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Rumors from others: Nikon sensor versus m43 sensor, NEX-7 specs, NX200 rumors.


Image source: Jorginho (Dpreview forum user)

There are a couple of new interesting “mirrorless” rumors:

1) Nikon could announce their new mirrorless system on August 24. As you see from the image on top the sensor is smaller than the Micro Four Thirds sensor. How will the image quality be compared to m43 cameras? Thom Hogan says: “What if–and please, this is a what if, not a will–but what if Nikon was able to put a 10mp+ sensor into a Coolpix P7000-sized body (Click here to see that camera) that had an m4/3 level of image capability? I believe that’s in the realm of possibilities.

2) Sony will announce a NEX-7 with built-in viewfinder by end of August. It should have an ISO range of 100 up to 25.600 (Source: SonyAlphaRumors).

3) There are also new NX200 rumors coming from Russia. No built-in EVF, no touch-screen, no tilt-lcd. Sounds boring! (Source: MirrorlessRumors)


UPDATED: VF-3 price in Europe 199 Euro and not 150 Euro! (a note about the missing built-in flash)


It looks like some website yesterday reported the wrong european price of the VF-3 (Dpreview said the street price was 150 Euro). According to (CLick here) the real price of the VF-3 is 199 Euro (not 150 Euro). By the way they made an analysis of the VF-3 compared it to the VF-2 and to OVF such as E-450, D3100 or 1100D in order to give an idea of what you get. The price is now official on Olympus Germany website too! UPDATE: It looks like even Olympus America itself doesn’t know the real price of the viewfinder. The Olympus Facebook page says the VF-3 price is $149 instead of the official $179! (Thanks for finding this).

Concerning the E-PL3, the price of the 14-42 kit is 649 Euro… same as NEX-C3 with its 18-55. You can see a comparison between both again at (Click here)… The E-PL3 has many features not present in the NEX. (Click here to read the google english translation).

UPDATE: a note about the wrong built-in flash rumor. The info came from external websites and I trusted them to much also because the leaked picture really gave us to believe that this might be true. Will be more careful next time with rumors coming not form my trusted sources! Thanks for your understanding!


And here is a list to some of the article I found on the web and I didn’t post yesterday:
Olympus PEN E-PL3 gets a price tag, release date (Engadget).
Olympus PL3 pricing, availability, and new viewfinder announced (Imaging Resource).
Olympus America brings a new 36x Camera with the SP-810UZ (Akihabaranews).
Olympus PEN Lite price announcement (Letsgodigital).
Olympus PEN family gets new electronic viewfinder (Dpnow).
Olympus SZ-11 & VG-145 (Photographyblog).
Olympus VF-3 Electronic Viewfinder (Photographybay).
Olympus reveals specs, pricing for PEN E-PL3 (Cnet).
VF-3: Elektronischer Sucher für Olympus Pen und XZ-1 (Photoscala).


Nanoha lens for m43 shipment start around the end of July 2011 (yes now!)


Yasuhara (the company that makes the Nanoha lens) just announced that “We are now planning to release NANOHA arond the end of July 2011. But we estimate we cannot provide enough amount of NANOHA in first several month. It costs some time to purchase NANOHA on your demads. Sorry for your inconvenience. After NANOHA appeared on the web, we got many contacts from all over the world, especially from Europe. Now we don’t keep any sales stations in oversea countries but we understand some useres do want to use such kind of the lens. So we are now planning to provide NANOHA directly to the oversea useres in the early period of our business. We will release new informations at the end of July on this page.

The Nanonha is a macro lens for m43 with 5x magnification. On Nonoha’s website you can find a description written in English: “The magnification is much more than ordinary macro lens. The magnification is up to x5. It means 1 pixel on the picture is about 1 micrometer on the shooting target. With NANOHA, you can find small wonders easily without using microscopes. And we added some patented features for your good shooting.” Yasuhara made some really nice lenses in the past like the MC 50mm/f2.8 (Click here to see that lens on eBay). The company went bankrupt or something around 2004 I think, and this is new starting project.

You can find some mage samples posted on (Click here). Price of the lens should be around 450 Euro.


GF3 in Stock at Amazon and J&R!!! G3 ships within 6 to 10 days. E-P3 in Stock at B&H


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