(FT5) First image of the new Olympus E-P5!


Yesterday we had the Panasonic announcement day. But there is no time for rest now. The next announcement is coming around May 9th by Olympus. And there will be certainly the new E-P5, almost certainly a new E-Pl6 and certainly no new MFT lens. As I told you before, expect no built-in EVF, and uses the same E-M5 16 megapixel sensor. On top you can see the first image of the new E-P5 which takes some inspiration from the traditional PEN-F style (here on eBay). It has a more “classic” look compared to previous PEN models. As you see the standard kit lens will be the new 17mm f/1.8 lens (and there is a 14-42mm kit option too). AF speed has been improved even over the best in it’s class, the Olympus E-M5. There is a new external EVF too.

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G6, LF1 and 14-140mm pricing and US/UK preorders!



The new Panasonic stuff US pricing, shipment info and preorder links are here:
Panasonic G6 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).Shipment End of June.
Panasonic 14-140mm lens at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).
Panasonic LF1 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here)Adorama (Click here) and at WexUK (Click here). Shipment End of June/early July.

My personal thoughts on the new stuff:
The G6 is a nice camera although I would have liked to have the multi-aspect feature of the GH2. And finally we have focus peaking! I know some of you don’t like the new G6 design…but I actually do not dislike it (it looks a bit similar to the Leica S2).
What I really do like a lot is the new 14-140mm lens. A lot smaller, lighter, a bit faster and with Power OIS. All that for a lower price compared to the previous lens. That sounds great! For comparison, the new 14-140mm lens has the same size as the Canon 18-55mm kit lens.The Panasonic is x10 and the Canon a X3 zoom. You choose :)
The LF1 is certainly not a camera that stands out when compared with the competition.


Panasonic G6 and Panasonic LF1 and 14-140mm MFT lens announced!


Specs and Preorders:
G6 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).
14-140mm lens at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and at Wex UK (Click here).
LF1 at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and at WexUK (Click here).

Previews and reviews:
G6 Hands-on at Dpreview, SmallCameraBigPicture, Techradar, Trustedreviews, Expertreviews, Photographyblog, Whatdigitalcamera, ePhotozine, Hybridcams (French) and official page at Panasonic.
LF1 hands-on photos at Photographyblog, Quesabesde (Spanish),

Image samples:
G6 at Panasonic website, Techradar.

First Look Preview by Whatdigitalcamera, official shooting video by Panasonic, Italian presentation, Italian unboxing,

What’s hot:
The G6 gains considerably improved movie capabilities, including full exposure control, an external mic socket and the sensor from the GH2. It also adds the NFC-aided Wi-Fi for simple remote control and image download that we first saw in the GF6. it has the same GH2 sensor, albeit without that model’s multi-aspect feature. (Source: Dpreview).
14-140mm lens is smaller, lighter, less-expensive alternative to the original G Vario HD 14-140mm F4.0-5.8 ASPH Mega OIS. The latest version features three aspheric and two ED elements and an internal focus design with linear stepper motors to make the most of the faster focus processing of the latest Micro Four Thirds bodies (Source: Dpreview).
The LF1 marries the sensor from the LX7 to a longer, slower lens (but longer zoom range) and adds an electronic viewfinder (Source: Dpreview).

Official press release:
G6 press text at Dpreview, Pocket Lint, Cnet, Fotopolis (Polish), Imaging Resource, SystemKameraForum (German), Photoscala (German), DSLRmagazine (Spanish), Quesabesde (Spanish).
LF1 press test at Dpreview, Cnet, Dpnow, Whatdigitalcamera, ePhotozineSystemKameraForum (German), Photoscala (German), DSLRmagazine (Spanish), Quesabesde (Spanish).
14-140mm press text at Dpreview, ePhotozine, Photoscala (German), DSLRmagazine (Spanish), Quesabesde (Spanish).


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