Full Panasonic GH3 review at CameraLabs.


Gordon Laing just publsihed his Panasonic GH3 review on CameraLabs (Click here). The camera got an overall score of 88% and Gordon writes: ” While many manufacturers are still looking to miniaturise their compact system camera offerings, with the GH3 Panasonic appears to be pursuing a different goal which is to produce a mirrorless camera every bit as functional, capable and robust as a professional DSLR. The Lumix GH3 is evidence that they are succeeding and is more than deserving of Cameralabs Highly Recommended award. Micro Four Thirds goes from strength to strength.

US readers stills truggle finding the camera in Stock somewhere. Today a very limited number of cameras is in Stock at Adorama (Click here) and via third party resellers at Amazon (Click here).

Reminder: more than ten refurbished E-M5 cameras with 12-50mm kit lens are for sale for 1,029$ on eBay US (Click here).


New E-M5 firmware now officially released!


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Olympus Japan officially announced the new E-M5 firmware update! Please let me know if you see some improvements beside the two mentioned on their page. Thanks!

P.S.: Use your Digital Camera Updater to install the new firmware And thanks to the new (anonymous) source that shared the correct info!

UPDATE: And Olympus Japan reports that the screw on the E-M5 LCD screen may cause a crack. Only a certain range of cameras with specific serial numbers are affected by the issue and Olympus may repair them. Here are the affected camera serial numbers:

Black : Part of the BEH501001 ~ BEH517447
Silver : Part of the BF2501001 ~ BF2510258

UPDATE: The serials on top are for the cameras sold in Japan. here are the serials for Europe: “BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver) Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product.


a little bit of everything…(Nauticam GH3 case to come in April)


Panasonic GH3 External Battery w/ P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Cage (via Cheesycam).

LX7 review at Digitalphotographyschool.
Tilt adapter for Micro Four Third – Part 3 – Simple adapter at Drinkcat.
GH3 images now at Imaging Resource Comparometer.

Alex:I am still puzzled by the lack of noticing the dynamic range of the GH3, not less after the DxOmark of the GH3 showing it equal to the OMD – Which if you look at the attached can not possibly be true… The OMD is way behind when it when it comes to highlight. The shoot out is from this link: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50378636

Farrukh:Am back at London Fashion Week shooting with an EP3 and the 45mm f1.8. You can see some of my Backstage and Catwalk photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.366779943428268.66758.341504945955768&type=1

Espen:Looks like the Nauticam under water housing for the DMC-GH3 is right around the corner, they will showcase the housing at the NAB show in april: http://nab13.mapyourshow.com/5_0/exhibitor_details.cfm?exhid=410905&CFID=89448138&CFTOKEN=ea65bbf280d0a3e9-EEA1621E-A092-3054-FD418731D33F6C03 “Nauticam is the worlds premier manufacturer of underwater camera housings and accessories. Visit the Nauticam booth to see housings for the Canon 1DC, Panasonic GH3, RED EPIC and SCARLET, SmallHD DP4 and more.”

Cody:I just posted my 1st gh3 video w/lumix 35-100mm. I used the i0S app & ETC mode also! Enjoy https://vimeo.com/59870449

Kyle:$249 Canadian with free shipping for PEN E-PM1 with 14-42 II R lens.  $599 Canadian with free shipping for the DMC GF3 X with 14-42 PZ lens.


LX7 gets DxOmarked (and price down to $299).


The LX7 just got DxOmarked (Click here). The performance is way better than the “older” LX5 but still far behind the best in class the Sony RX100 (66 points). But witht he recent huge LX7 price drops the Panaosnic is also $350 cheaper than the Sony RX100! Now let’s see how the new Olympus high end compact camera will be (coming second half of the year).

Panasonic LX7 now sells for $299 only at Amazon (via third party), Adorama, BHphoto and Samys!

And all Older PEN cameras got a price drop of up to $100:
E-PM1 with kit lens from $399 down to $299 at Adorama, Amazon and at BHphoto.
E-PL3 with kit lens now $399 at Adorama, Amazon and at BHphoto.
E-P3 with kit lens for $449 at Adorama and Amazon.