also goes much, much quicker if you set your camera to generate smaller JPGs.  The problem is when you scroll to the next photo (and wait 10+ more seconds) and then scroll back… it doesn’t cache the photos you’ve already viewed.  You have to reload the photos (10+ secs each), every single time you view them!  Maybe Oly could create a cache that resets after the app is closed.  That way for each viewing session you browse quicker.  The other improvement I would love to see is to add an auto-refresh option.  If you were on a paid shoot and your client was watching the progress on an iPad, they would have to refresh the thumbnails between every shot.  Not a deal breaker, but it seems like it could easily be added.
Now to be fair, everything you can do with the Oly app is possible to do with the card by itself — namely, connecting to your smart phone/tablet, viewing thumbnails, seeing full size images, and downloading them to your device.  What the Oly app adds, is a nice interface to everything.  I almost gave up on my Flash Air card as it was so cumbersome to use via their painfully basic web interface.  Before this app came along my Flash Air was sitting unused in favor of my Eye-Fi card.  Now I can see myself using it much more often… way to go Oly!

Thanks Matt for your report!!!

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Panasonic reports six months financial results.


If you can read the complex language of financial reports than download that Panasonic pdf file. It contains the results of the last size months and a forecast for 2013 (see screenshot on top). In very short, the situation ins’t good. TV business is going worse than ever, restructuring expenses are 11 times(!) more expensive than predicted and when it comes to digital cameras that’s what Panasonic writes:

AVC Networks
Sales decreased by 24% to 690.0 billion yen from 913.6 billion yen a year ago. This result was due mainly to significant sales decline in flat-panel TVs, BD recorders and digital cameras. Segment profit significantly improved to 19.9 billion yen, compared with a loss of 15.7 billion yen a year ago due mainly to fixed cost reductions and restructuring effects.

Of course Panasonic already announced a long list of actions and some of them are described in the document. I am less worried about the relative small Digital Camera business. That’s not their main core business.  Panasonic has to fix the TV business first. On the good side of their report you can notice that Panasonic is doing profit on very future oriented business like green terminology and house electronic stuff.

More info at Bloomberg.