August 4, 2010
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3D Panasonic camcorder tested


Last week Panasonic launched a 3D camcorder and a 3D lens for MicroFourThirds. The in depth review of the HDC-SDT750 camcorder has been posted on camcorderinfo (Click here to read it). The article may be also helpful if you want to know how the 3D lens will work on your MicroFourThirds camera.

Reminder: The 3D lens is not available for preorder. The HDC-SDT750 is available for preorder ($1,399.95).

August 4, 2010
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(FT2) GF2 and GH2 ghosts…

That picture above is a rendering! Not the real camera!

Reminder: The rumor is not from our sources that’s why it has a “FT2″ value (unreliable rumor from unknown source)

The japanese website blog.livedoor postes some possible GH2 specs. The camera could be announced by August 19.

14 Megapixel LiveMOS (new design)
1080/60p (up to 24Mbps) AVCHD
EVF is 360Hz (RGB × 120Gz) / SXGA / LCD monitor can tilt back and forth movable / 960 × RGB × 540 / Kuotafuru HD (Hitachi Displays)
AF is slightly faster than ever
SDXC support
Real-time Output HDMI
Kit available woth the 14-140mm F4.0-5.6 HD OIS or/and 12-75mm F2.5-3.3 HD OIS
Body colors – graphite and titanium.

In the meanhwile a chinese store list the new Panasonic GF2 (definitely not a reliable rumor source!!!)


August 3, 2010
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Getting closer to Photokina…Panasonic rumors summary!

So let’s make a summary of the Panasonic rumors to date.

We expect Panasonic to announce new cameras and lenses by very late August/early September (one-two weeks before Olympus).

Panasonic GH2
Very likely: Yesterday we gave you the info that Panasonic Japan doesn’t have any GH1 in Stock anymore. We are 99% certain the GH2 is coming (no surprise here). We expect the camera to be an evolution and not a reolution compared to the GH1. So no heavy design changes will be made. The new generation sensor will be used for the new GH2. Few months ago there were rumors about an electronic shutter. According to our soruces this is not going to happen (mainly because of patent reasons). There will be some sort of in-between solution (don’t ask me how this will work….I don’t know it yet). The sensor will have a 14-16MPX sensor. The sources also told me that Panasonic developed the sensor until the very last minute so don’t expect the camera to be in Stock after beeing unveiled. The AVCHD codec will work with a compression of 24Mbit/s.
Not so likely: We know that Panasonic developed a sensor based on ‘dual exposure technique’ which improves the sensitivity by a factor of 4. But we don’t believe yet if that will be one of the features of the GH2 camera (would be nice!).

Panasonic GF camera or cameras
Very likely: We are certain Panasonic has the plan to release a very compact GF camera to compete against the Sony NEX camera. It will have a much better usability as the NEX and be similar in size. That camera could become the very new hotseller in the mirrorless market! It will not replace the GF1. Don’t know if that GF camera will come along the new sensor (mainly because of supply reasons).
Not so likely: Could there be one more GF camera? Few months ago we found the patent of a GF camera with built-in EVF. But not one of our sources told us that such a camera is coming. We have to search and search and search again to find some info…

More cameras
Also the L10 is now officially out of stock on Panasonic Japan. But we don’t believe there will be a replacement. We received an interesting rumor about the AG-AF100 having a different sensor than the GH2. It’s from a new source and we will post that rumor soon.

Panasonic lenses
The 14mm f/2.5 and the 100-300mm lens will be unveiled at Photokina. We have also heard that zoom lenses for the AG-AF100 are currently beeing tested by video experts.
The most interesting rumor is certainly the one we posted few weeks ago about the next Panasonic primes. A good source told us that Panasonic is working on new very fast primes (soem of them faster than f/1.4). The same source told us that those lenses were not ready yet for mass production. he expects them to be on market starting by very late 2010 and early 2011. There is a very good chance Panasonic will announce the development of those lenses at Photokina.

I don’t knwo why…I have the feeling there is still a surprise around the corner. Sources are “scary” silent but also enthusiastic…

So that’s the quick summary. As you can imagine we received far more infos but we need to check them with as many sources as possible. Keep following us on 43rumors!


August 3, 2010
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Welcome to the new website!

Good morning….and surprise! :)

What you see here is the basis of our new theme. Over the next days you will see many changes. For example a new logo will be made soon and new fonts for the title will be used. All suggestions are welcome!

Why a new theme?
43rumors has existed since 16 months ago. The theme we always used was a “casual choice” and not a consequence of a rational decision. There are many reasons why we felt we had to change the design:
1) Easy simple design. We wanted a new theme with less chaos and content. We have taken into account your criticisms and suggestions and tried to find the best working solution.
2) We wanted to make it easy for you to share rumros and news. Click on the “SHARE” button (on the top of the right sidebar) to send me links images and rumors/news. Name and email address are not required and IP-address will also not be stored. Easy or not?
3) A major improvement has also been also made on the camera database. It locates your IP-address and shows the stores near to you (for now this works only for 10 countries and we will be adding holemore countries soon). Soon we will add quick-links to reviews, specs, news and user reviews for eveyr single Panasonic and Olympus camera and lens!
4) The theme and the whole website is now based on buddypress. This means that if you are a member you can join groups, post in forums, share pictures and make friends. Buddypress is still under heavy development and we will add those features as soon as we feel they are mature. For now you can register yourself and create a profile. Once registered you can make friends, and create or join groups.
5) The old theme and plugins didn’t work very well. There were database errors and a lot of weird stuff. The new website is a completely new installation and runs very well!
6) The new website is easy readable with all modern browsers and also with Blackberries and Iphones.

We need some help:

1) If you are from US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Poland, you can help us to test the camera database. In theory the database should show you the links to amazon, ebay, pixmania and other stores, depending upon your location. If you are located in Germany click on “Amazon” and you will jump to the Amazon Deutschland product page. If you have some time please check if it works for all products! There are so many links that I may have made some mistakes :(
2) If you find bugs or if you would love to see some changes here and there contact me on

So now let me go back to work! I really want to fix everything as soon as possible while my girlfriend is out shopping!

Many Thanks again for all your support!


August 2, 2010
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UPDATED: New 43rumors theme online (lots of bug to fix)

Sorry for inconvenience. We need to fix a lot of things on our new theme. After that we will release a detailled description of the new features. All the process will take few hours.

UPDATE: I am sooooo tired. We were three guys working to make the new installation. You don’t know it….but this is our third attempt to install the new system (three nights!). Now we are here with tons of bug we need to fix. It’s 2.19am and I am falling asleep like a completely drunk teenager. Sorry if I didn’t manage to fix everything, but I need to rest and tomorrow I will finish the job and explain you the new website.


P.S.: This is not just a new design, 43rumors now runs on a completely new software. 43rumors will become a mini-facebook were each other can share infos and pictures, and make friends.

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