(FT5) New weather sealed adapter coming along the OM-D


The current MMF-2 adapter

I am now pretty sure that Olympus will also launch a new weather sealed MMF 43 to m43 adapter. This will allow us to use the amazing weather sealed Four Thirds lenses like the 14-35mm f/2.0 the 35-100mm f/2.0 and the almost $6.000 300mm f/2.8 Zuiko lens.

There should be other accessories too. Sounds like we are going to see a nice bunch of OM-D related accessories too!


About two fake OM-D designs and Sony sensor rumors


A nice oM-D design by Livedoor (no real camera!).

Some reader keeps sending me link to OM-D images that are actually rendering based on rumors and NOT real leaks! Both, Tecnofotografia (Click here to see their OM-D) and Livedoor (Click here) are well known for creating super nice designs but they are in no way related to the real products! P.S.: Special greetings to the Livedoor guys!

Sony sensor rumors: Many are asking me if Olympus will use a new Sony RGBW sensor for their new OM camera. It looks like other websites are speculating about this because of the two recent news:
1) Next week Sony could announce a new partnership with Olympus (Source: diamond.jp).
2) Sony today announced a new RGBW sensor great High Dynamic Range (Source: Sony.jp)

I cannot confirm or deny the rumor yet, but I have many doubts that this is going to happen. Sony’s press release text clearly says that they will produce the sensor for smart phones or compact cameras with small sensor size. But again, I have no info yet so we will have to wait until trusted sources can tell me more about it!
One more info: A top source told me the grip of the OM-D camera is NOT removable.



(FT5) Next small piece of the real Olympus camera!


The super nice anonymous source that already sent me the first image of the OM-D camera controls now also sent me that small piece of the camera. On the right angle on top you see the built-in viewfinder and on the bottom the lens mount. Then we have that Olympus E-P3 grip (don’t know if you can remove it like you can do on the E-P3). Would like to see the other control panel on the right of the camera and of course the back. If the source can send me some details about that we would all be happy :)  Another source told us “The mode dial is on the other side. imagine the OM4-TI (here on eBay) – almost there in looks.

There are still two MAIN questions where I don’t have a final answer:
1) What’s the definitive name of the camera?
2) Who made the sensor?

Again thanks to all sources for your help!

Reminder: The camera will be announced on February 8th and as usual you should be here on 43rumors to follow all the announcement!


Good news: Olympus pays only a small penalty at Tokyo Exchange (+ firmware update).


Good news for the Olympus company: Tokyo exchange were extremely “gentle” with the company. Olympus has to pay a penalty of  $129,800 only to remain listed on the Tokyo Exchange. Electronista reports: “The light penalty was based on the belief that just a handful of staffers had been responsible for hiding Olympus’ losses and that the core of the company was safe.

Meanwhile Reuters reports that Sony is on pole position for an Olympus tie. -> every week someone else is in “pole position” :)

And Olympus announced a new firmware upgrade for PEN cameras. It adds compatibility with the new 12-50mm power zoom lens. To upgrade follow those instructions:

  1. Simply launch the included Olympus camera software and connect the camera via USB cable to an Internet connected computer. Choose the Update function from the Camera menu in the software to apply available updates for camera bodies, lenses and accessories.
  2. Download the software updater from the following link: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_downloads_updater.asp and follow the installer instructions.


P.S.: Thom Hogan wrote a nice article about the right size-weight-quality balance of mirrorless cameras at Sansmirror (Click here).


(FT5) Small bits of rumors…(it has new TruePic VI)


Here is a list of messages I got from different sources:

1) “The improved dynamic range is a result of the new sensor“. -> In response of my question if the higher dynamic range was a result of a software feature or new hardware design.

2) “The 3 inch LCD is a tilting touchscreen“.

3) “AF is not faster…it is MUCH faster than on the Olympus E-P3

4)  About the leaked picture: “The mode dial is on the other side. imagine the OM4-TI (here on eBay) – almost there in looks.

5) “425 g is the weight with the Li-ion battery and a memory card, 373 g is without them“.

6) “The image processor is TruePic VI.”

7) “Price Body+kit lens = 1150 Euro.”

8.) “The cameras name is not OM-D (that’s just the new series name).


One more thing: I am out now for a couple of hours. Will answer your mails in late afternoon (european time).