A close look to the revolutionary Olympus Micro Four Thrids camera that is coming soon!


That news surprised me on Saturday. I worked the full weekend and I had no time to analyze interview until now. Thanks to our readers we can now get a bit into the detail of the japanese interview with Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa made by Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine).

First important news: Olympus is working on a mirrorless camera with emphasis on the viewfinder.
Ogama also said the new mirrorless will have an “epoch-making” viewfinder and that they will announce it soon!!! So this sounds definitely more advanced than any current solution from Sony (OLED viewfinder) or Fuji (hybrid viewfinder). Ogawa recognizes that electronic viewfinder have a huge advantages (framing, easier to magnify, easier to focus) but he also recognizes that people misses the “feeling” of optical viewfinders. He doesn’t unveil the “big secret” but he says: “All I can say is, when you look through the viewfinder, you’ll understand….”.

Second important news: It’s different than current NEX’s and it will be announced soon.
The first news is that it will have a viewfinder but…this can either mean that they will do a DSLR alike camera or a rangefinder alike camera. MR. Ogawa said it’s different than current NEX cameras. That includes the NEX-7. So does it have a classic “DSLR” design? The next series will represent a new stage in the mirrorless camera, but it will be fully compatible with the PEN series. It will be a camera that you want to hold in your hands all the time. The interviewer asked him if it is different not just from current Olympus mirrorless cameras, but from mirrorless cameras in general and Mr. Ogawa’s answer was…YES 🙂

Pretty exciting or not? I confess, now some of the rumors I got in these months do make sense. It will be a busy time now for me and I am happy that I can report rumor related Olympus posts instead of all that pretty bad Olympus financial mess news. Stay tuned! I will do my best to give you some more “insider” news soon!



NEW: SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope for mFT


SLRmagic announced the release of the new Spotting Scope for Micro Four Thirds. Their plan was to release them earlier but the product was delayed because customers asked them to add a tripod collar before we release the lens. You can see some image samples and buy the lens on their eBay page (Click here).


SLR Magic introduces a 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope and expands its micro four thirds lineup with SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope lens for Digiscoping.

Hong Kong, China (Dec 16, 2011) – SLR Magic introduces a 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope and expands its micro four thirds lineup with SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope lens for Digiscoping. With this latest addition, the portfolio of lenses for the micro four thirds system is now comprised of six focal lengths.

The SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope gives you the highest resolution and brightest view possible by three key elements. It features an over sized eye relief, utilized Extra-low Dispersion optics, as well as fully Multi coated glass to help you with spotting the rare bird species. The SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope also offers stacked, dual-focus controls, so you can make both rapid and fine-tuning adjustments. The scope comes with a soft carrying case and handle. The micro four thirds version comes with the mFT adapter objective.

The field of view of this spotting scope on the micro four thirds camera corresponds to a a 840-2520mm lens in 35mm format. The user friendly design allows you to attach your camera by mounting it like any other camera lens. Everything you need comes with the package and there is no need to have a compatible lens to use it. This is the perfect solution for amateur digiscopers who want to take photos or video of wildlife.

The 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers end December 2011.

Technical Data
SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED (Premium Extra-low Dispersion glass) for mFT
Lens Type: Spotting Scope
Compatible Cameras: All micro four thirds mount cameras
Magnification: 12-36x
35mm equivalent focal length: 840-2520mm
Objective: Φ50
Lens Coating: Multi Coated
Close Focus: 15 ft.
Weight (oz./g): 28.2/800, 49.4/1400 (with mFT adapter objective)
Water Resistant/Fog proof: Yes
Eyepiece: Straight Zoom
Eye relief: 23mm
Accessories: mFT adapter objective with tripod collar
MSRP: $549

Andrew Chan
Product Manager


Hot!!! Olympus new strategy: New m43 concept, E-5 successor and new viewfinder technology.


Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa. has been reviewed by Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine). Unlike many other reviews that time Olympus revealed a lot of details about the future camera strategy!
1) Olympus is currently developing a new series of Micro Four Thirds cameras.
2) Olympus is developing a brand new concept of cameras
3) Camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology
4) Olympus is developing an E-5 successor.

Uh! That’s quite an intriguing roadmap! I really hope Olympus will bring us some really new surprise. About time!


Something else: Looks like the GX1 body is in Stock at Adorama (Click here).


Todays European refurbished Olympus camera deals.

I got two E-P2 and one E-P1 cameras last week on Olympusmarket. And if you also need some of these refurbished camera take the chance here:
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