January 3, 2010
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(FT4) Olympus and Panasonic new camera announcements soon.

For sure both companies will unveil new compact cameras. Olympus T-100 and new Panasonic FH compact cameras are expected to be announced. No information yet about possible FourThirds ot MicroFourThirds camera announcements.

January 3, 2010
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(FT5) UPDATED: First video made with the Samsung NX-10

And 43rumors has the first video made with the Samsung NX-10!

And here the second video…

January 3, 2010
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(FT5) UPDATED: Samsung NX-10 mirrorless camera to be announced in few hours!

And finally here we are! On January 4 2010 Samsung will unveil the Samsung NX-10 camera. It will become the first real MicroFourThirds competitor. The big question is: How good will the NX-10 be compared to actual MFT cameras?

As soon as we have first image comparisons and specs we will post it on 43rumors.

Redcrow (dpreview forum) wrote:

The press embargo will be released in afternoon of Jan, 4 in local time of Korea.
(Jan 4, 12:00 pm in Korea = 7:00 pm PST)

January 3, 2010
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Panasonic GF1 tested by Raphael Goetter

The original text is in french but you can click here to read the google english translation.

January 2, 2010
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Tilt lens adapter for MicroFourThirds!

The MicroFourThirds Tilt Lens Adapter

Thomas K. sent us an interesting link! He found an italian website which makes and sells Tilt lens adapter for MicroFourThirds. The Adapter costs 145 Euro and it comes in Nikon, Pentax, Contax-Yashica (manual focus), Vite 42×1, Leica R, Contarex and Olympus OM Mount! They also ship outside Italy for 10 Euro (or 20 Euro with insurance).

A Nikon lens on a Panasonic G1 attached via Tile Lens Adapter

They also made a youtube video:

And finally the link to the website: adrianololli.com

Thanks again Thomas!

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