New GF5 and GX1 review (with new GH2 cage)


I am not a big cage expert or fan but this one looks pretty good! It’s sold by the korean company Gini and there is one single GH2 cage on auction on eBay (Click here to check it out).

Now let’s focus on other two Panasonic cameras:
Panasonic GX1 review at Photographybay (Click here): “In the end, the compact size, speed and image quality deliver enough for most photo enthusiasts.  It’s in the same vein of Sony’s excellent NEX line on all fronts.  Those wanting more out of a camera need to consider stepping up to a larger and more expensive option.
GX1 price check at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
Panasonic GF5 review at Techradar (Click here): “The low price makes the Panasonic GF5 one of the best compromises on the market between compact size and high image quality. It’s one of the only cameras that is truly (jacket) pocketable and portable enough to be carried around on a daily basis, while still managing to offer fantastic image quality and a solid feature set.
GF5 price check at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

Reminder on super m43 USA deals. I order them from the cheapest to the most expensive:
Olympus E-PL1 body for $149 at Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic 45-200mm lens for $199 at Amazon (Click here).
Olympus E-P2 body for $229 at Amazon (Click here).
Olympus E-PL1 with kit lens for $272 at Amazon (Click here). Actually it is also the most sold m43 camera at Amazon (here is the ranking).
Panasonic 45-175mm for $382 at Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic GX1 body for $549 at Amazon (Click here).


The two new Olympus lenses already within the M43 system pdf!


Last week I told you that Olympus is sending out the 75mm f/1.8 lens for testing to journalists and photographer. Today we have the next good sign for a not so far away lens announcement. The Micro Four Thirds pdf catalog (Click here) has been updated and now includes the lenses. I hope Olympus will announce them in June along the new XZ-2! The 75mm f/1.8 is particularly intruiguing also because Olympus states that this is the “highest imaging performance M.Zuiko” lens. It means it beats the already very good Olympus 12mm f/2.0!

Curiosity: The Panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses are NOT included in the pdf.




Olympus E-M5 review roundup!


I keep finding links about new E-M5 reviews and test. So it’s time for a new roundup:
Steve Huff (Click here) finished his E-M5 review: “To all of those who feared M4/3 in the past, fear no more. The E-M5 is versatile, capable, fun, serious, well built and offers everything we can ask for in a take anywhere camera. BRAVO OLYMPUS!
Full E-M5 review by Pocket-Lint (Click here): “We like it, we like it a lot. But with a taller asking price than the Nikon D7000, and at just £200 shy of a Canon EOS 7D kit, there’s a lot to consider.
New E-M5 review at (Click here).
A bit weird OM design thought at Minimallyminimal (Click here).
Olympus OM-D E-M5: mise au point manuelle at Lepidi (Click here).
E-M5 versus GX1 by Petter Magnusson (Click here).
10 minute video of OMD E-m5 video on a quadrocopter flying around a skate park, showing how good the video is and how well the IBIS works on Vimeo (Click here).
Hungarian E-M5 review by Pixinfo (Click here).
Silkypix RAW quality comparison by DSRLcheck (Click here).
Jérôme:Here’s a fresh video from my OM-D E-M5 using best Zuiko & Panasonic lenses:
And a direct link to download the Full HD movie:
Vittore:Here you can find ( ) a first little impression from a professional photographer with OM-D E-M5 here my portfolio if you want to know who I am:

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

Bestseller list. Check the list (changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 10/13/18/19 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 11 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 4/12 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 3/6/16 (Click here).


a little bit of everything…(Seb Farges video, Panasonic converter test and more)


The video on top has been made by Seb Farges. He used the GH2 with the super new (and not on market) SLR CINE lens 50mm T 0.95. The anamorphic shots were made with this lens and the baby Berthiot Hypergonard 1.75X (here on eBay) fix on it.

A first review of the new Lumix converters at Mynichi (Click here).

The movie “Serbuan Maut” has been entirely shot with the AG-AF100

The new GF5 star filter in use at DSLRmagazine (Click here for the translation).

Olympus converters tested at (Click here for the translation).

A new case for the GX1 at (Click here for the translation).

Readers mail: “Hi admin, this is not a rumpr but check out this trailer to an upcoming feature film that was shot on the GH2.
You can read about it on this thread over at dvx user. The cinematographer said a lot of times it was just him and the sound mixer in terms of crew.

Nik:For your readers roundup, here is another video that I photographed with the GH2 and Olympus Zuiko 50 f2:

Patrick: “Another GH2 macro video! This time with a 20mm f1.7 and a reverse mount adapter from ebay.


New E-M5 cheap batteries auctions (with charger included)


The Hong Kong located store “dstebattery” reacted quickly and is now offering new (non original) E-M5 batteries with battery charger included! Here are the auctions:
– Three E-M5 batteries with charger for $39,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– Two E-M5 batteries with charger for $30,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– One E-M5 battery with charger for $18,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– A single E-M5 battery without(!) charger for $12,99 (Click here to see the auction).

I think this is a great deal if you consider that the original Olympus BLN-1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (1220mAh) costs $59 (here at Bhphoto). As usual be aware of the risk to buy from oversea stores! I will take the risk but don’t blame me if there are some problems after :)