December 29, 2009
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December 29, 2009
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Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1.1 VM on microFT

plevyadophy wrote a very interesting post inside the dpreview forum:

Today I purchased the Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1.1 VM for my G1.

There have already been a number of announcements, reviews and repots with sample images of/from this alternative to a super expensive Leica Noctilux f1.0 (or the ultra super expensive, but admittedly better, Leica Noctilux f0.95 ASPH):…on-50mm-f11-in-leica-m-mount.html





This lens on the Oly EP-1…forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=32431892




Review by the British Journal of Photography


This lens versus Leica Noctilux f0.95 ASPH…orum=1038&message=33556550&changemode=1



This lens on the GF1 and GH1…h/label/voigtlander%2050mm%20F%2F1.1

December 29, 2009
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DEAL: Panasonic GH1 + 14-140mm lens for $1,248.46!

Sold and shipped by amazon and of course in Stock! That’s the cheapest price ever in the US!
Click here to check it for yourself: Panasonic DMC-GH1 12.1MP Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Camera with 1080p HD Video

December 29, 2009
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Olympus E-P2 reviewed by Kirk Tuck.

Kirk wrote a detailled and well written review. He really likes the E-P2!

Click here to read the article:

December 28, 2009
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Japanese DSLR sales ranking of the whole year 2009!

So here we are. it is the end of the year and we have the Japanese DSLR sales rankings from January 1 to December 24!

P.S.: Click on the camera name to see the product in Amazon.

Ranking Camera Market Share
1 Canon EOS Rebel T1i / EOS Kiss X3 15.9
2 Canon Digital Rebel XSi / EOS Kiss X2 13.2
3 Nikon D90 9.1
4 Nikon D5000 6.6
5 Nikon D60 5.4
6 Nikon D40 5.1
7 Panasonic G1 4.2
8 Canon 50D 3.5
9 Olympus E-P1 3.0
10 Panasonic GF1 2.7
11 Pentax K-m 2.5
12 Sony A300 2.2
13 Canon 5DII 2.1
14 Nikon D3000 1.8
15 Sony A350 1.8
16 Pentax K-x 1.8
17 Canon 7D 1.6
18 Canon 1000D 1.6
19 Panasonic GH1 1.6
20 Olympus E-520 1.3


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