Some background stories about the E-M5, E-5 and new E-7 :)


Yesterday I wrote you about my E-7 release “troubles”. Two sources were so kind to explain me what’s going on with the E-7 development and release. It’s quite an interesting story! Here it is:

According to those sources, the E-7 has been in development for quite some time now, and got initially canceled early this year. Both claim that the “Sony sensor” and IBIS were originally developed for the E-7 and that the E-M5 is in fact a spin-off of this technology. Once the E-M5 was established as a product, it was decided to continue the introduction of the E-7 anyway since it was as nearly finished, and mostly needed testing. Neither source mentioned an introduction date, but suggested that ‘this year would be extremely likely because it is already being tested.

I guess the chance to see a new E-5 successor at Photokina is now getting bigger…


Intelligent ebay filter helps you to fin m43 stuff in eBay.


I already posted this on MirrorlessRumors last week but I want to mention it here for you too. A guy named “Andreas” sent me a link to an eBay project called (Click here). It contains complex filters that can sort out all the unnecessary stuff while searching for cameras or lenses. Examples:

All Lumix cameras in worlwide stores or All Olympus cameras in UK stores and so on. He spent a lot of nights on this and it’s worth to try it out and possibly help him in refining the algorithm. It’s still in Beta phase! Nice work!



E-M5 photo gets viral via CNN. DxO leaves us in the dark about the E-M5 sensor test :(


Time for a new short E-m5 news roundup:

The video on top is a report from CNN. It shows an E-M5 photographer that took a photo that had the famous “viral effect”. A nice free advertising for Olympus :)
P.S.: The Photographer contacted me to say he is actually a regular 43rumors reader. His website is

You may remember the dpreview forum post where Axel from DxOmark said that: “the lab is working on it but noticed some surprising measures and is analyzing the root cause.” One month passed and we still have no news. And we porobably have to wait a long time more because the DxOmark team just leaved for a (well deserved) vacation.

Meantime Echenique (Click here) posted a full E-m5 review: “All it really needs is focus peaking and better continuous AF performance and they will have a real winner on their hands.

Fuji Xpro vs Ricoh GXR M vs Sony NEX7 vs Epson RD1 vs Olympus OM-D M mount lens comparison at thef8blog (Click here).

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Some doubts about last week E-7 rumor…


Last week a good source told me that he “heard” that the E-7 will arrive in 2013 only. But I just got some small rumors from other sources saying that a slightly E-7 is coming and will bring some smaller upgrades (like same E-M5 Sony sensor). It happens sometimes that sources close to manufacturers receive incorrect or just partially correct info. I am rechecking the rumor now.

This is just to say that you shouldn’t give up the hope. A new Four Thirds High End camera may be coming soon after all. But what I am 99% sure about is that it will not bring any earthshaking new feature…

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P.S.: There are still some guys saying the E-M5 has not a Sony sensor. Just a reminder…Olympus President Sasa said the Olympus E-M5 sensor has been made by Sony!!! (Source: Yahoo Japan).